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GAN Integrity

The ability to create an audit trail of actions taken by users in our system allowing us access back into previous versions or even prior years when needed - this has been very helpful as we have had issues where time stamps are not accurate enough! I do wish that some more features were available but it's still better than nothing at times if you need something quickly without having full development resources etc around (which isn't always possible). We use Gan integrity across multiple sites so being able log changes made from anywhere within any site was important which they've done well here too using their mobile app integration also works really good now thanks again guys :). 전체 리뷰보기

smartswim 로고


The ability to access my classes from anywhere really helps me out. It's very easy to make changes to my schedule or class roster. And the online chat feature is great when I'm having an issue with the system. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer than expected to load. This can be frustrating if you have a tight schedule. If you are looking for a good scheduling program that will help you keep track of everything, then this is the one for you! I like being able to view all my schedules at once without having to log in every time. Also, the online chat feature makes it much easier to contact customer service if I need to. 전체 리뷰보기

awert reptile background terrarium polyester 로고

AWERT Reptile Background Terrarium Polyester

cute tapestry

this may be my mistake but i thought it was a delicate situation it's not it's just a small tapestry. But it is sufficient for my purposes and looks very good. I just attached it with magnets!전체 리뷰보기

superstar birthday adjustable stability celebration 로고

Superstar Birthday Adjustable Stability Celebration

I'm re-posting my review as I seem to be more focused on shipping delays than the product. But as cute as the product was, it didn't do me any good and I didn't have to open the pig and fully inspect the hats as it was delivered a week after the party. This reflects negatively on the seller as he had plenty of time to deliver the party hats to the party. If so, could I comment on the design, how it was worn, etc. They were quite expensive so I expected the hats to arrive in time for the party. This is definitely a reflection of the seller regardless of the product. I do not recommend this seller for any purchase.전체 리뷰보기

ultragica scat mat dogs including 로고

Ultragica Scat Mat Dogs Including

We bought this specifically for our cats who love to jump on dressers, dressers, counters and tables. I bought 4. They were rolled up which is handy for packaging and transport, but being plastic they don't lay flat. The edges keep wanting to curl up. The width is 12 inches which isn't necessarily a problem because I cut and assemble and tie it together to get the shape of my dressing table. The first hop onto the vanity proved that the kompromat was working as intended. However, due to the fact that the mat is plastic, the slippery post did not stick to it, causing the cat to bounce on and off the mat, creating a "safe space" for the cats to bounce back up. Now they approach the dressing table more cautiously, and I've seen them actually walk on the carpet. So I've seen it work, but I've also seen it not work. Now about dogs. it worked great. We had an issue with dogs climbing on the couch when we weren't around (when we were out or while we were sleeping). We have a section and I used 2 unrolled mats while we weren't using the couch and heard a squeak the first night when trying to climb onto the couch. Carpets were not touched. = do their job. So for dogs on furniture 5* for cats 2-3*전체 리뷰보기

tetra aquarium gallon lighting decor 로고

Tetra Aquarium Gallon Lighting Decor

I had to change the filter at the end. He died just a few weeks later. AQ Advisor doesn't like this filter anyway. The lid didn't hold up at first but I put a book on it and after a while it got better and it's not good. There is a feeding hole at the top which is a nice feature except if like me you have a rooster, frog or whatever that tends to jump out of the hole at the top. I kept the water level a bit low to prevent this from happening. Functionally, that's 19 gallons for me. The heating is reliable. I had no problems with that. No matter how uncomfortable it is, and this tank is next to a drafty window, a heater can handle it. Plastic plants are good and if you want them, these are all the plants you need. They don't have bad edges for delicate bettas. But live plants are much more suitable for the aquarium and greatly facilitate care. I update them. Overall the tank is good, but the accessories aren't great and I'd refuse fake plants in a heartbeat if I had to do it again. I'm happy with this aquarium, but I'm not sure I would buy it again. If you choose this one you will need gravel and for a tropical aquarium SafeStart, a water conditioner and an API test kit. If this is your first aquarium, pay attention to the nitrogen cycle. Makes a lot easier. (TLDR, enter a full bottle of Tetra Aquarium Safe Start Bacteria for Aquariums, 3.38 oz, the day after the aquarium is set up and follow the directions on the bottle for a cycle with no fish or with two small fish.) Will everything else you need is included. .전체 리뷰보기

bonka bird toys plastic cockatoo 로고

Bonka Bird Toys Plastic Cockatoo

I bought this for my blue/golden macaw and he was concerned at first about what was ok for him. He soon started playing and chewing with it, and now it's one of his favorite toys. This takes longer than I expected as the macaws are very destructive and have powerful beaks. He managed to break the inner spheres and I'm not sure if I can replace them or not but it kept him busy for quite a while. I am very happy. Great toy if you have big birds!전체 리뷰보기

lfotpp anti glare protectors navigation protective 로고

LFOTPP Anti Glare Protectors Navigation Protective


Follow the instructions completely and you will have no trouble applying. Use the items provided: alcohol swab, dry cloth, place the suction cup in the center of the screen protector, and then remove the backing. Our Ram dash trim is raised and the screen protector cannot be clipped to the side and pushed through the display. I understand that most air bubble reduction screen protectors require that you start on one side and lay the screen protector down, removing air bubbles as you go. I followed the instructions and, while holding the suction cup, attached the protector to the dead center. There were a few bubbles on the screen, but the screen protector was perfectly centered. Take a dry leaf in your finger and simply push the blisters to the edge of the dash trim as needed and any blisters will come out easily from under the tread. It's cloudy today, but the anti-glare is clearly in place and the colors are still bright and rich. The touchscreen also works perfectly.전체 리뷰보기

driftwood branches aquarium decoration natural 로고

Driftwood Branches Aquarium Decoration Natural

I got a good combination of sizes and shapes in the items I received. There was one thing, straight forward and rather boring, but that's just one out of five; the other four are winding and interesting. I used three in my 5 gallon portrait tank, two of which I stacked to make a shallow little den. Scud and Endler are enjoying it and I have enough space to add some plants. Preparation: I boiled wood for 5 hours, changing the water regularly. I then soaked them in a 5 gallon bucket for another two days. Surprisingly, most of the tannins were leached out during this process. The water in my tank hasn't changed color in the entire time I've had wood there. My other aquarium with driftwood retains a dark tea color even after several months of using the wood.전체 리뷰보기

petsafe pif 275 19 extra wireless receiver 로고

PetSafe PIF 275 19 Extra Wireless Receiver

The collar I bought is not working properly, it won't beep before my dog gets electrocuted. What am I doing wrong? My little dog is badly injured.전체 리뷰보기

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