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coralife turbo twist 6x compatible 로고

Coralife Turbo Twist 6X Compatible

I have a 30 year old lamp for my aquarium. This allows you to use 2 of these lights but I find it to be too bright so I only ordered 1. My aquarium became cloudy due to excessive algae growth, within 2 days of turning on this light the aquarium became crystal clear and all algae was gone. !전체 리뷰보기

araca 5j jee05 001 original ht2150st projector 로고

Araca 5J JEE05 001 Original HT2150ST Projector

I am using this bulb to replace my BenQ st2150. When it arrived I installed it and the picture was dark. I have contacted support via email. Jackson replied and assured me that he would ship a new bulb the next day free of charge. Even with this pandemic, it only took 2 days! I was surprised. Jackson not only sent me a new lightbulb that works great, but also provided great customer service that you can't seem to find anywhere else. defects happen. When they do, you better hope someone like Jackson is the person on the other end. Great product and great customer service. Thank you guys!전체 리뷰보기

reptile sciences terrarium aquarium 10 pound 로고

Reptile Sciences Terrarium Aquarium 10 Pound

Not so white.

First I bought this sand for my geckos, I mixed it with other yellowish sand to get the right color. The sand looks good. But soon I had to change it as a substrate because my geckos picked it up whenever they foraged and I'm sure their little bellies couldn't digest it. I'd say the sand depends on the animal, but otherwise I think it's good. However, it is not as bright as the picture you see when you buy it. It just looks like natural white sand, not pure white sand. I still use sand to level the new pebbles. It could be better.전체 리뷰보기

intrepid international magic brush red 로고

Intrepid International Magic Brush Red

Such a cheap thing, but so effective! OTTB loves nothing more than riding the dirtiest parts of his field. This brush cuts the time it takes me to get all the dirt cake off of her much better than a kick off blade. Add to Cart!전체 리뷰보기

north states superyard colorplay indoor outdoor 로고

North States Superyard Colorplay Indoor Outdoor

I bought my original Superyard because I thought the product would be versatile and I liked that I could later use it as a gate. These products were nothing but a money hole. Having bought an extension and then a wall mount kit (and two broken fingers from subsequent installation) I now realize I need a second wall mount kit to use an odd number of panels as gates. I can fit four in the space I have but it looks ridiculous. If I had known this before I bought it, I would have bought a completely different product that would have looked better once installed. Conclusions: THIS PRODUCT ONLY WORKS WITH AN EVEN NUMBER OF PANELS AND DO NOT PLACE THE WALL MOUNT SO CLOSE TO THE FLOOR THAT THE INSTRUCTIONS SAY. Leave about a quarter of an inch free for the gate to fit. (We actually had to force ours in place. Hence the broken fingers.) Or, better yet, save yourself the frustration and spend a little more for something more comfortable. Too bad North States didn't state in the product description that it doesn't work with an odd number of panels.전체 리뷰보기

roudybush daily maintenance small 25 pound 로고

RoudyBush Daily Maintenance Small 25 Pound

Parrots love it, contains the right vitamins and minerals, is uncolored so they don't throw it all on the floor and only eat purple, and at a fair price not too hit. $65 for a giant bag of parrot food is VERY CHEAP, especially for this quality. Yes you can get kaytee or something else or sunflower seeds but enjoy your bird who should live on such food until you die in your 30s. Added bonus: We have Congo Gray and Eclectus males that are exactly the birds on the pack. It really is. does not matter. but it's cool.전체 리뷰보기

legrand q vm2200v1 network blocker 로고

Legrand Q VM2200V1 Network Blocker

I bought this to filter out high frequency noise. I don't use Moka. But it seems to have further reduced my modem error rate. The article on the Revain site doesn't look like it. It's much nicer. Comes in a clamshell and has different labeling. In addition, it looks new and not worn, as in the picture. I have a neighbor who has an RG11 line and I think he has a Moca. As it also has too strong Wi-Fi signal. I don't think he has any of those in his line. His house is brick and he is over 400 feet from my house and yet I can get his wifi at 2 bars. So it's just an insurance that I don't get all this infected signal. Seems to be working great.전체 리뷰보기

headrest universal backseat smartphones compatible 로고

Headrest Universal Backseat Smartphones Compatible

This mount fits perfectly on the headrests of my Toyota Sienna. The assembly tension is very strong and none of the devices failed me even on bumpy roads. It fits most iPads (Note: It does not fit iPad Pro 12.9 inch). You can easily switch between landscape and portrait mode with your devices. It looks good and sits flush with the back of the seat (making it easier for people to walk past even with the device installed). The price is very reasonable. Looks like it will last as the quality of the attachment seems heavy. I recommend buying two so you have one for each back seat (my kids are already fighting over the one I have).전체 리뷰보기

simplisafe keyfob built compatible home security system 로고

SimpliSafe KeyFob Built Compatible Home Security System

I like that I can turn the alarm on and off without leaving the house, especially when I'm approaching the house with a handful of bags. Even if we leave someone in the house, we don't have to wake someone up to tell them to turn on the alarm after we leave the house. I also use it at home when I'm lying in bed and don't want to get up to use the keyboard to set the alarm.전체 리뷰보기

tomameri portable music player silver 로고

Tomameri Portable Music Player Silver

I was looking for a new MP3 player because my current one stopped working completely. I really wanted one with a built in FM radio but the price difference for the ones with a radio was more than I was willing to pay! After searching in Revein I settled on Tomameri. It wasn't advertised as having an FM radio so a few minutes after turning it on I was pleasantly surprised to find it had an FM radio, although I don't recall that being one of the features. What really surprised me is that my previous MP3 player in the building I'm using it in could only record one channel while it was in the building. This small device gives me the full bandwidth of all local stations. BONUS! Controlling the player itself is pretty simple and easy to understand. Moving my own music onto the player was easy enough, just copy and paste. Although I don't usually upload pictures or movies, the examples already uploaded are clear and clean. 16GB of storage is more than enough for my needs, but if I ever need to expand it, an SD card fits in for additional music and data storage. If you are looking for a basic player that goes beyond a more expensive player, you can check out Tomameri. I'm glad I did!전체 리뷰보기

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