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Use this Exchange because it was recommended to me. They always make launches and then you can do stanking and make good profits, but I absolutely don't recommend using this exchange because it is very manipulated by the owners themselves and I consider that there is not enough information about the launches they make. The website almost always has problems loading and the chats of the communities in Telegram are not properly supervised and there are many people taking advantage of this to scam other users, please be careful if you enter the Telegram Community of Coinsbit. I hope that the Community Manager or some member of the Coinsbit team can put more supervision on this.전체 리뷰보기

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Metamask is a mondero compatible with the ethereum network that is used as an extension in your web browser. It is compatible with Chrome and other browsers such as Brave and Opera, it is easy to download and use, you just need create and save the secret words and the password you are using since if you lose this data you will lose access to your coins. Gas fees are not that high and you always have control of your coins. I like to use MetaMask because it is an extension and it is not a heavy application that I must have on my cell phone or if something happens to my cell phone I lose access to my coins. Metamask is always there, if you delete the extension or lose your computer, you only have to add the extension in a new browser and enter again with your password. My rating is 4 stars for MetaMask, I hope the tokens will be added automatically soon and I shouldn't be looking for the contract addresses to see them in my wallet. Although sometimes the extension does not respond.전체 리뷰보기

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Atomic Swap Wallet

I download Atomic because another wallet was not compatible with my device, but ... Personally, based on my experience as a user, I do not recommend using Atomic Wallet, because I have tried to select coins to make deposits and the application does not allow it and on other occasions, it closes when I open it. There are other friendlier wallets to use, so think twice before downloading Atomic Wallet.전체 리뷰보기

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I have used many trading platforms but I have decided to stick with Binance because I feel more secure, the user support system is very efficient. Binance does not charge commissions for selling your cryptos in your local currency, this has made me the things it much easier because before I paid too much money when changing cryptos to my local currency. They also have official chats in my language on Telegram where I can learn, ask, and the people are always ready to help me. 💕 This is why I recommend Binance to other people.👏 전체 리뷰보기

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