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mad dog concepts matching christmas 로고

Mad Dog Concepts Matching Christmas

sweet and soft

They are cute and soft. Surprisingly disappointing lack of drawstring or pockets. I would at least hope for the laces. Everything is soft and fits as expected. There is more elasticity in the waist area than in all pants. Warmer and cozier.전체 리뷰보기

retreez woven pre tied stripe textured boys' accessories for neckties 로고

Retreez Woven Pre Tied Stripe Textured Boys' Accessories for Neckties

Great tie for kids

I ordered a tie for my 4 and 8 month olds and they fit perfectly. I love that they just didn't have a zip because my 4 year old played all night at a party we took them to and they never went out and he loved wearing them. Definitely worth the price.전체 리뷰보기

diamond simulated alexandrite pendant necklace 로고

Diamond Simulated Alexandrite Pendant Necklace


While beautiful, the gemstone in the cross is not an emerald at all. Showing emerald when the stone is closer to jade is very wrong, but definitely not emerald.전체 리뷰보기

vidpro gp 24 gripster flexible digital 로고

Vidpro GP 24 Gripster Flexible Digital

I mean for $10 don't expect much. The quality is cheap plastic, but the workmanship and functionality is fine. BUT it doesn't carry much weight. I made sure he said he could take the weight of my camera. Lo and behold, that's not it. The legs flex when the camera is on and don't stay in place. Worst of all, the little plastic clips that attached the plate to the tripod head came loose 4 minutes after putting the camera on. Then the plate won't hold. At that moment it was useless. If you're going to use this on a phone or GoPro, sure. Everything will be fine. But I wouldn't trust it any more.전체 리뷰보기

magnavox mwd2206 dvd combination player 로고

Magnavox MWD2206 DVD Combination Player

I work at a remote campground with limited WiFi and no cable TV. However, I do have a few boxes of old favorite VHS movies and a shelf of DVDs. I'm easy to talk to, I can watch the same movie 50 times like taking an old friend over for coffee. This dual Magnavox turntable is lightweight, not bulky and works great. The VCR plays flawlessly, the DVD player also plays music CDs on my TV. I live in the area all week due to duties, and now I can sit back and listen to Ellen Ripley save the day from aliens again.전체 리뷰보기

diamond painting dimmable adjustable accessories 로고

Diamond Painting Dimmable Adjustable Accessories


As a new diamond artist I was really excited to have this set which will help me stay organized and quickly find the colors I want. The 28 compartment storage box was the biggest disappointment - it was very difficult to open individual boxes and attach in rows of 4. When I finally opened them, some didn't stay closed. I could only imagine what a mess I would have using this storage system. I chose to keep the set for all other items - extra pens, pouches and plates. It's probably not worth the $10.99 I spent, but I can't find any accessories at local stores,전체 리뷰보기

condition black waterproof trunk customizable 로고

Condition Black Waterproof Trunk Customizable

Used to store the Zoom L12 and still have free space. The foam around the edges isn't that good at the top of the hinges (we left about 2.5 in. 3 rows of grip and pull foam and foam that goes around the edges), but I may have a bad batch of foam. Still, the mixer doesn't move when it's inside because the egg foam on top keeps everything inside. Place. The grip and cable foam was a bit stubborn to set up compared to some other grip and cable sleeves I've used. If I hadn't set aside a large 12" x 17.5" space for storage but created some smaller spaces, it might have been more frustrating. It's definitely BIG, but you don't buy an XL-labeled case and expect it to be a fancy piece. I have no experience with Pelican or any other brand but I am very happy with this case. I really wish the foam wouldn't give me immediate worries about its ability to not warp and/or be brittle over the long term, but time will tell. If I had to store a few small items I'm not sure the styrofoam would hold up. If everything stays the way it is, this is a 4 star purchase and definitely recommended. If it doesn't and the foam becomes brittle even though it's left about 2.5 inches, then it's a 3-star item.전체 리뷰보기

security channel included surveillance rlk8 410b6 5mp 로고

Security Channel Included Surveillance RLK8 410B6 5MP

I don't want to give too long a review so I assume you've done your homework and know what type of system you need. It's PoE (Power over Ethernet) so remember you'll have to crawl around in the attic and under the house, running cables through walls etc. But IMO it makes the system much more reliable (be prepared to spend a long day installing or killing it over several days, like me). I like everything about this camera system except the software. I can see on a monitor connected to the NVR, but also with the app on my phone and my computer with the download of the Reolink client available on the Reolink website. It has many features and it will take a little time to get used to it. I'll get to my main complaint in a moment, but first I'll list the pros and cons. PROS: Cameras are metal and quite small, good night vision, good motion detection even at a long distance, lots of settings to play with (make sure to play with each camera's brightness, contrast, tint, etc as it's a really helpful improvement night vision), motion alert options that you can turn on and off, the ability to Designate areas where you can block movement for each camera, customer service that answers and won't ignore you, a good website that answers some of your questions, a decent phone app (works great on Wi-Fi but I noticed that I have to set it to lower video quality in 4G viewer app, otherwise sometimes it won't load) Cons: Client PC software leaves a lot to be desired and freezes, NVR comes with outdated firmware. Although the system comes with Cat 5 cables, they are only 60 feet long. Running it up and down the walls and under the house is not enough unless you are in a very small house or office. I could use one of the 60ft but I had to buy 5 additional 100ft Category 5 cables to get enough length. This adds another $80 to $90 to the cost. It's nice to include cables, but it's a shame if you have to buy more anyway. So what got me hooked was that I set up the system and started messing with NVR, settings, etc. I had an issue with motion events not showing up on the main screen during playback. I had to go to the movement logs to view the movement. This happened on the monitor connected to the DVR. The app and PC software showed motion events. I contacted support and the problem was that the firmware for the NVR was out of date and needed to be updated. I updated it but it's like brand new software. I just got used to the system and now I have to relearn it. The new firmware has also introduced another issue where menu items on the sides, top and bottom of the monitor appear off screen. So when I go to play I can barely see the menu bar at the bottom with pause, rewind etc. and I might not see a time and date stamp at all if I lift a camera and expand it to full screen. As far as I know there is no way to fix this in the new updated firmware. I had the same problem with an old firmware but there was a way to set it up in the settings. But now I can't. I'm still trying to work with the support team. They will at least contact you via email, but you usually get one response a day so going back and forth is a bit slow. I can find answers to some of my problems by checking out their website, but I feel like I've spent a lot of time getting used to it and fixing small bugs and issues. It seems that solving one problem leads to another small one. I expected more than just plug and play and mind your own business. However, you will need to spend some time with this system to set it up the way you want it. Some of the issues may be mine, but I can usually figure things out fairly easily. On the other hand, many other camera manufacturers seem to have much bigger problems and very little, if any, to have support. I'm sure I could spend double the money and probably get a better system, but for the price I think it's about as good as I'm going to get. I will say this is my first system so I have no comparison. I'm happy with it, but understand that you may encounter some problems that you need to solve. I'm sure I could spend double the money and probably get a better system, but for the price I think it's about as good as I'm going to get. I will say this is my first system so I have nothing to compare. I'm happy with it, but understand that you may encounter some problems that you need to solve. I'm sure, I could spend double the money and probably get a better system, but for the price I think it's about as good as I'm going to get. I will say this is my first system so I have nothing to compare. I'm happy with it, but understand that you may encounter some problems,전체 리뷰보기

kilmat deadening automotive insulation dampening accessories & supplies 로고

KILMAT Deadening Automotive Insulation Dampening Accessories & Supplies

This product was used on the new 2021 Polaris General XP4 1000 to reduce engine noise. I have to say this product works and is easy to install. I would buy this again without hesitation.전체 리뷰보기

calvin klein pieces shorts peach boys' clothing at clothing sets 로고

Calvin Klein Pieces Shorts Peach Boys' Clothing at Clothing Sets

Bought for my 3 year old nephew and he loves it and so do his parents. Fits good. Super sweet. Really great product as expected from Calvin Klein.전체 리뷰보기

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