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sandisk ultra flair 128gb flash 로고

SanDisk Ultra Flair 128GB Flash

We were looking for a 32GB flash drive with a normal write speed for an inexpensive price. We chose SanDisk, it is small, which is very convenient. Everything is detailed on the package. In several languages. If you open the package, then inside there is more info in different languages. Here are the speed data. Appearance is very personal. Stylish, metallic. You can even make it in the form of a keychain, which is very convenient. Always at hand. We've been using it for over six months now. Works fine and stable. As in many other reviews about it they write that it gets very hot, I don’t agree, yes, but not very hot, it’s from a metal case, how will it not heat up? Were very satisfied. 전체 리뷰보기

fluke 1ac a1 ii voltalert non contact voltage 로고

Fluke 1AC A1 II VoltAlert Non Contact Voltage

Good afternoon. A device for non-contact determination of the presence of alternating voltage came across Aliexpress two years ago and decided to order it, the price is quite adequate, and judging by the description, it can determine voltage up to 1000 volts without removing the insulation of the conductor, I ordered two, the second son he works as a power engineer. I received it and tested it at home, I was satisfied with the effect, although it does not always find hidden wiring in the walls, but this is not its purpose. Then he acquired a small equipment maintenance business in another city, and here the tester became simply a necessary thing, because when starting the repair of any equipment, you need to make sure that there is no voltage. My electrician with fifty years of experience at first did not really trust the Chinese device and, in the old fashioned way, checked with an indicator, which needed an uninsulated end of the wire, but gradually became convinced that that it is enough to bring the device to the cable or wire and the result is immediately visible. This tester is similar to a large fountain pen and is convenient to carry in a breast pocket. Its length is 15 centimeters and the cross section is 2.0 by 1.5 centimeters. The principle of operation is quite simple - it is enough to bring the spout (white part) to the live conductor, as an audible alarm sounds, it starts flashing red. Also, the tester has a built-in LED light, which is turned on with a white button, the light is certainly not very good, but it is quite enough to highlight something in the shield. The device is powered by two AAA batteries (little fingers), which last a very long time, I changed it a couple of times in two years. Summing up, I want to note that a non-contact voltage tester is a very useful device. I wrote out two more for an electrician and a locksmith; now, before repair, it is enough to touch the power cable to make sure that there is and is no voltage. By the way, the search for an open circuit is greatly simplified, now you don’t have to climb into the pads at the ends of the wire with an indicator. In general, this tester is very useful for me. 전체 리뷰보기

crocs 10001 classic clog lavender men's shoes in athletic 로고

Crocs 10001 Classic Clog Lavender Men's Shoes in Athletic

Greetings, friends and guests of ! Ohoho, Crocs closed stores in Russia. And yes, I will miss you. I know for sure for 12 years (I bought it for the first time in Singapore, I'll show you). In Moscow, I bought it in a company store in a shopping center and in the Belaya Dacha Outlet. I love sabo. I myself carry exclusively in the country. And for children, these are the main shoes for the summer and instead of flip flops in the pool. The last Crocs clogs were bought by me on February 5, 2022 for my daughter. On the new ones and see what these shoes are like. This pair is made in Vietnam. We had / have Chinese. The quality is always excellent. Clogs always come in two sizes. Here they are. It is clogs that are popularly called simply "crocs". The size range starts from toddlers. Baby, of course, mimimi. Adult classic colors usually. The material from which the clogs are made is called Croslite, it is EVA. Lightweight rubber, in my opinion. Soft and elastic at the same time. The sole is grooved. The pattern is different for different models. The sole is grippy. Actually, once these shoes were created for yachting enthusiasts - so that the shoes do not slip on the deck. The inside of the clog is also not smooth. These shoes are wide, the leg can be spacious, but the foot will not slip! The strap is considered removable. Honestly, I never experimented and did not try to shoot. We just wear it as you like and comfortably: go with a fixation on the heel or like slippers "put your foot in and go." There are special decorations for Crocs clogs - Jibbitz. Sold (sold :((( ) individually and in thematic sets. They are inserted with effort into the holes on the clog. They sit tight and don't fall out. This is how they look. Now let's see what happens to Crocs clogs after a while. Teenage clogs, worn 1 school year in the pool and 1 summer at sea and in the countryside. Well, yes, the sole can no longer be peeled clean. But strong, the second summer they went! Before washing -> Maximum purity -> They all have the same device: holes, back. The difference is in the mega-relief of the inner sole. And boyish Jibbitz.) Clogs for children. Used 2 years in the kindergarten pool and 2 summers. These were my daughter's first Crocs clogs. Now my goddaughter wears them! They don't do anything.) Clogs Crocs for children. Worn by my son for 2 seasons, then carried by my girlfriend's children and returned to me. A total of 4 years they were dragged by 3 boys in turn! Crocs clogs are large, with synthetic leather on top. I gave them to my dad 7 years ago. These are the only Crocs that I took without a discount, and I don’t regret it even once - chic. Dad took them on business trips (to change shoes on an airplane and hotels), he takes them to a sanatorium. And if you put them on with trousers, then the look is far from being a slap. Well? Ready to meet the old timers? Once I thought that rubber clogs - fya, why do I need it. But I still bought 2 pairs. 12 years old, worn a little on several holidays. Simple-simple. No inserts, no drawings. And 12-year-old Crocs clogs, which I wear every year (!!) from May to September in the country. Kitchen garden, country roads, fields… You can’t wash them to powdery pink, no matter how hard you try. But they didn’t get trampled, they didn’t get crumpled, they didn’t tear, and they don’t want to be scrapped. Clogs are romantically printed. And I didn't know it was a limited edition when I bought it. And now for the second decade at my feet Zac Efron)))) Plague. Not immediately, but I found out that these clogs were dedicated to the release of one of the parts of High School Musical (I did not watch it). All in all, these shoes are indestructible. This is not an exit, this is to relax and run along dusty summer paths, beaches and fields. I do not know of such a case that the original Crocs were torn. I had the stupidity of one summer (in quarantine) to buy unknown clogs for children, so they are on someone’s nose, someone on the back fell apart. That's what the tale is about, about durability and wear! Thank you for your attention to the review. Let everythnig will be alright. 전체 리뷰보기

colgate advanced whitening toothpaste hydrogen 로고

Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste Hydrogen

Hello dear colleagues and readers of ! Today we will talk about colgate "optic white" toothpaste. I decided to take this brand based on the numerous reviews of my colleagues. Yes, that's right, everything in this world is individual. I didn't really like this toothpaste. For some, this pasta is probably just a godsend, but I didn’t see a miracle from it. I think due to the blue particles in the paste, it really makes the teeth whiter, but my teeth are already white. Such kindness did not suit me, especially its color, the taste is unpleasant. I prefer a softer consistency, for example, this is the same brand, but with propolis. This paste is well suited for those who constantly drink coffee, love chocolate, smoke or suffer from yellow teeth. This paste: foams very well, consumption is super economical because of this, makes teeth visually whiter due to blue particles, freshness after this paste remains for a long time. On the reverse side, the manufacturer left us the following information: Who follows the latest and wants excellent results in whitening teeth, I will recommend. Thank you all for your attention and have a nice evening! 전체 리뷰보기

8x4 75x10 5 100pcs bagdream shopping handles 로고

8X4 75X10 5 100Pcs BagDream Shopping Handles

Previously, for our purchases at the Auchan hypermarket, we used exclusively large plastic bags with the Auchan brand name, which are sold right there in the hypermarket at the exit near the cash desks. And everything would be fine, but, unfortunately, these packages turned out to be not so strong, although they were roomy, and therefore they were torn quite often. And therefore, the purchase of such bags from us always turned out to be one-time. So, in order to buy disposable bags, we somehow decided to try to use paper bags in practice, and therefore we bought paper bags of the Auchan trademark for these purposes, which serve specifically for this , to fold and transfer purchases made in the same hypermarket into them. Although, to be honest, before using these packages, I was overcome by all sorts of doubts, since I thought But what immediately attracted me was that these bags are made from environmentally friendly material - wood, and this is exactly what is indicated on the bags themselves. So, it turns out that Achan paper bags turned out to be not disposable, but rather reusable, since the paper material from which they were made actually turned out to be quite durable. Of course, such packages are still torn over time, but they are still enough for a couple of months, or maybe even more. So I really liked these packages, and their purchase was a bargain for me.전체 리뷰보기

uigos shower curtain hooks bathroom 로고

Uigos Shower Curtain Hooks Bathroom

Good day, dear reader. We recently updated the curtain in the bathroom, but we didn’t like the rings that came with the kit, and we decided to order new ones on Aliexpress, because we found there what we wanted at a very favorable price - in our stores they cost three times more expensive. Delivery did not last long - it came in about three weeks. Hooks metal, the set consisted of 12 pieces. They went in an ordinary transparent package, although it is hardly worth worrying about them breaking down on the road - they are strong and reliable. They are made in the shape of a light bulb, on top there are five metal balls that look like beads. The latch here is also very strong - you definitely shouldn't worry that it will break. Well, this is how they look already in finished form - as for me, it is much more beautiful than the standard plastic rings that are constantly put in the kit. They cost 114 rubles - as for me, this is practically for nothing, you definitely can’t buy them in our stores for such a price. Conclusion. The Chinese once again pleased with both the quality and the price - if you decide to purchase such rings, I recommend looking on their resource. 전체 리뷰보기

sandisk 128gb microsdxc memory adapter 로고

SanDisk 128GB MicroSDXC Memory Adapter

Mom was presented with a Redmi phone with a not very large amount of its own memory. Only 10 GB. Although my mother is not an advanced user and only uses the camera and Viber, the moment came very quickly when the memory ran out. I chose the card according to the more or less well-known brand SanDisk, read the reviews and chose this card, there were few negative reviews. I looked at cheap cards for 500-600 rubles, but did not risk it. Suddenly, precious photos of grandchildren will break and disappear))), so I took a card in the average price range for 1100 rubles. I took it through Ozone, because I didn’t want to wait weeks with Aliexpress, and they were more expensive on DNS. The parcel arrived the next day, but I’m in St. Petersburg, so it’s so fast. The card is packed in a package where the card itself is visible. This card comes without an adapter, left over from other cards, and on laptops I don’t have a slot for cards. I did not check the declared volume, as well as the speed (80 Mb / s) There were no problems with the card, except for the problem of transferring applications on this terrible phone, "dancing with a tambourine" is necessary, but this is not the fault of the card. But in the end everything worked out. Therefore, I recommend this memory card for purchase, we'll see how it shows itself over time. 전체 리뷰보기

corsair vengeance 3200mhz desktop memory computer components 로고

Corsair Vengeance 3200MHz Desktop Memory Computer Components

I wanted to like this RAM, but I couldn't get it to work reliably at the advertised voltage, speed (1.35V/3200MHz). This prompted me to do some research and I've learned a lot in the last few days, so I thought I'd try to summarize the important points below as it might be helpful for those thinking about upgrading. 32 GB of "fast" DDR4 RAM. The stated usage characteristics of this RAM are not supported. I mean the RAM is rated at 3200 MHz and 1.35 Volts, but it's not supported at those values. On Crucial's website, if you've read the FAQ section on this RAM (and many other DDR4 offerings), it states that the RAM's supported voltage is 1.2 volts, allowing for a standard speed of 2133MHz. It also implements a second "XMP" voltage option of 1.35V, giving a speed potential of 3200MHz. However, higher voltage, speed is not guaranteed and "not supported" according to Crucial's FAQ. So RAM can run at higher voltage, speed if you are lucky with your choice of motherboard and CPU, but, on the other hand, it may not work and you may have problems. Your problems may be simple, and obvious: your computer may not boot. Or, if you're less fortunate, problems may go undetected, resulting in memory and file corruption. You may also get a random Blue Screen of Death (if you are using Windows). The RAM I bought gave me a lot of grief while trying to get it to run at advertised speed. I had motherboard error indicators and BSOD. I updated my board's BIOS (ASUS Rog Strix B450-F Gaming) to the latest version, which actually made things worse (although I suspect there was a bug in the newer BIOS related to my M.2 boot drive). At some point I had to reinstall Windows due to corruption that couldn't be fixed, and now I'm back to square one (with a fresh install of Windows) by selecting the lower - "automatic" in my BIOS - speed option of 2133MHz. But at least at 2133 MHz it seems reliable :) - so it has one advantage! Now I'm torn between getting back that RAM that caused me a lot of pain, or maybe just keeping it. I've looked around and it seems that even faster DDR4 RAM is also "supported" by Crucial only at a lower voltage, speed. And it looks like 2133MHz RAM isn't much cheaper than 3200MHz RAM. Maybe the whole thing should be advertised as 2133MHz RAM with a potential "X" overclock speed. In any case, I hope my review is helpful to those who are thinking about buying the fastest RAM they can afford. The advertised speed is definitely not an indication of what it will reliably handle. Read the FAQs on the manufacturer's websites carefully, especially about DDR4 voltages and speeds, as higher voltages, speeds seem to be risky. 전체 리뷰보기

kitchen knife sharpener sharpening cut resistant 로고

Kitchen Knife Sharpener Sharpening Cut Resistant

To everyone who is now reading my little review on my small micro page on a good-natured and generous site called good day. I love to cook in the kitchen and often use knives. They very often get dull and need to be sharpened, but at one point I got tired of dragging them to the workshop and sharpening them. Coincidentally, one day in a store in my hometown, I was able to find an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain knife sharpener. I don’t remember when I bought it and where (it was a very long time ago, about three years ago), but it cost about seven hundred rubles, but in the end it paid off for a large amount. The sharpener has a comfortable handle with an anti-slip surface. And also under two holes for sharpening there is an anti-slip surface. The box says that the sharpener is from France, but it seems to me that it is from China. Sharpens well and unpretentious. I like. Thanks everyone for the views. 전체 리뷰보기

wireless doorbell waterproof operating transformer 로고

Wireless Doorbell Waterproof Operating Transformer

After the neighbors had a fire from the doorbell, which was punished, then decided to buy a wireless doorbell. I chose from a large segment, but there were a lot of positive reviews for this, and according to people's reviews, I bought a call. Works at a wireless distance up to 150m. It has a beautiful LED backlight, the call button is made with a touch sensor, 32 sound melodies (the volume level is adjustable). The manufacturer writes that it is also waterproof, but I did not experiment. Operating temperature up to -50C (again, I did not check). Wireless frequency 433 MHz. Operating voltage 100-240V AC. The sound transmission sensor operates on a 220 volt network with a European standard plug connector, can be installed in any outlet at a distance of up to 150m. from the call button (installed in the corridor, the sound is heard in all rooms, but I have such an arrangement of the apartment). The kit includes: call button, sound transmission sensor, double-sided tape, 2 fasteners. Installed on fasteners to prevent theft. 전체 리뷰보기

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