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sony wh 1000xm4 canceling headphones phone call accessories & supplies 로고

Sony WH 1000XM4 Canceling Headphones Phone Call Accessories & Supplies

Tastes for the sound of music are an individual thing, for me personally, according to this indicator, the headphones have come in. The only thing I strongly recommend is to turn off the playback stop function due to external noise, it reacts to everything, even if you sneezed or someone yelled outside the window. The control sensor on the right earpiece is, in principle, convenient, but I don’t use it, because I’m used to switching everything from the clock. In short, as a conclusion, I will say - I recommend it for purchase. 전체 리뷰보기

logitech widescreen calling recording desktop 로고

Logitech Widescreen Calling Recording Desktop

Today my review will be about the product Logitech Widescreen Calling Recording Desktop. A good product. At three jobs, such a camera is in the meeting rooms. It is easy to connect and configure, so even people far from technology can handle it. The overview gives a good one, if you put it at the end of the table, then the whole table and employees can be seen perfectly in a room from 10 to 20 meters, the quality is also quite tolerable, the picture does not look like a set of pixels. It has proven itself quite well as a budget option for video conferencing.전체 리뷰보기

sandisk 64gb cruzer flash drive 로고

SanDisk 64GB Cruzer Flash Drive

My personal review today about the product SanDisk 64GB Cruzer Flash Drive. i bought it for a micro size, took 32gb, which i later regretted a lot, the write speed is 4.6 mb \ s, for comparison, the kingston dt micro 8.6 mb \ s (record), so i advise you to be patient before writing large amounts of information to it. if you take 4-8gb to the music in the car, then it will do.전체 리뷰보기

msi geforce gtx 1660 ti 로고

MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

On the very eve of the new year, a card from the red brand (r9 390) bent down. They asked for at least 5k for repairs. Decided to buy a new card. Immediately refuse the Red camp, because the heating of the house is working normally. After reviewing a bunch of reviews, the choice fell on 1660 super, because it doesn’t lose much to the ti version, but it costs less. Gigabyte did not take because there were questions to the power circuits. The closest in price was msi. decided to buy. So far I have been using it for less than a month, but the temperature in games keeps normal (about 60). I play mostly dead by daylight, battlefield. I didn’t overclock so the FPS is more than satisfied. 전체 리뷰보기

microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000 로고

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

Sides are rubberized. On one battery (AA). One button on the side, four-dimensional wheel. There were some two disks with programs with me, because. I"m sitting on linux - I threw it out as unnecessary. About dpi on large screens. Tested on 23 "and 12" - everything is ok. Didn"t do any settings manipulation. I don’t know about games, I have enough for strategies. In general, a mouse is not a video card, you have to feel it yourself in the store.전체 리뷰보기

microsoft arc mouse elg 00001 black 로고

Microsoft Arc Mouse ELG 00001 Black

I have been using ms arc mice for about 10 years now. At first there was the first version (folding with a wheel), then there were many second ones, with touch scrolling and wheel imitation. When the folding mechanism broke in the next mouse, I bought this one, since this version is now sold everywhere. As a result, I could not use it because of the scroll - firstly, there is no imitation of wheel clicks, as it was in the previous version, which in my opinion is very convenient. secondly, although scrolling is now available on all surfaces, it began to work differently - it does not work if at least one finger is lowered at that moment, it scrolls more slowly, there is no usual pressing of the middle button. In the settings program, you can slightly increase the scroll speed and assign the middle click to a triple click, but still it seemed to me much less convenient than in the previous version. In addition, pressing the left and right buttons themselves work a little differently - the right click does not work if at that moment another finger is on the surface. As a result, I returned it and bought the previous version.전체 리뷰보기

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