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coiled power beltronics escort detectors 로고

Coiled Power Beltronics Escort Detectors

Ordered this to replace my Valentine One power cable. I open the box and notice that the latch on the cable is broken. The overall design and materials used in this product are cheap compared to OEM. I arranged with Revane to give me the money back. I forgot to return a defective product without my return window and have now lost my money. I'm going to replace the wire with a factory wire for a few extra bucks, which is what I should have done from the start. I will most likely break this power cord which I would not recommend.전체 리뷰보기

casual canine polyester fleece 14 inch dogs 로고

Casual Canine Polyester Fleece 14 Inch Dogs

This sweatshirt is good quality but it has a velcro closure on the stomach which seems to make my little girls uncomfortable. The material is not as soft as I had hoped. The color is much brighter orange than it looks. It's nice but not what I really expected.전체 리뷰보기

merrick limited ingredient vitamins minerals 로고

Merrick Limited Ingredient Vitamins Minerals

This is a huge bag of dog food that should last my 45 lb dog for about 6 weeks. Will not happen. There is no resealable component in this package to keep everything fresh. I bought another limited ingredient Merrick Dry Food Flavor and it was resealed. So I was very disappointed when that didn't happen. I ended up having to get a refund from Revain and send the opened bag of groceries back because once opened it wouldn't go any further.전체 리뷰보기

kework garmin forerunner protective cover 로고

Kework Garmin Forerunner Protective Cover

Not recommended

O I've been using this protector for almost a month now. It is stiff rather than flexible and breaks easily. I haven't exercised because I'm recovering from an injury and I only wear my FR945 as a casual watch. This is definitely not an extreme condition. I strongly encourage you to consider other alternatives.전체 리뷰보기

diameter princess porous adjustable goggles 로고

Diameter Princess Porous Adjustable Goggles

For Small Dogs

I bought the largest size they had but they are too small. It's my fault for not measuring. Although she likes to keep them on her forehead! This is for small dogs...전체 리뷰보기

iriscan wireless portable color scanner 로고

IRIScan Wireless Portable Color Scanner

I'm a bit disappointed with the IriScan Book 3 I bought from Although both the pre-purchase information and the product packaging mention that the packaging contains software, no software CD or DVD was included. Instead, there were instructions on how to download and register the software. I downloaded the software according to the instructions but found that I need to purchase the software to get an activation code. It's a breach of trust - the scanner launcher software was part of my purchase. Second, when trying to register the downloaded/installed software, I am prompted for a "Product ID" which is not listed anywhere in the scanner box. All I have is the serial number, item number, SKU number and ID (batch number / meter number) and I'm denied registration. They have a damage email address but my email came back saying this mailbox is out of control. What can IriScan do to help me? I do not recommend anyone to buy this product.전체 리뷰보기

rca pet camera dog parents 로고

RCA Pet Camera Dog Parents

Ordered to look after my pets while I'm at work. I can control the angle and talk through the app. The speaker isn't very loud, so don't expect to be able to yell at your pets if you catch them naughty. Night vision is good for early mornings when the house is still dark. I read a review that mentioned you need to be on the same WiFi router as the device when using it. This is not true. I can view the camera from anywhere with an internet connection. I'm having trouble adding the camera to the app's device list on my Pixel2 XL. I just added the device to the app on my wife's iphone and can easily view the camera on my android once it's there. Overall I would recommend this product.전체 리뷰보기

inno maker raspberry pcm5122 audio expansion 로고

Inno Maker Raspberry PCM5122 Audio Expansion

Got this DAC for MoodeAudio. I use iFi iDSD Pro and WooAudio WA8 for USB DAC with MoodeAudio. The installation is a very good sounding system. However, they are too bulky and not suitable for taking out and moving. I saw a lot of praise for this DAC on Revain so I decided to give it a try. In MoodeAudio you need to set it to use the Allo Boss driver or you'll hear pops every few seconds. I set the sample rate to 32-bit 384kHz, which is the highest quality, but the sound doesn't come close to a cheap DAP like the Shanling M0, which costs around $100. It sounded good for the price, or should I say much better and beats the cost. However, being spoiled for high-end DAPs and USB DACs, the sound is good but not great. It has dirty mids and lows. No sparkling highs. Its performance exceeds the price you paid for it, but definitely not good enough. It can be loud, very loud, but that doesn't mean it'll completely rock your over-ear headphones. The most important part of the sound is its dynamics and it sounds flat. However, I'm comparing it to a few hundred dollars worth of devices and DAPs (about $2,000 actually) so it's not a valid comparison. After all, there is no free lunch. You should get this DAC hat if you don't want to take multiple devices with you when you go out. Otherwise, connect a cheap small USB DAC to raspberry pi and it will sound 2x better than this DAC. If you meet your expectations, you will be very satisfied with it. Update: Hearing a lot of EMI noise from the DAC hat makes it almost impossible to hear music after amplification. I wrapped the board in Faraday tape on all sides and now it's silent! If you are a music lover, it is recommended to use a Faraday tape to reduce electromagnetic interference.전체 리뷰보기

lerobo compatible silicone breathable replacement 로고

Lerobo Compatible Silicone Breathable Replacement

Looks like Apple

I wanted to buy a cheap replacement for my Apple Watch. I'm quite an active guy, biking, surfing, skiing and other adventure sports. I drove my watch escapements through hell. I received these Lerobo and felt like they fell off the apple truck. They are good and they look great. They fit great and are easily adjustable. They don't spread or stain. They are long lasting and due to the price I can get a few SETs more for the cost of an apple ban. It's simple and necessary when you need to replace or update your Apple Watch shackles. My wife even took one from me, she loved it so much. Explosion for dollar value.전체 리뷰보기

vertical cooling bracket controller sony psp 로고

Vertical Cooling Bracket Controller Sony PSP

All it does is cool my PS4. It has small, thin vents on either side of the bottom that allow air to flow through the PS4 and help keep it cool.전체 리뷰보기

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