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In exchange, we have the centralized and decentralized exchange. The trader is in charge of the transaction and trade in decentralized exchange, as there is no central authority. But in centralized exchange, the user has no control over it's trade. I also preferred trading on decentralized Exchange than the centralized. The former has an edge over the latter. Market Exchange is a centralized Exchange platform, that also support trading on cryptocurrency. My period of trading on this exchange, is not nice to write about. This exchange doesn't possess a good trading interface. Also, although it is still accessible, but the website of this exchange seems to be out of operation. Market Exchange has no much information regarding it. This exchange is not recommended for trading. It seems to be out of function.전체 리뷰보기

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Fargobase Exchange.

Fargobase is another exchange platform that support trading of cryptocurrency. Although it doesn't accept trading on my much tokens. This exchange is known to emerge from the USA, this gives the US investors previlaged to trade on it. List most Exchanges, Fargobase Exchange has its own supported currency which is known as fargocoin. Information concerning the trading fees for takers and makers are not provided by this exchange. In this exchange, users are only limited to one method of making deposits. Fargobase Exchange is one of those exchanges that are very limited in trading features. Most users won't find this exchange attractive to trade on, as they will be restricted on a lot of things.전체 리뷰보기 로고

my1Ex is an exchange that supports trding of different cryptocurrencies. This exchange support the buying and selling of cryptocurrency and other assests. Also, no information regarding this exchange has been provided. my1ex now inaccessible and unavailable, access to it's website now is difficult. This Exchange is not available anymore for trading, however there are other trading options that one can consider. Before selecting any Exchange for trading, it is very necessary to make proper research and know more about that exchange before trading on it. Always watch out for scam Exchange before investing your tokens on such Exchange.전체 리뷰보기

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Many times, cryptocurrencies Exchange developers do come up with enticing names for their exchanges, inorder to attract the attention of traders towards their Exchanges. However, not all this exchanges are living according to their names. Good Exchange is one of those exchanges with attractive name, but has nothing to offer to the world. Good Exchange is a centralized exchange platform, that support trading of various currencies. However, this exchange is now inactive and unavailable. It is not a good exchange for trading. From my research on this exchange, I found out that this exchange has been inactive for more than a year, and it doesn't grant direct access to it's main website.전체 리뷰보기

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Actually, don't really have much to write about or review on OX exchange. Since it is not operational anymore. But however, ox Exchange has been in the exchange market for some while, that is to say it is not an inexperienced Exchange. OX exchange is a centralized trading platform, that originated from China. This Exchange was created so as to develop the users knowledge and understanding on cryptocurrency trading. Ox has alot of trading features, which makes it stand out among other exchanges. Like most other cryptocurrency exchanges, Ox also supports trading of various cryptocurrencies. However, Ox is now out of operation. It is now unavailable and not ideal for trading.전체 리뷰보기

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Throughout my experience with trading on Exchange, switchdex happens to be the most attractive Exchange that I've ever come across with. This exchange was released in the year 2019, it supports trading on currencies like ethereum and ERC tokens. This exchange has a friendly interface for users, which makes trading on this exchange more easier and convinient. Also, this exchange charges low transaction fees to it's users, which makes it affordable and more competitive. However, this exchange has experienced downtime. The web page is not accessible anymore. Switchdex is now an unavailable Exchange. Therefore, trading on this exchange is not recommended.전체 리뷰보기

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civilixation is also another newly discovered exchange, that was created to support trading of cryptocurrencies. This exchange became known to me some months back, but when I tried accessing it, I couldn't gain access to it. The only thing that was displayed on the screen for me, was error and I was directed to another place which is very different from the context of this exchange. Civilixation Exchange lacks accessiblity. It has denied me access so many times, so I couldn't trade on this exchange. But from my research and several reviews I have come across, this exchange is now out of service and unavailable. No information about it, no accessiblity, no support, Mismanagement and many more leads to the downfall of Civilixation Exchange.전체 리뷰보기

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Before trading on a particular Exchange, there are alot of things that a reasonable trader will look out for, so as not to fall victim of scam Exchange. Since not all exchanges are good for trading. Betaex is another trading platform marked as a dead Exchange. This Exchange has been out of action for a long while now, and there's no means of tracing back this exchange, since it's dismissal from the exchange world. However, There are still many more available and leading Exchange that are still available for trading. Traders can do themselves good by selecting any of this exchange for trading, instead of considering a dead and exit scam Exchange like Gokuex. Gokuex is inaccessible and inactive in the trading market.전체 리뷰보기

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Don't trade here!!!

Exchanges are available in almost every part of the world, this is because they are very important tools in the trading world. However, some of this exchanges are not serving their right purposes. It is advisable that traders should take precautions on this exchange. Gokuex is another exchange platform, that supports trading of cryptocurrencies. This Exchange was just newly introduced to the exchange market some months back. I have no much positive review on this exchange based on my experience with it. All I can say here about this exchange is that, Gokuex is like most other exit scam Exchange, that haven't contributed anything much to the trading world. This Exchange is no more operational, and it is no more accessible. It is very unreliable and unsafe for trading. No record of transaction has occured on this exchange. Trade with care, that's the watch world.전체 리뷰보기

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There are alot of things to look at for when considering an exchange for trading. You have to make certain you are cleared or knowledgeable about a particular Exchange before you start trading on it. BITEJIU is an exchange platform, that was released in the year 2018. This Exchange also support trading on several cryptocurrencies and other assests. However, this exchange has ceased operation for some time now. The website is not accessible anymore, information about it, is not provided. BITEJIU is not good enough for trading. There are alot of leading exchanges available, but don't consider trading on BITEJIU Exchange or anything related to it.전체 리뷰보기

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