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deer stags slip little black 로고

Deer Stags Slip Little Black

This pair of reindeer look great when they arrive; a bit plasticky, but looks quite good, especially considering the extremely reasonable price. I usually wear Florsheims which are almost double or triple the price. Generally, these shoes are used for walking, but I had to replace the non-existent insole with one that supports the arch of the foot. I wear them as an adult (I wear a size 5, under 130lbs) so keep that in mind. The sad thing is that judging by the order date, the soles of both shoes burst in the 4th month. Hey, this is not my everyday clothes (I change three pairs of shoes), and you should see in the photo that the cut went the full width of the shoe. I didn't have that with Florsheims, and again, based on order date, all my Florsheims lasted about a year. I only had to give them away when I wore out the soles. In short, for the price, this is a great everyday shoe, but it's not durable. At about twice the price, the Florsheims would have lasted about four times as long and looked a lot more expensive.전체 리뷰보기

suits formal outfit tuxedo blazer boys' clothing 로고

Suits Formal Outfit Tuxedo Blazer Boys' Clothing

I bought this suit for my son because it was advertised as a perfect fit. However, I had to use the internal stretch tabs to pull the litter in a lot to fit my son. Overall the suit suits my son well and we have had many compliments on it. I especially like the vest. However, I'm a little concerned that the suit pants look baggy because they're garbage-collecting. I wasn't too impressed with the tie that came with the suit either. Luckily we were able to buy a good quality zip tie that went well with the suit.전체 리뷰보기

favorite characters spiderman slipper toddler 로고

Favorite Characters Spiderman Slipper Toddler

The slipper is not very good quality. Not comfortable. The child liked them, but they are very uncomfortable to wear. The padding in the boot should be narrow to allow the foot to drop in both directions. Nice design though.전체 리뷰보기

chaps school uniform pleated twill 로고

Chaps School Uniform Pleated Twill

Khaki pants

The pants are well made and look great but check the measurements before buying. My 10 year old brother gained some weight during quarantine and the waist area was tight for him no matter how long it lasted. He is working on losing weight and we expect the pants to fit him soon.전체 리뷰보기

ps1111 matching patterned husband epoint 로고

PS1111 Matching Patterned Husband Epoint

I bought the black/brown color as I often wear brown pants and the paisley pattern accentuates the navy blue shirt nicely. The length is good (I'm 5ft 8in), the tailoring is good, the paisley pattern is attractive.전체 리뷰보기

gn210 formal dresswear tuxedo black 로고

GN210 Formal Dresswear Tuxedo Black

Met Expectations

I bought this suit for my son's wedding. He is four years old, tall and slim. He wears a size 6 and the size 6 I ordered fits well. The pants were a bit long but fit well. I like the color/pattern of the tie but the quality is a bit poor. It's a zip and it stayed secure and looked good despite my previous claim for quality. The quality of the costume itself is excellent. I was able to pet it and it stayed clean and wrinkle free throughout the wedding. Overall I am satisfied with this purchase.전체 리뷰보기

5 8ghz goggles arris vr 009 headset 로고

5 8Ghz Goggles Arris VR 009 Headset

I did a google search and found a nice but workable solution - tape the lenses from a cheap set of +5.0 readers that were on hand to the surface on each side . Voila - it worked. Previously I had to hold the goggles about 4 inches to focus properly and the size of the goggles was not large enough to simply detach the headphones from the readers as others have suggested. As a side note, finding a lens set insert that snaps into place shouldn't be difficult for some, similar to headband loupe systems. I am sure there is a market for it. I also have a big trunk and I took care of this situation, by gluing a small piece of orange RC foam. There are larger FPV Googles out there that can work with readers, but I didn't want to spend $100 or more to try FPV. I use it with FPV Arris Poke indoors. What takes the most getting used to is figuring out where the drone is using visual cues from your surroundings that you're more likely to ignore, especially closer to the ground. :) by using visual cues from your surroundings that you tend to ignore, especially closer to the ground. :) by using visual cues from your surroundings that you tend to ignore, especially closer to the ground. :)전체 리뷰보기

levis little skinny performance calabasas boys' clothing for jeans 로고

Levis Little Skinny Performance Calabasas Boys' Clothing for Jeans

Both my sons are very slim and I have always struggled to find jeans that fit both waist and length. We have been visiting Crazy 8 for many years but since they went out of business we have tried every place you can think of. They're SO GOOD for tall, lean boys. My son also says these are the most comfortable jeans he has ever had! Highly recommended!전체 리뷰보기

hermitshell hard travel case for jbl go 3 portable bluetooth speaker (red) 로고

Hermitshell Hard Travel Case For JBL Go 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Red)

rugged hard case

Very pleased and very impressed with this hard case. Looks well tailored, zippers slide smoothly back and forth, mesh pocket inside. Great enclosure for JBL speakers.전체 리뷰보기

retreez striped woven pre tied boys boys' accessories for neckties 로고

Retreez Striped Woven Pre Tied Boys Boys' Accessories for Neckties

We bought two of these for a wedding and they were a lot better than the ties that came with the suits I bought. They look great and are easy to put on. I only rated it a 4 because the clips are pretty flimsy and I saw they won't last long.전체 리뷰보기

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