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amazonbasics silicone macaron baking mat 로고

AmazonBasics Silicone Macaron Baking Mat

I bought a reinforced silicone non-stick mat for baking pasta in a tortomast. I took a lesson in an online school and bought it right in advance. During the lesson, I showed the rug to the curator, they immediately told me it was not suitable. But I spent a lot of money, and decided that there was no choice on what to bake, maybe everything will work out. The rug is convenient in that it already has drawn circles on it and it was easy to fill the pasta on it. When the skirt did not rise, the pasta just stuck to it. After cooling, the middle of the pasta in 45% of the cookies remained on the mat. Therefore, you should not lead to the fact that the rug is marked "for pasta" ... It is better to take a regular cheap Teflon mat. The most useless purchase, but I use it for baking buns and pies, here it is just a god! Everything sticks and nothing burns. For pasta, I do not recommend taking. 전체 리뷰보기

colgate advanced optic toothbrush medium 로고

Colgate Advanced Optic Toothbrush Medium

Upon arrival home, I realized that I forgot my toothbrush at a party. Of course, there are toothbrushes at home, but I forgot the electric toothbrush I used to brush my teeth with. Therefore, without thinking twice, for a promotion on the Ozon website, I bought the first brush that came across, the cheapest in price. Electric toothbrushes cannot be called budgetary, the minimum price without a discount is 1,600 rubles and up to 10 thousand rubles. ( I bought for 900 rubles. on a promotion (without a promotion 1800 rubles) Delivery was fast. I started using the 360 Optic White (whitening) battery-powered electric toothbrush around December 19th. When you receive a long-awaited thing, you rather want to put it into practice. The packaging is a little torn, but the name of the toothbrush and the delivery site are clearly visible. There is little information on the back. The manufacturer's promises to whiten teeth in one week are striking. Also, I only found out at home that the brush is not solid, but has a replaceable head (nozzle). I was delighted, I thought - a nice bonus. I did not pay attention to this when ordering, I chose the price. Outwardly, the new electric toothbrush is similar to my old one, the same brand. The difference is that the new one is heavier in weight and has a different shape, the bristles of the working part. Before writing this review, I did not pull out the removable nozzle. It turned out to be pretty hard to pull out. When the batteries are working, the removable head does not rattle or move. After 2 months, it has not loosened up, it is firmly held. To put the nozzle in place, there is a special groove. The other side cannot be inserted. The handle of the electric brush is wide, thick. It fits a man's hand. I would like a thinner handle, but not essential. The convex buttons that are on the handle of the brush are designed to turn on (top) and off (bottom). The buttons are tight, you need to apply force when pressed. For 2 months of use, the buttons work properly. The brush turns on immediately. The base of the handle is rubberized, does not slip in the hand. Toothpaste constantly clogs on the brush. It's hard to wash it off. On the reverse side of the toothbrush there is a convenient dent, the index finger fits well into it and securely holds the brush during operation. The tip of the handle at the brush ends with a removable cap, which is very tight to open. The cover must be strongly squeezed with your fingers and pulled towards you to change the batteries. I don’t have enough strength to open it, so my husband opened it for shooting. The electric toothbrush is powered by two replaceable batteries. I bought a toothbrush with a set of batteries. For 2 months, the battery performance has not changed, the brush head rotates well and vigorously. For two months of use, the cap was removed for the first time. There is no water in the battery compartment, everything is dry. Batteries are not dead and work well. The most important part of a toothbrush is its head, the working part. Before that, I used a brush with a classic head. Here the brush is called Optic White, respectively, there is a difference that helps whiten teeth. In the middle of the movable working part there is an eraser, very similar to dense silicone. When using an electric brush, this "thick crown" moves, rubbing the teeth and erasing plaque-dirt from them. Almost like I'm erasing extra pencil lines in a drawing. In addition to an unusual eraser, which is unusual for my teeth, an electric toothbrush has a different shape, thickness and stiffness of bristle hair. With the help of thin and thick bristles, the brush cleans the teeth in the usual way. On the working part there is a pad that cleans the tongue and cheeks. In the photo, it seems prickly, but in fact the pillow is elastic, tender and soft. I do not clean my tongue, because I have the urge to vomit. But if dentists recommend, then you need to clean. The photo above clearly shows that in working condition the head does not move all, but only a small part of it, and this confused me. I don't think this way of working cleans my teeth well. Small thin bristles, when moving, penetrate very far between the teeth, really cleaning the smallest gap, penetrating into any thin gap. The head rotates and vibrates rapidly. The manufacturer indicates that here is 11500 rpm. I believe it. A small, really pea-sized drop of toothpaste is enough for me to brush my teeth. From good vibration, not everything is so smooth, but there are also disadvantages. From vibration and translational-rotational movements, the toothpaste is whipped very strongly. It turns into air foam and starts moving. Now the first minus that annoys me when brushing my teeth. I use a medium foaming toothpaste. Foam paste begins to creep after 1 minute of brushing. Then it becomes so much that it flows along the toothbrush, towards my hand. Someone will say, you can always keep your hand up. But I'm so uncomfortable and my hand gets tired. Now every evening, after brushing my teeth, I have to wash the brush, wash my hands and wash my mouth from whipped airy foam. Previously, when using an old electric toothbrush, this was not the case. Of course, this is a plus that there is a lot of foam. To brush your teeth, you need very little toothpaste, you get an economical use (you can buy expensive toothpaste). The second incomprehensible moment for me is black smudges (streaks). The husband reassures - this is how the manufacturer conceived the color scheme. I believe that this is cheap plastic and poor coating with marriage. Black stripes, shades annoy me: as if a new toothbrush has already been peeled or leaked, the batteries have acidified. It's been 2 months since I picked up a promotional brush. Having experienced using electric toothbrushes and comparing, I regretted buying the Colgate 360 Optic White brush, my quick choice. The cons seem to be few, but very significant, for me. - I don't like the eraser on the tip of the toothbrush. It is rough, while brushing, it does not allow you to press the brush closer to your teeth. If you press it, you can squeeze the teeth out of the gums. - Dense silicone presses and keeps the bristles at a distance. - The eraser in the brush is not designed for teeth with thin enamel. My teeth became sensitive after using this brush. I hadn't noticed this in my teeth before. - An insignificant minus is a large handle, which is more suitable for a man's hand. - The electric toothbrush strongly knocks down the toothpaste, which flows in airy foam on my arm. Up hand hold uncomfortable, tired. - Movement of only a small part of the working head. The rest is motionless. - Bad plastic, with stains. Pluses, against the background of such minuses, do not save: - Removable nozzle head. - Low share price. - Economical consumption of paste. - 2 batteries included. Medium bristles. If I were to choose a toothbrush now, I would not buy the Colgate 360 Optic White Electric Toothbrush and do not recommend it to you. In my opinion, it is not suitable for normal brushing at all, turning strong teeth into sensitive ones. By the way, I didn’t notice that my teeth became whiter after 2 months of using the brush. I'm quoting the stock. 전체 리뷰보기

simple joys carters toddler leggings apparel & accessories baby boys 로고

Simple Joys Carters Toddler Leggings Apparel & Accessories Baby Boys

Good day! We have been familiar with Carters leggings for a long time as part of summer suits (in the review you can also see our current suit for kindergarten in size 3T). The striped leggings in these sets were incredibly soft and delicate and clearly oversized in length, but this is even a plus. So on one of the sales on the Carter's website there was a promotion - all leggings for $ 4.99! Many ordered similar leggings with a print of different colors. I really liked these gray with flowers. Although I am not a fan of patterned pants, because it is difficult to match them with the top, so I thought for a long time before ordering. but in the end I decided, although there was no size 5t in principle, so I had to take a chance and take a size 4t. Leggings are designed for thin girls (like Crazy8 leggings), you don’t even have to specify, this is all as usual. I really like the print. The paint layer is not very thick. But after the first time on the knees, the paint cracked slightly. I expected this, but so soon. I wash on delicate mode with similar gentle things. I have no complaints about tailoring. Leggings from the Toddler section (from 2 to 5 years). Made in Cambodia. Composition: 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Leggings really stretch well (unlike crazy8, where it's not elastane, but spandex). The tag shows the height and weight for size 4T. So, this size should fit girls with a height of 98-105 cm and a weight of 15.4-17.2 kg. My daughter is now 98 cm tall and weighs 15 kg (maybe plus a little more). So I recommend every time to look not at age, but focus on height and weight. Because we are now 3 years old, and these leggings are just right. The length of the stock is quite small. And if you compare them with leggings from a 3t Carters suit, then these are literally 2-3 cm only longer. They are very pleasant to the touch, although not as delicate as the leggings from the set. As I thought, picking up the top was not so easy. We need a solid color, preferably in tone with some color from the print. From all that we have, we picked up two t-shirts (childrenplace and carters) and this long sleeve jimboree. Another big thing is the fact that the leggings almost do not wrinkle, and after washing I straighten them well and they do not need ironing. Pros: - cotton, pleasant to the touch, - go to size - comfortable, -beautiful and original -easy to take care of - do not wrinkle. Minuses: - the print on the knees quickly gave cracks, - price without discounts. I paid 212 rubles for them + a fee for weight (they weigh 60 g without labels and packaging). 전체 리뷰보기

champion classic t shirt oatmeal heather men's clothing and shirts 로고

Champion Classic T Shirt Oatmeal Heather Men's Clothing and Shirts

Good evening, my dear friends and visitors of the site "". Summer is coming and it's time to start thinking about what you're going to wear. Spending weekdays in a stuffy office, you just dream of throwing off the "shackles" of your suit and dressing lightly, simply and "not hot"))))) And the "Athletic" T-shirt from Champion is the best option for this! It is light, soft, cozy and simple! Also natural and breathable! The fabric it is made from is 100% cotton. The photo did not convey the color ... in a live T-shirt of bright red, saturated color! Framed with gray inserts! It sits perfectly and repeats the reliefs of the body (unless, of course, you choose the right size) and is practically not felt! We love this company! They are always of excellent quality and serve for many years! As for me, this logo-inscription would be enough! But they also stuck it here)))) I wash the T-shirt in warm water by hand, it doesn’t stretch, it doesn’t shrink, it dries quickly and doesn’t shed! 전체 리뷰보기

ihealth thermometer vibration notification thermopile 로고

IHealth Thermometer Vibration Notification Thermopile

When the baby was born, we bought an inexpensive digital thermometer, which, as it turned out later, is inconvenient to use and takes a long time to wait for the result. Not much better than ordinary mercury. It so happened that the child fell ill, they did not help us in our clinic, they prescribed ineffective treatment, and we went to a private clinic to see a pediatrician. First of all, the doctor measured the temperature with an infrared thermometer, brought it to her forehead, a few seconds and the result is ready. The kid did not even have time to understand what happened. It was then that I realized that I wanted to buy the same one for home use. It was the company that she had that the doctor did not recommend because of frequent breakdowns. We began to look for a reliable option. For the price and quality we were advised by the Chinese. They did not doubt, since this company was checked by us, they took phones and a router. Everything is working properly. The device was packed in a small box: With detailed instructions and pictures: I bring the thermometer to my forehead and press the button. One second, the result is ready. We checked with mercury, everything converges exactly. The readings are displayed on the LED screen. The numbers are large and clear, you can see great at night. Unfortunately, tonight we had another chance to test the thermometer. The baby had a temperature of 39.2. I could not believe my eyes and went for mercury. I kept it for seven minutes and the same result - 39.2. They knocked down the heat with syrup and monitored the decrease in temperature every five minutes. It was very convenient and fast, with mercury the whole thing would have dragged on for a long time. The infrared device is made in a beautiful white color, very concise. In the hand lies easily, excellent. Not bulky. The only button you need to press is: Side view: The same part that is brought to the forehead: The thermometer does not squeak when the result is issued, but vibrates slightly. I took the temperature of the baby without waking him up with a beeping device. This is a huge plus, since it is difficult to put an awakened and sick child to bed later. I am very pleased with the purchase, but I hope that I will not have a chance to test it yet. 전체 리뷰보기

luvable friends flannel receiving elephant 로고

Luvable Friends Flannel Receiving Elephant

This review is about the Luvable Friends Swaddle Blanket. As it usually happens, mothers, while waiting for the birth of a baby, simply lose their heads when choosing a dowry - there is a lot of everything, everything is beautiful and, it seems, everything is so necessary and you can’t do without it! I just studied children's sites. On one of them I found a changing blanket. It is not very thick, but it seems to keep warm. Cotton material, edging along the edge. I chose blue color, in the corner there is a picture. It is beautiful in itself, pleasant to the touch, soft. But it didn’t really come in handy for us, since I didn’t swaddle my son, I think that the limbs should move freely. This time. Secondly, no one has canceled flannelette diapers - both the function and the effect are the same. Blanket size 75x75 approx. In general, this is a useless thing for us, but ... in principle, you can cover the baby in the summer or lay it out. The price is 450 rubles. Diapers are cheaper, they are out of competition! Don't waste your money, it's useless. 전체 리뷰보기

kingston 240gb solid sa400s37 240g 로고

Kingston 240GB Solid SA400S37 240G

Since there are a lot of female authors-readers on the reviews who publish their reviews somewhere :-), I will say that now there is a way to speed up an old computer or laptop by replacing hdd memory with ssd. (Ssd memory is often installed on new laptops right away) HDD is a memory disk that is operated at the physical level, that is, a special reading head reads information from magnetic disks. Visual analogue of a record and a gramophone. SSD is flash memory, where access is carried out by applying voltage. The visual analogue is a regular USB flash drive. That is, there are no mechanical movements. Obviously, the 'mechanical' action is much slower than the 'electrical' one. This is the main advantage of SSD memory. But there is also a minus that SSD memory is less durable. Therefore, it is better to store 'valuable' information on the HDD. In the past, SSD memory was expensive compared to HDD. But now the price has dropped and is comparable. So I bought a 240 GB Kingston A400 SSD for 2300 rubles. Perhaps only 120 GB is enough for you - it costs around 1000 rubles. This memory has a one year warranty. As a result, I installed this SSD memory instead of the dvd-rom optical drive. These days, DVDs do not actually need to be inserted into a laptop. Now the laptop has two permanent memory and SSD and HDD. The SSD is used to download programs, while the HDD is used to store music, movies, photos and 'valuable' information. As a result, the initial boot of the computer (starting windows) now takes me 20-30 seconds. While before everything was loaded slowly up to 3 minutes. Plus, office documents (word, exel, etc.) are loaded incomparably faster. Very happy with this transformation. Such an acceleration of the old people is much more cost-effective than buying a new laptop. About durability, namely, Kingston A400 I can’t say anything. This is tested by time. So far 10 days. 전체 리뷰보기

elements portable external drive wdbu6y0050bbk wesn 로고

Elements Portable External Drive WDBU6Y0050BBK WESN

It has long been necessary to buy a hard drive, but there was no reason. And then everything happened so spontaneously. We bought a huge 55 "TV, on which it’s a sin not to watch downloaded movies and serials from a torrent on a laptop. The last season of the Game of Thrones series came out last year, but it was not on the Internet in good quality and with good voice acting. Month back, however, full hd quality appeared and I immediately downloaded it to my laptop. As it turned out, one series weighs 6 GB with full hd quality. And my flash drive, which was only 10 GB and wasn't designed for 4K quality, just couldn't handle this series. Watching on a laptop is not the same. I would like to lie down on the sofa and watch on a big TV, like in a movie theater. And we bought an external hard drive HDD WD Elements Portable for 1TB (1000GB) in the DNS store. Model: WDBMTM0010BBK_EEUE Cost: 3 399 rubles Comes with a USB cable. Now you can put the flash drives on the back burner and not worry about the lack of space. And do not rush to the laptop every time, erasing the viewed series from the flash drive and uploading new ones to it. It's simple, I download a lot of TV shows that I want to watch from a torrent to my laptop and then I dump everything on my hard drive. Of course, you have to wait, but it's worth it. I connect the drive to the TV and voila!! An indispensable thing for those who love movies and TV shows and do not like to bathe with a flash drive. 전체 리뷰보기

zinus spring mattress narrow replacement 로고

Zinus Spring Mattress Narrow Replacement

We recently changed our mattress to a double bed. We used to sleep on the COTON Simple Comfort mattress. It was a simple mattress on a Bonnel-type dependent spring block, we liked it, it was quite suitable in terms of rigidity and comfort. He served for many years, a layer of polyurethane foam sagged from old age, springs began to be felt, so it was time to change it. All the mattresses that we had before in the apartment and in the country were either on dependent springs or springless. I wanted to try a mattress with a block of independent springs. During the next trip to the IKEA store, we looked at the mattresses there, tried to lie down on several of them. IKEA has a good exposition of mattresses, there are demo samples in the context where you can see the internal structure of the mattress. And you can lie on mattresses. The thickness of the mattresses varied from 16 to 31 cm, and the price was from 6 thousand rubles to 47 thousand rubles. this is for our standard size 160x200 cm. After looking at the insides of the mattresses and trying to lie on them, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need a mattress that was too thick. There, basically, the thickness is gained due to a thicker layer of foam rubber, and the springs are of the same height. Why do I need thick foam rubber, I don’t like the feeling of foam rubber in the mattress. As a result, the simplest of the mattresses on an independent spring block was chosen - the Hatlevik model. The price of an IKEA Hatlevik mattress after the recent massive price cuts in IKEA has become quite inexpensive. Previously, a size of 160x200 cm cost 8999 rubles, and now it is a thousand less - 7999 rubles, which, in my opinion, is cheap for a mattress with independent pocket-type springs. I have not seen mattresses of other brands with independent springs at such a price. The Ikea Hetlevik mattress is compactly packaged in a 30 cm diameter roll, with convenient carrying straps, so it is easy to transport. I brought it home in the trunk of an ordinary passenger car. He weighs, however, a lot - 25 kg. The package is opened with a knife, after which the roll is unfolded with the bottom side out. The underside of the Hetlevik mattress is gray hard, made of thin synthetic material, you cannot sleep on this side of the mattress. The instructions for the mattress say that after opening the package, the mattress should gradually straighten out and completely take on the correct shape and volume within 72 hours. The packaging says that the Ikea Hetlevik mattress is made in Russia, and there is a sticker with a four-digit production date code. "1705" means 2017, the fifth week - that is, the end of January. I bought it at the beginning of February. So I got a mattress quite fresh, just from production, one might say, bought almost "from wheels". Therefore, I didn’t even have to wait until it straightened out - immediately after unpacking, it took on an even shape. So keep in mind, you can choose a fresher mattress in the store :) The label also indicates the rigidity of this modification of the mattress - in this case, a tick is next to the symbol "three even stripes", which means that the mattress is hard. If there were three wavy strips - a mattress of medium hardness. It was better to unpack the mattress immediately in the bedroom on the bed. And I unfolded it on the floor in the living room, then I was tortured to carry it alone to another room - heavy, it bends in all directions. And it is not recommended to bend and break it according to the instructions, it can be damaged. The IKEA Hatlevik mattress cover is pleasant to the touch, natural, made of warm cotton fabric with a rough texture of thick threads. The cover has carrying handles and a zipper, so you can unzip and remove it if you wish. Here you can see the internal structure of the IKEA Hatlevik mattress - a layer of felt on the bottom, then an independent spring block with a density of 229 springs per square meter. m, then felt again, then a layer of polyurethane foam 25 mm with a density of 23 kg / cu. m., and a cover on top. The thickness of the Ikea Hetlevik mattress is 19 cm. Inside, there is a care label on the cover, it says that the cover can neither be washed, nor wrung out and dried, nor ironed, nor dry-cleaned. The question arises, why then remove it at all? ;) In order not to dirty the mattress cover, of course, we immediately bought a mattress cover in IKEA and laid it on top. The mattress cover can be washed at 60 degrees. Impressions from the operation The smell of foam rubber from the new mattress was not for long, a couple of days, and then it no longer bothered me. At first, the mattress seemed to me somehow too hard and not very comfortable. It was not that hard, but some kind of rubber-elastic. From below, the coccyx props up so much, as if under a layer of foam rubber there are not springs, but a hard board. He slept restlessly, tossing and turning. For some reason, when I tested a sample of the Hatlevik mattress in the IKEA store, it seemed to me much softer there, I was even worried that it would be too soft. It was written in the instructions for the mattress that at first the mattress may seem too hard, and then after a month you will get used to it;) And indeed, after a month, the mattress began to seem softer to me than it was originally. Sleep became more comfortable. As far as I know from the reviews of other people and from my own experience of sleeping on soft foam mattresses, it is still better to prefer a firmer option. On overly soft mattresses, my lower back hurt after sleeping. Now, after two months of use, my wife and I really like the mattress. I sleep well, my back does not hurt in the morning. I would not say that a mattress with independent springs is so strikingly different for the better from our previous mattress with a Bonnel spring block. Now, when my wife lies down next to me, the mattress still sways a little on my side. Unlike a bonnel, this mattress does not have a hard metal edging along the edge, so when you sit down on the mattress from the edge, you fall through. Well, in general, the mattress is like a mattress, I'm not sure that the next time I buy I will prefer an independent spring block to a bonnel. Ikea gives a 25-year guarantee on mattress springs, and even allows you to exchange a mattress for another within 90 days if the purchased one does not fit in hardness. Flaws The mattress is single sided, only one side is working. Ikea presents this as a virtue of not having to turn the mattress over. And it seems strange to me. Those mattresses that I have used before were double-sided, and moreover, according to the instructions, it was recommended to turn them over regularly in order to prolong their service life and ventilate. In general, while we like the Ikea Hatlevik mattress, we are not going to change it. 전체 리뷰보기

copybooks reusable handwriting workbooks preschools 로고

Copybooks Reusable Handwriting Workbooks Preschools

Good afternoon. Surfing the Internet, I once heard a review about such a exercise book. I rummaged through Juma and now ... An interesting book has arrived. Cardboard. 8 sheets. 1 pen. 8 rods and a simulator for the correct setting of fingers - a dolphin. And further... Numbers up to 10 and further up to 100. Each number is squeezed out in cardboard, that is, it turns out that when the child writes, he leads the pen along the groove, which helps to write the number correctly. On each spread, on the one hand, there is a copybook, on the other hand, small simple mathematical problems: simple counting, not complicated examples. Or so And the best thing is that you can not even think about the fact that you ruined the notebook with a note. Because the ink in the pen is vanishing. Disappear after 25-30 minutes and write again. The three is written before everyone else, the four is later, the five is written later than everyone else. It's great right? The set also included a pen, 7 additional rods (8 in total), and a dolphin simulator. True, there are nuances. I don't like the spelling of some numbers. 6 or 9. The seven has no crossbar, the one has no small part. But in general, everything is fine. The notebook is well made and interesting. You can count and solve examples and ... more than once. I would love to buy such Russian alphabetic copybooks. Great. I will add. To prepare for school, they wrote out only 1 rod, wrote as much as they wanted. As a result, there are 7 more rods, we will give it to someone, the kids will like it. 전체 리뷰보기

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