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tolln breathable flashing sneakers shoes 009 01black 31 boys' shoes : sneakers 로고

TOLLN Breathable Flashing Sneakers Shoes 009 01Black 31 Boys' Shoes : Sneakers

They are not small at all. They need to be charged. You must PLUG your shoes into an outlet. There are no labels, data or instructions to help you understand this. How long should they charge? How do I turn on the light? Who knows? There were three things in the package: a shoe, a charging cable and another shoe.전체 리뷰보기

adidas originals superstar sneaker white boys' shoes and sneakers 로고

Adidas Originals Superstar Sneaker White Boys' Shoes and Sneakers

Fits just like my other superstars in their youth 6. I wear women's size 8 but adidas women's size is very large and roomy. A couple of my friends have shrunk their shoes to full size Superstar style, but the sneakers stay too big for me - I wear a youth size 6. None of my other shoes (shoes and heels) are a size 7 at all. Mostly 8 to 8-1 /2. These shoes are not true to size. I have about 10 pairs of UGGs and they are all women's sizes 8 to 9. But I'm consistently a youth size 6 in adidas Superstar trainers and I'm not complaining, they're cheaper than women's shoes; Now I have more than 20 pairs, I am sure the size is wrong.전체 리뷰보기

bekech keychain language girlfriend boyfriend 로고

BEKECH Keychain Language Girlfriend Boyfriend

Not for the blind

My wife is deaf and blind so I thought this would make the perfect gift as it has 'I LOVE YOU' in Braille and an ASL symbol meaning the same. Braille doesn't work. Instead of being raised points that a blind person could feel, the points are depressions that cannot be felt. So this is a Braille key fob for the sighted. Understand. I also expect better quality for the price. It's not exactly flimsy, but it's just a step forward.전체 리뷰보기

tmeog sandals caterpillar lightweight slipper boys' shoes in clogs & mules 로고

TMEOG Sandals Caterpillar Lightweight Slipper Boys' Shoes in Clogs & Mules

Excellent product

I ordered size 18-24 and it fits my 14 month old baby perfectly. It offers enough space so that it doesn't feel too cramped. I order pink color and it is the same as shown in the pictures. The quality is also excellent.전체 리뷰보기

junhan amethyst gemstone beautiful divination 로고

JUNHAN Amethyst Gemstone Beautiful Divination

Positively surprised! I'm sure it's dead howlite and not real turquoise, but it's all about intent, isn't it?! Hope the video helps!전체 리뷰보기

norty little thong sandal 41702 3muslittlekid boys' shoes for sandals 로고

Norty Little Thong Sandal 41702 3MUSLittleKid Boys' Shoes for Sandals

Terrible quality

We ordered a pair and the strap broke after two weeks. They traded for a replacement and a month later the second pair broke. Would not recommend buying. Contacted the company but they didn't offer a solution after the second pair broke. Buyer Warning.전체 리뷰보기

novastar led mctrl300 synchronous sender 로고

Novastar LED MCTRL300 Synchronous Sender

Albertsada the plug you showed in the picture is actually used in the USA and also in industrial settings. I encounter many of these when I start clubs and machine shops. Maybe your project is a home or small office that doesn't require a lot of power, some of our setups require 30A at 110-125V and others 10A at 250V.전체 리뷰보기

sperry top sider stripe skimmer charcoal 로고

Sperry Top Sider Stripe Skimmer Charcoal

Fits just right.

These are perfect for his Sperry top-sider pumps. I looked at other intermediate socks and they were either too big or opened the toe too wide. They fit perfectly and do exactly what I need and don't show when he's wearing his casual shoes.전체 리뷰보기

hot sox animal novelty giraffe 로고

Hot Sox Animal Novelty Giraffe

What five year old doesn't love a baby shark? And what five-year-old doesn't want EVERYTHING with a shark? (ok mine likes dinosaurs and ninjas too). Imagine his excitement at getting CRAZY SHARK SOCKS! The socks also look like they will last, are nicely finished, thick and feel comfortable. He's five, so all he cares about is the shark!전체 리뷰보기

sfswyxgs cartoon children slipper slippers boys' shoes for clogs & mules 로고

SFSWYXGS Cartoon Children Slipper Slippers Boys' Shoes for Clogs & Mules

I bought this for my daughter. The size is a little big, but the children grow up. It comes with your own customization patches and my daughter loves it. It can be worn both as a sandal and as a slip-on and is comfortable. The price was decent and it was waterproof and flexible. Overall I like this purchase.전체 리뷰보기

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