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It is a company that consolidates itself as a leader in startup accelerator projects, dynamic in its network and in continuous growth. Founded in 2010, for the UK and much of America. Today it is an active and dynamic project that has kept growing and seeking strategic alliances that have allowed to expand globally, including within its programs Latin America and Mexico, thanks to its partnerships with Finovista, the organization that powers FinTech ecosystems, so good calls are expected for this year in major cities, such as Buenos Aires, Santiago, Bogotá, Medellín, Quito, Lima, Sao Paul, Bogotá, Mexico and others, aimed at those companies that plan solutions for the great challenges of tomorrow and bring visionary solutions It is an ambitious excellent project in which great allies such as Google, Cisco, Mastercard, Microsoft, Visa and other great technology, who become a group of mentors that accompanies the leaders of startups, in training programs and in the generation of strategies to improve your projects and prepare them to scale. The programs have different approaches in the industry, the startup can apply and wait the selection, in which they consider, the phase in which the startup is located (early phase), clear ideas or a good entrepreneurship project, location, and attendance at the call. These programs include an intensive course of technical advice, financial support and most importantly the connection between them and potential allies of the industry, clients, partners and investors that will help give the impetus to the projects. Startupbootcamp, is a proposal that is limited by its capacity to receive startups and therefore must make a selection of the best proposals. It is interesting, ambitious and its dynamism makes the growth global, scale the two projects, the startups and the company Startupbootcamp. Good things are expected with the alliances that are being made. 전체 리뷰보기

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Pakcoin represents an exciting new business opportunity for those looking for fast, secure and reliable transactions. It is designed as a decentralized open source blockchain, which allows its users to maintain authority and control in all the operations they perform. It is important to highlight that this platform is new, of Pakistani origin and is just making its way into the crypto market, however it offers many of the benefits of consolidated platforms in addition to the speed of operations and that according to its creators is consolidating as a proven commercial medium, since every day more businesses accept their offers and the attractiveness of their rates. The native token of the platform is the PAK (Pakcoin), it is the main digital currency of Pakistan based on Litecoin, and can be obtained through the allowed exchanges or by mining processes, and one of its most relevant characteristics, you can perform the purchase directly from bank accounts by means of transfers. The price of the currency, although low, is supported by a good market capitalization and a good volume of circulation, however its shares are showing a downward trend, even so, it is considered a growing project. Currently many businesses operate with this currency, specifically in Pakistan, its level of reliability has allowed hospitals in the country to also access the PAK as a means of payment. With this growth, the work team is providing technical support and advice to all who want to join this community. It is an ambitious project, growing and with good proposals, so we will have to wait for its worldwide extension, once it manages to attract the attention of more users. 전체 리뷰보기

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Synthetix Network Token

It is defined as an innovative DeFi project, which allows the creation of synthetic assets in the form of ERC-20 tokens to boost the value and liquidity of the underlying assets and with which daily purchases of cryptocurrencies can be made. It is a decentralized network that uses a double token system to reduce price volatility, backed by smart contracts, which does not need any counterparty or third party in the exchange process, so that anyone can buy and sell at any time, taking advantage of the infinite liquidity of Synthetix. The native SNX token of the Synthetix platform is a digital asset with a good price and a good market capitalization that is in the range of 43 in the global cryptocurrency rating with an average daily trading volume of $ 31.3M. This token allows users to mint, hold, and trade a wide range of derivatives, including fiat currencies, commodities, and stocks, as well as cryptocurrencies (BTC, MKR, and LINK). Once the user purchases the SNX tokens, they are stored in the compatible wallets, once they have been blocked they are used to create synthesizers to track the price of some other real world asset. It is a project that offers earnings to its users who depend on their participation, by buying SNX, issuing Synth and assuming the debt behind those Synths, the user becomes a participant in the Synthetix ecosystem and can earn and collect participation rewards, and those are attributes very attractive to the people who take the risks of these operations. 전체 리뷰보기

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Airswap is an interesting project, a decentralized protocol created on the Ethereum platform that can work on and off the platform. It is an exchange project that allows off-chain trading and on-chain settlement. Its developers explain that this network is directed towards the purchase and sale of tokens in a safe, simple and commission-free way, creating a frictionless trade through smart contracts per to per. Users can carry out exchanges of any ERC-20 type token without risk, through a prior negotiation process in which the price that is validated through the exchange is defined and then the Ethereum blockchain is used to specify the exchange. The AST token, the token´s native of the project, is also of the ERC-20 type, therefore it enjoys the benefits of being an Ethereum token, and also has two functions for the holders: means of exchange and granting participation in the voting power to the merchants providing management capabilities to Oracles roles within the platform. It is an asset whose price is not very high but it maintains the project in a good position in the global cryptocurrency rating and is expected to continue growing as it gains more popularity among users in the digital world. 전체 리뷰보기

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Dai is a stablecoin backed by collateral assets anchored to the value of the US dollar, created on the Ethereum blockchain, it uses Ether as a collateral asset through unique smart contracts called collateralized debt positions. Dai emerges as a novel project to minimize price volatility, with the guarantee of price stability, as a substitute for bitcoin where it fails Dai remains firm. Experts explain that Dai prices are maintained through a smart contract system that is managed on an Ethereum network lending system, without reliance on a centralized bank or third party. Additionally, they say that to create Dai, someone with a balance in Ether would deposit their crypto in what is called a "collateralized debt position," which is essentially a smart personal vault that holds their Ether. In exchange for depositing the Ether as collateral, Dai is generated in the name of the Ethereum holder. Dai can be used like any cryptocurrency, exchange, buy or pay and with an additional attraction granted by the marker protocol, such as savings or investment through the function called Dai Interest Rate (DSR), making it a reserve of value without depreciates significantly over time, this allows investors to generate savings by locking their Dai into the DSR contract in the Maker Protocol. To get or generating Dais is very simple, it can be obtained from exchanges or generated from various forms of cryptographic collateral by anyone, and then easily stored or transferred anywhere in the world. Dai has been considered by experts as an investment alternative, its developers defined it as a cryptographic asset that allows its users to save and at the same time generate interest, have access to decentralized loans and make payments based on the value of the US dollar. with the technology of cryptocurrency blockchain. Without a doubt, Dai is an interesting and constantly growing project, so the time could come when its operation is much better than that of bitcoin and it becomes the best cryptographic option on the market for those who know its systems. 전체 리뷰보기

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Compound Dai

Compound Dai, is an open source protocol that works as a loan service for crypto assets and works in the Ethereum blockchaon, allowing interest to be gained on the crypto assets that the user offers, by placing them in a liquidity pool (liquidity pool ), as well as borrowing funds from other participants. It has been conceived as an algorithmic and autonomous interest rate protocol created for developers to unlock a universe of open financial applications, therefore it has been considered as an integral piece of the DeFi ecosystem. In simple terms it is a protocol that is established on the basis of smart contracts that allow users to borrow and lend tokens, and through this process earn interest over time, a process analogous to fiat banking, however unlike From traditional banks, your interest starts to increase the moment you deposit in the Compound smart contract with a much higher interest rate as we are required by third parties or intermediaries in the process. This platform creates the cTokens that represent the unit of account within Compound that work under the ERC-20 standard, which is why they are tokens that can be stored in wallets and even exchanged without problems. One of the assets offered is the DAI, from which the cDAI token is created which, when deposited, is already earning passive income in decentralized finance every 12 seconds, according to experts. You earn by lending your money and at the same time you have the opportunity to become a lender and earn money from the interest generated by your loan, this is quite interesting, in any case you must be an active participant, first you must become a lender and have offered liquidity to any market within the platform to request a loan, the processes are quite simple and are subject to the prices of the currencies that are offered, that the 1.5: 1 ratio can be maintained when it comes to loans already the interest rate that is managed in the day, which is why it is ideal for those who do not want to stagnate their money. 전체 리뷰보기

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Wrapped Bitcoin

This new alliance is a win to win proposal, both for users and for companies. Wrapped bitcoin (WBTC) is the first ERC20 token backed proportionally with Bitcoin (1: 1) through a network of automatically monitored traders and custodians, which standardizes Bitcoin to the ERC20 format, creating smart contracts for Bitcoin. This guarantees that its price remains linked to the price of Bitcoin and in this sense 1 WBTC in the Ethereum network has the equivalent value of 1 BTC in the Bitcoin network. Its creators have highlighted that it is an asset developed mainly for traders, institutions and dapps, simplifying the management of the Wrapp currency with only the Ethereum node so that moving Bitcoin between exchanges becomes much faster and easier. To get this asset, users can access various exchanges both centralized and decentralized, which serve as traders in the Wrapped Bitcoin network, the trader verifies the identity of the user and subsequently the exchange is executed, with the user's Bitcoin being transferred to the traders and WBTC of merchant being transferred to the user. Today the world of cryptocurrencies has migrated to decentralized DeFi platforms, which are based on ethereum in which Bitcoin is not operational, and in this case BTC investors cannot get involved unless they sell their crypto assets or buy others, so that WBTC becomes the business asset destined for the users of these two worlds that recognizes that the capitalization of Bitcoin is greater than that of Ethereum and at the same time assumes that with Bitcoin, operations on decentralized platforms are limited. This project is very well thought out and with a guaranteed success guarantee, a Bitcoin compatible with the Ethereum chain, offers the power of one of the main cryptocurrencies to date (BTC) with the flexibility of an ERC-20 token useful on multiple platforms and for multiple operations. 전체 리뷰보기

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The sUSD represents the synthetic token of the US dollar, and this makes it an interesting and attractive currency because its value is equivalent to the value of the dollar currency. Experts have pointed out that sUSD (formerly nUSD) is the stablecoin in the Havven network, and has been created to solve the constant fluctuations in prices that represent a major problem in the blockchain ecosystem, through a decentralized and scalable proposal. . It is a stable alcoin that operates on the Ethereum platform, with a good market capitalization and is in the 128 range in the global cryptocurrency rating. This currency is generated through the Synthetix protocol, through an underlying such as its native SNX token, all this is done through a Smart contract that is signed with the authorization of the wallet you use. This protocol allows its users to exchange or create new Synths without depending on counterparties, create and trade synthetic asset tokens, thus solving the liquidity problems that are frequently experienced in some Exchanges, this is achieved through a process of Coining with cryptocurrencies when depositing the SNX token as proof of participation (staking), which is the equivalent of a financial instrument called a secured loan used by traditional banks, the investment made is taken as debt, because when supplying your tokens, generates a collateralization index that fluctuates according to market gains or losses. To carry out this process, people who are interested in it must buy the native SNX token and subsequently generate the sUSD by minting synthetic tokens (Synths), through the Mintr platform, leaving a certain amount of SNX tokens in deposit / stake. The SNX token will act as collateral, in a relationship of 750% (collateralization ratio), to be able to mint the Synths, the minting of the maximum amount for a staker that has SNX worth $ 750, will result in the issuance of sUSD for value of $ 100. In this process, assets are blocked as collateral for the debt so that the reserves are in custody and this reduces the risks of fraud or theft within the ecosystem, for this and many reasons many experts assure that the sUSD and synthetic currencies It is one of the most complex and useful financial products on the Ethereum network to date, and by keeping in development it is hoped that its updates can offer more and better benefits. 전체 리뷰보기

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Loopring [NEO]

Loopring NEO, is an exhange defined as the first decentralized trading platform built on Loopring 3.0 that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, whose objective is to guarantee security and performance in operations. Its developers are betting on the best-in-class order book-based DEX protocol design on Ethereum, fueled by building a highly scalable non-custodial crypto exchange and enhancing the overall trading experience and peace of mind for crypto asset holders. Experts have assured that the use of the new Loopring 3.0 protocol is the guarantee to achieve a much higher performance without sacrificing security. With this system you can settle up to 2025 transactions per second while ensuring the same level of security as the underlying Ethereum blockchain. This is possible by using a construct called zkRollup and a function called String Data Availability, or OCDA. This novelty boosts performance but orders can no longer be shared between multiple exchanges and must be matched by a dedicated relay and this somewhat limits the decision of some users who pursue cross-platform trades without trading restrictions. The token of this project is the LRC, an ERC20 type, which it has two main applications on the platform: as a commission per transaction and as a reward for miners. This token started in the market with an acceptable valuation, achieving prices equivalent to $2 per token, although at present this price has dropped considerably, and has remained until allowing the project to be located within the 100 cryptocurrencies with the highest capitalization volume of the world. This protocol is designed by google developers and this is already a guarantee for many users, as it transmits trust and security in the processes. In particular, it is necessary to highlight an excellent web portal, with a simple, easy-to-use, visually attractive user interface that makes the most detailed information about your project, its offer and the functionality of its system available to its users. Thus, each user will be able to forge their criteria, establish comparisons and make decisions about its use. It is a very interesting project that can become a great competition for all existing exchanges. 전체 리뷰보기

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Switcheo is a new exchange project, created on the basis of NEO and with cross-blockchain technology, which allows its operation between multiple popular chains such as Ethereum, EOS y NEO and that research for future chains such as Stellar, even its creators are betting on reaching exchange relationships with one of the most stable platforms Binance Coin. At the same time, Switche in asociattion with Neo is offering users a world-class trading experience by enabling cross-chain exchange capabilities on multiple blockchains. AlthoughI, it is relatively new to the market, it has reached a good popularity and keeps on increasing, there are many traders trade on this exchange, the creators´s vision is to be the world's leading DEX platform with a third-party off-chain order matching system. This project has been recognized by major financial magazines and is certified by the Singapore Fintech association which is synonymous with security guarantee for many users and encourages many other guests to join this community. This blockchain offers a currency exchange without the intervention of third parties and anonymously, as a decentralized platform, any user can register and participate in commercial management with a guarantee of security and the convenience of performing operations quickly and safely and with low commissions and fees. 전체 리뷰보기

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