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I have been using BitYard since the start of 2021. There have been many ups and down. Decisions they made that I do not entirely agree and yet I still believe BitYard has an immense potential to become something great and valued. The thing about BitYard is that everything here is much simpler than most platforms. I can easy deposit and do my trading as soon as possible without trying to understand each and every little tiny thing. The truth is you will never fully understand how trading works without actually experiencing it yourself. BitYard UI/UX design is much simpler and easy to use without scavenging through a mountain of clustered rocks, finding your way out. Though simplicity does have its downside since BitYard is lacking some features where other platform has implemented a long while ago. Though I do not see this as an issue since most other features aren’t really used by the majority of the users as well, and I can see they will implement those features once they are ready to. The number of coins they have for spot trading is incredibly diverse. From meme altcoins to altcoins and etc... You can find all kinds of popular coins out there so you wouldn’t miss out on a bullish coin or unable to buy a coin that is going bear. Though, I would hope that they allow every coin to be withdrawable, but I can see there may be some technical issue that may be difficult for them to do. Though I believe that is fine, as long as the stable coins and main coins are withdrawable. It is not really a big deal. Another thing I like to mention is their community. I think this is probably the most important part of BitYard. I have never seen so much diverse people that came from different culture inside a platform. Americans, Europeans, Africans, and Asians, you name it. Their telegram group is incredibly talkative and informative. Every time when a coin is about to go bull or bear, the incredibly knowledgeable people will give out advices and predictions. Which actually greatly benefited my portfolio. They are the reason why I got into SHIB early and got off before SHIB crash as well. I think even if you are not a BitYard user, it will be wise to enter the Telegram group just for the information. A side note, their customer service is actually pretty competent. I wouldn’t say they are perfect, but they will try their best to resolve your issue. Unlike many other terrible customer services I faced, BitYard is one of those that respond to me immediately and supported my issue all the way through. Though, sometimes their English can be a little clunky and awkward, but none of that matters when you can see the amount of professionalism and patience they have for their customers. Last but not least, Do I enjoy BitYard? Yes! Do I believe there are still rooms for improvement? Definitely! But that does not change the fact that BitYard is a exchange platform that is bound to take a leap. I believe BitYard has the capabilities to reach the heights of greatest platform. If people want to try something new and want to find an easier website to understand. I believe BitYard is a really great alternative to those big exchange platforms. Also, let me reemphasize on their community, if you want solid and well-researched information. BitYard telegram is the way to go! And I also hope everyone can give BitYard a try, this is a really good platform and the potential is higher than the sky.전체 리뷰보기

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