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doggles small shiny frame goggles 로고

Doggles Small Shiny Frame Goggles

These are the best (and cheapest) dogs I've found. I have a blind dog who uses them to keep his eyes off sticks and hay and anything else he might come in contact with. They fit well and while they sometimes slip and need adjustment, they hold up surprisingly well. I will most likely buy them in a different color in the future! :)전체 리뷰보기

zoo med economy thermometer humidity 로고

Zoo Med Economy Thermometer Humidity

Buy something else.

I want to say that I am very disappointed with this product, I bought it to be able to measure the case for my Pacman frog but the hydro thermometer is always from the side of the case dropped because it got too wet or too wet for it to be glued. I ended up putting it on a rock my Pacman couldn't reach to knock it down so I could continue measuring temperature and humidity. It seems so cheap that I don't even know if it will provide the right temperature or humidity needed in my case, but I don't recommend it for cases that need humidity because why would you use glue to stick it on me don't have glue that keeps water/mist off, it just falls off! In my opinion this would only be good for hermit crabs as they don't need a very accurate measurement or they will die.전체 리뷰보기

petique stroller army camo size 로고

PETIQUE Stroller Army Camo Size


The first few seconds out the door and my cat stuck his head in the gaping hole where the twist handle is - almost strangled him - this hole leads straight to the main compartment where the cat lives. NOT cool petik. You need to rearrange this so that the handle is OUTSIDE the compartment.전체 리뷰보기

s.builder 로고


The most important thing was that I could easily adjust my posts according to SEO standards, it's easy-to use interface, all features are available here like images, videos etc. It is free for one blog, but you can upgrade your plan according to your requirement & needs. There should be more customization options in order to make use out of this tool fully. So far best blogging software which has so many useful functionalities and also helps me to manage multiple blogs at once from 1 dashboard. I am using this platform since last 2 years now, I have created different blogs with various topics by myself and managing them through this powerful tool. 전체 리뷰보기

esupport aquarium diffuser diffusers hydroponic 로고

ESUPPORT Aquarium Diffuser Diffusers Hydroponic

Incomplete system

This product consists ONLY of an airstone/bubble diffuser and a check valve. The kit does not include an external air pump or tubing (to connect to the air stone) to force air into the water from outside the tank. If you are looking for a complete oxygen system for your aquarium, this is not it!전체 리뷰보기

kmhesvi portable white backdrop stand 로고

Kmhesvi Portable White Backdrop Stand

Good product

I made a background with this product. the only thing i have is the screw in the middle for the t cross is the fabric sticking out at the top apart from this very good durable product.전체 리뷰보기

2 pack reptisun compact fluorescent watts 로고

2 PACK ReptiSun Compact Fluorescent Watts

Works for Iguana

I buy them every year on New Year's Eve and 4th of July for the Green Iguana (Lawrence). They won't burn out in 6 months, but their production of beneficial UVB diminishes over time. I buy new ones, put the old ones in a new box marked used and use them back around the house when the other bulbs burn out. Larry switches independently between bathing, this and just lying in the aviary. These bulbs, or similar bulbs, are crucial in preventing your iguana from getting metabolic bone disease. I can't stress this enough. Just a short period of time without enough UV-B and your lizard can develop serious health problems. Every 6 months seems to be working great for Larry. We live in Ohio so November through January is basically a hundred gray days. Make UVB lamps even more important. Iguanas can be a problem (3 years ago and I definitely don't recommend them for beginners IMHO), they can live up to 20 years and reach 6 feet in length. Not to mention mating cycles, tail wagging, biting, scratching and more. This way, a happy iguana is much easier to care for. And a happy iguana requires adequate UV exposure. Get light bulbs and change them regularly. Your lizard will appreciate it.전체 리뷰보기

exo terra dimming elect ballast 로고

Exo Terra Dimming Elect Ballast

it takes time

When I went to buy this there was no feedback other than the dimmer not working. The most important thing is to give it time. Run a test during the initial setup. Once this is complete, move the switch to the length of time you wish to activate (10 hours, 12 hours or 14 hours). The moment you turn it out of the test, the light goes out. This is the marker for the timer. This is the part where you have to be patient. It takes about 20-30 minutes to regain full power. At this time, it will be turned on every day. If you turn it on for a timer, it will stay on for that many hours. My heat lamp is set to turn on after the lamp controller reaches full output and turn off when it's about to dim. It works great for controlling my bearded dragon's sleep/wake cycle. The heat subsides and she goes to bed while the lights go out. The light comes on and she wakes up, then the heat lamp comes on and she turns tan. This is a phenomenal product and I must repeat, give it time. The only reason I gave it a 4/5 is because I want it to be darker than it was before it was turned off. The intervals of it getting darker are noticeable, but I want it to get darker before it fades away.전체 리뷰보기

owlet home dispenser tossing compatible 로고

Owlet Home Dispenser Tossing Compatible

We call our camera "Bettycam" because we can use it to see what Betty, our Shiba Inu, is doing when she's home alone. The field of view is decent but only covers a certain angle and area, so I put her in a comfy bed in front of the camera, that increased the chances that she would actually be in the field of view. She doesn't like it when the camera talks, she gets up and walks out of view so I watch without saying a word. She's starting to get used to the treats and will come and eat them. It is also very easy to connect. On the screen you will see your house and hopefully your pet too. There's a talk button, a listen button, and a button to take a photo or video of what you're seeing. There is also a button that needs to be pressed and held to trigger a treat. The device is easy to set up both in person and remotely. My son who is now in college set it up easily and loves watching Betty from afar. The only downside for me is the petty feeling I have about privacy. I don't think there's any way to know if someone is watching until they start talking to you. My husband and son both did it. They think they're so funny. They also heard my phone calls and I overheard them talking to each other without their knowledge. So I would say that it's important to be careful to only share connection info with people you know very well and tell them not to share it. I also change my password often and often turn it off when I'm at home if I don't forget it. Those issues aside, this thing is amazing.전체 리뷰보기

exotic nutrition silent runner regular 로고

Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Regular

The 12 inch steering wheel is fantastic for my beloved Meliodas. I bang on the wheel all night (which is very comforting for me?) and I'm so happy mama hamster when I actually see him working out that I bought him from my work where he lived for 6 months, because no one was following him, black hamsters. Not once during night shifts or night shifts have I seen him use a 7 inch exercise bike. never touched the steering wheel. He walked around but never touched the wheel (considering it's 3 inches smaller). As soon as I bought the Prevue, I ordered the biggest and best steering wheel I could find online! That same night he drove the ENTIRE night. Run, play, train. And you can bet your ass I was awake and just staring at him like crazy because I was so excited to see him using his bike! I paid for it at Revain for $39, but if you go to their website, 12" wheels are only $20? So I'm buying more wheels for my rescue hamsters that I plan to bring home relatively soon because now they're the only wheels I trust 😂전체 리뷰보기

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