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I like that every line of code is written in JS or CoffeeScript instead using JavaScript which would be less readable when you have many lines as this app does! There isn't much but what there's just works well enough for us so far - no issues at all here either way we look upon sails/nodeJS framework though maybe if more people were familiar with their APIs then some features could get improved faster (maybe?)I don;t really know why they changed from mongodb database driver since last time i used node was about 2 years ago before even express came out!? It also seems not possible anymore than use both passport & nodemailer together without having an error while trying run my local server(s). We needed something simple yet powerful API allowing developers access only by signing up new accounts through our system via email verification process plus storing info such profile pictures etc.전체 리뷰보기

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I appreciate the ease of use, it's intuitive - nothing too complicated. We have used all three brands over time and they're all great. The only thing that bugs me about this product is when it hangs. That can happen if we are not careful. It's a good printer but I would recommend getting the newer model. Our main issue was our old printer running out of ink quickly. This solved that problem. When it goes into sleep mode it will occasionally lose an image or two. At work I am able to print things that need to be printed quickly and accurately. The ease of use for our customers as well as employees! Easy access through mobile devices or computers make it simple for both parties involved when trying to communicate via email. We have not had any problems since implementing this system over 3 years ago so far. There are no issues I can think of at this time but if there were we would be sure they get fixed right away (if possible). It has been easy to implement into all departments within my organization including customer service department. 전체 리뷰보기

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QuickSprout Services

I love that they offer so many different types of plans for you! It's great because sometimes it can be overwhelming when there are too much choices out in front of us as newbies or even experts. With this service we were able to pick what was best suited our business needs at any given time without having to go with an all-inclusive package which is not always necessary if one does their research beforehand (aside from maybe some services offered by QS). They also have amazing customer support team who help answer questions quickly and effectively - something very important especially during busy times like holiday seasons/weeks where everyone wants answers right away :) We didn't experience anything negative while using them but rather positive feedbacks about their work ethics & professionalism. So far everything has been good for me personally since i've joined quick sproutservices back then 3 years ago now. 전체 리뷰보기

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I like that it's easy for users from different organizations (employees/clients) to interact with each other within our system. It is also very simple to set up new connections once we have established relationships between parties involved. The only thing about it could be improved at times would be better customer support since sometimes there are questions that arise during installation or setup process where they can't always help us immediately. Overall its been great so far! Currently using mostly as an internal tool but planing on sharing information among employees who aren't directly connected through their own organization when needed too. I can see my patients at any time day or night from anywhere with internet access. It makes it so much easier for me because appointments are made online, reminders sent out via text messaging, etc. Also have no worries about being late! No more missed appointment fees! The app is super easy once you learn how to use it. My only wish is that there was an option to pay by debit card instead of credit card. Paying bills/buddies has never been faster and less stressful than ever. 전체 리뷰보기

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Trade Block

I like that it is easy to navigate through different products they offer such as exchange trading platform etc., also very helpful when you are looking at certain coins in their portfolio of cryptocurrencies available which can be traded with other users who hold them too! It would help if there was more options within this section because sometimes its difficult finding something specific or what your after but overall good product/service so far!! Nothing really i dislike about tb currently however maybe adding some new features could enhance user experience further? Would definitely recommend using TB once again great service provided by TBServices. As mentioned above ease navigating between sections eases useability somewhat therefore improving customer satisfaction even though not much has changed since last year from my perspective (and others). I like that it has all of the major crypto exchanges, so as to feel more comfortable and make trades. It is also very easy to use, which makes trading much faster. Sometimes the platform can be slow or not work well at times. But aside from that it is good! There are many other options out there, but I find this one useful. Trading in cryptocurrencies has become easier with this software because it allows me to have all the major exchanges in one place. 전체 리뷰보기

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I like that it's easy to use, has an active community of users who are always willing help you out if needed! It is also very simple in terms how much time does this software spend with each task/estimation (or whatever else). The only downside would be maybe its sometimes hard finding someone online at certain times when your stuck looking up something or trying figure things ouut yourself which can slow down progress slightly - but not too bad just keep working throught them all eventually ;) And we love using planItPokr because everything works so well together as one single platform!! We have been able solve problems relating specifically our business needs by having access tot he same system across multiple locations & countries without any issues.전체 리뷰보기

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The visual aspect that allows us to see things as they are, without having to read all the information available or ask others for their own opinions. This can be somewhat overwhelming if you're not used to it. But I think everyone will adapt to it eventually. There aren't many downsides. It's definitely worth trying if you have employees who spend time writing emails, making calls, etc. If you'd like to make sure your communication is clear and concise, this software is a great option. We've seen an overall improvement in employee productivity. The main thing I like about this program it's easy to use, you can create your own templates and also access other people's templates so that they are not limited by their creativity. It helps me keep track of my tasks at work as well as personal projects. There isn't much I don't like but if there was one please let me know because we have been looking into alternatives. This software has helped us organize our time better than any other programs out there. 전체 리뷰보기

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Earned Value

There are several features I really like about this system. It is easy to use once you learn how it works - but that's not always enough because there appears to be very little documentation out their online or otherwise available to explain its operation. You can't seem to get help with troubleshooting your errors when using the program without paying someone else $15/hour just so they'll look at what might have caused them, which doesn't make sense since my experience has been quite positive overall thus far! If I had known before purchasing that was going to happen, then maybe I would've thought twice. So many times we see problems where our clients don't know why something happened; if we could do an internal check of all those things happening during each stage of any given process, it'd go up by leaps and bounds overnight. The problem solving benefits alone outweigh everything negative that comes along with implementing such as. 전체 리뷰보기

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Business Sorter

I love how easy it was for us (our sales & marketing teams) get our plans sorted out by customers needs/behaviors etc.. The dashboard provides lotsa helpful info so we could quickly understand what is working well with clients! Would like better mobile app but that's not bad either!! We got tons done in 2hrs which left time set aside specifically only about this project :) Easy, fast way for us to see what our customers want. I have never used anything like this before so it was easy to use even though i am not an expert in using these things! The only thing that would make me happy is if there were other options besides just the 3 or 4 we had selected at first but overall i think this helped us with getting feedback from customers quickly.전체 리뷰보기

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Schedule Ease

The ability to create an easy scheduler for my staff members is amazing! I had never used something like this before so it took me some getting use too but now that we do have our schedule down with ease no one complains about having their own set times or forgetting what time they were supposed t come in at once month. That's all i can say right there!! Maybe you think its way over priced maybe thats why everyone uses outlook? Just give them try because honestly when someone just gets assigned hours from payroll who would be excited if given such difficult tasks?? Honestly dont hesitate take advantage while supplies last. ! This saves us alot money not only by cutting back payroll costs (pay roll has been cut twice since using) I like that it is very easy to use! It has helped us organize our schedule for work much better than we were able before using this software!! The only thing i dislike about Scheduled ease was when you open up another window or tab while in scheduled ease (like email), if there are any notifications from other programs they don't show until after 10 minutes later which can get annoying sometimes but overall its great.전체 리뷰보기

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