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bluetooth wireless cancelling charging resistant 로고

Bluetooth Wireless Cancelling Charging Resistant

Airpods are no match, perhaps only zombie-apple people would disagree. I like the sound. Through a special application, you can adjust the settings. They sit comfortably, not particularly felt. Do not fall out during training. They look great in the ears. Touch control. Long range bluetooth. Small pleasant to the touch case. I am 100% satisfied with the headphones.전체 리뷰보기

microsoft rjn 00001 bluetooth mouse black 로고

Microsoft RJN 00001 Bluetooth Mouse Black

My description today will be about the product Microsoft RJN 00001 Bluetooth Mouse Black. I was looking for a bluetooth mouse for a macbook, took this one and was incredibly disappointed. The cursor moves terribly, a big delay. Yes, it is possible to use a mouse, but you will not get any comfort from it, for a lower price you can get great quality. The mouse was returned to the store.전체 리뷰보기

wd 5tb my passport ultra silver portable external 로고

WD 5TB My Passport Ultra Silver Portable External

bought for the archive. the laptop has solid state drives, and as an old believer, i prefer to store photos on hard drives. i have been dealing with wd products since 1995, i worked on a computer. firm as an assembler, seller, purchaser. that is, tens of thousands passed through me for sure and i must say that there were the least problems with wd. they never allowed themselves such tricks as ibm dtla. so now, i bought it and use it slowly, everything works fine. =) two wd blues have been plowing on the desktop for years, i dont remember how many. grandfather recently assembled a new computer for from the remnants of the upgrade, i left the hard drives during the upgrade, thought about what to put in, found a wd3200ys hard drive, 2022, in the boxes, it still plows without bads. and the 128 gb solid-fuel transcend has 9% of its life left, for three years of operation and a year of wallowing in a desk drawer. so that. =)전체 리뷰보기

boxwave evertouch meritus capacitive rollerball tablet accessories 로고

BoxWave EverTouch Meritus Capacitive Rollerball Tablet Accessories

A few words about my personal use of the product BoxWave EverTouch Meritus Capacitive Rollerball. Liked everything except the price Of the declared 12 hours of work, it keeps stable 10. It charges in 8-9 minutes, which I find extremely fast, so it won’t take long to be strange. I draw with him in Procreate and what I did on the PC for the graph. monitor in half an hour, now I do it in 10 minutes. Magic? Not otherwise) How would everything)전체 리뷰보기

logitech s120 2 0 stereo speakers 로고

Logitech S120 2 0 Stereo Speakers

I bought it because with a large monitor the old ones no longer fit. I immediately bought S120 and S150 to leave those that I like more. S150, of course, is prettier, but USB-zvukovuha, its hard on the fan. On the S150, it seems that the inscription "DIGITAL" illuminates exactly the same diode, it looks much better and does not hurt the eyes. I took black nail polish from my wife and painted over the LED in two layers.전체 리뷰보기

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