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Coinbase Training

I started getting to know the world of cryptocurrencies thanks to coinbase. I took the first lessons with them and found their system very fast and intuitive. They also had the excellent idea of ​​giving cryptocurrencies to those who attended the courses, ensuring a pool of users who would then start investing on the platform. Unfortunately, gift cryptocurrencies are no longer available. However, this does not detract from their courses which are quick and easy to introduce anyone to the world of cryptocurrencies. The number of courses on the various currencies should increase. I understand that they put the courses on the coins that you can trade on their platform, but if they also anticipate the courses on the other cryptocurrencies it would be a great thing.전체 리뷰보기

cryptonews 로고


There are now many sites that offer articles on articles related to the world of cryptocurrencies. Cryptonews is one such site. You can find information of all kinds and genres all obviously based on the world of the futurist economy of cryptocurrencies. It has a section with the latest news, or articles written with the aim of being able to educate its readers on this vast world. One good thing is the number of languages ​​available. the main page should be streamlined a bit, but otherwise it is a navigable site where you can find lots of interesting information. The site also features a section for viewing prices and trends in terms of performance of the main virtual currencies on the market.전체 리뷰보기

prospectors 로고


To improve

A strategic game that takes the concept of mining literally. On prospectors the blockchain is used to record all the activities and objects that you get into and the purpose of the game is mining. The amount of resources available on the map is limited and those who arrive first and extract the material are at an advantage. It seems that the system is not very balanced, there are too many resources extracted and put on the market. Construction is all about speeding up material extractions. So over time, materials accumulate on materials without actually using it for other purposes. Obviously like all blockchain-based games there is a lot of emphasis on "play and earn". But we lose sight of the fun part about this game a bit.전체 리뷰보기

yahoo finance 로고

Yahoo Finance

Good free services

I tried many free stock trackers, but only on yahoo finance was I able to find all the funds and get that information on the trend I needed. Obviously some indicators are not available on the free version and for those I had to adopt other methods to calculate them. However, without paying anything, it allows you to fully monitor your portfolio with daily and total gain / loss. Very useful for keeping up to date on market trends and your portfolio. I would have gladly bought the plus version to have some more indicators on the portfolio, but most of the features I would not use as I do not trade continuously. I also find the android app good with which it allows me to easily monitor the wallet. But from the app it is not possible to set a new stock but only favorites, to add a new stock you must necessarily do it through the website.전체 리뷰보기

cointelegraph 로고


Good website news

Cointelegraph is a news website about the world of cryptocurrencies and fintech. There are many articles that help understand this market. On the web, news bounces very quickly, so news is easy to read on multiple websites. Obviously being Italian I prefer cointelegraph as it also has a news section in Italian which is not available in many other sites. Its strength is precisely to have a multilingual news website. To succeed in the creation of a multilingual site, it hires local experts or journalists to make the news even more consistent with the language. I often read articles in local newspapers that are taken directly from cointelegraph and that's how I got to know it.전체 리뷰보기

siamining  로고


Simple Mining pool

Siamining is a very simple mining pool to use. It is obviously used to mine siacoins only, but it allows you to do it quickly and without much knowledge. The only shortcoming for code geeks is the unavailability of source codes for clients. Consequently, it is possible to start quickly but you remain with what you have without the possibility of changing it. Moreover, precisely the lack of source codes does not have the certainty on the part of the community that there are no unhealthy codes behind it. However, apart from this, as with all pools, if you want to actually see positive margins, you need to have a good ASIC otherwise it becomes useless regardless of the platform you use.전체 리뷰보기

lgbtq network foundation 로고

LGBTQ Network Foundation

to understand

The initiative is commendable, and I agree with the ideals set out. But they should be better represented, the site is difficult to read. The link on revain is incorrect. We need more information about what they want to achieve and how, future plans. All things that are difficult to find on the site. On the Home page, the first thing you read is take our currency and this makes you lose a bit of the sense that should be behind this initiative. It almost seems that it was created only to make money from cryptocurrency than to sponsor an ideal. I hope I'm wrong but my feeling is that this is just a commercial site trying to make money through an ideal and this is not nice. it is still early to say, for now I am going to try it and see how their system behaves전체 리뷰보기

revain 로고


need to grow up

Revain has been active for some time but is still little known and its diffusion for a system of reviews is essential, it is a young platform that still needs some time before we can see results. Online reviews are very important for various types of markets. Having a tool that helps to collect them, catalog them and ensure their quality is fundamental. Revain is an ambitious and interesting project but it has to contend with other systems that have been collecting reviews for much longer that have already invaded the world market Hope it can continue to expand to include more countries and languages.전체 리뷰보기

binance 로고


The crypto coins worlds is a jungle of exchanges, alt-coint, web sites, is not easy to navigate inside it. with a binance i've found a compass for a lot of alt-coin. I use six or seven cryptocurrency exchange because i invest into emerging coins and always i need to find a right exchange platform that sell it. Inside Binance i can trade a lot of crypto coins that cannot find in other exchange platform. The trading fee depend of your level of trading. I've a entry level and the fee is 0,1%. At the end all exchange platforms are similar, they have a web site, they have an app, you can buy, sell, switch. For my kind of trading i choose the exchange platform that can trade emerging alt-coin, than most of other platform don't have. 전체 리뷰보기

google finance 로고

Google Finance

Google finance is a good platform to monitoring financial market. The web site show a detailed information with news, performance and historical data. There is a api tool for use it in google sheets, and i use it for monitoring my portfolio. The integration with a google sheet is great, with a simple formula you can calculate a gain/ loss on single asset or total. the free versione is not realtime but have 20 minutes of delay. Unfortunately there isn't a built-in portfolio monitoring with stock hold, that is a problem if you want an alert or view quikly your gain/loss. The only way is to use it with Google Sheet and write your formula for calculate a custom portfolio performance. 전체 리뷰보기

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