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amazonbasics reusable silicone baking cups 로고

AmazonBasics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups

I'm probably not the only shopper who thinks Fix-Price is a lottery store. Here you can buy something more or less decent, as well as frankly useless or completely low-quality thing. And despite the positioning of Fix-Price as a "best price" store, this statement can also be easily argued, since a number of goods a stone's throw from "FP" are sold cheaper. But, despite my earlier somewhat dismissive attitude towards "FP", lately (1.5 years), I managed, if not to love this network, then at least to respect it. I won’t list all my successful purchases at FP now, but the store helped me out more than once when I needed to buy consumables for a tea party at school or a picnic. Tablecloths for the table, cups, plates are sold there of very good quality, the latter are made of thick cardboard. In addition, my daughter goes to choreography classes, the ensemble often performs, so sometimes you need decor elements for a costume or some kind of props. Fix-Price in this regard helps a lot, here you can find wonderful things at the lowest price. Well, now let's talk about kitchen attributes, or rather about baking tins. I really love high-quality dishes and accessories, so in my life I would not have bought anything from this series at Fix Price if it weren’t for the reviews. And they were extremely positive. The Kitchen cupcake and muffin tin set has a modest but bright package. There are 6 molds in total in a pack. They are made in China. Shelf-life Unlimited. Silicone molds are made. By the way, the colors of the molds can be different: orange, purple, light green, red, yellow. The molds on the sides are corrugated, which will invariably affect baking. I did not feel any strong or repulsive smell when removing from the packaging from the molds. But before using, I washed them with dishwashing detergent and treated with boiling water (for complacency). What I don’t really like about these molds is that their walls are quite soft and thin, you need to carefully transfer the mold filled with dough onto a baking sheet, otherwise, if you press your hands on the sides of the mold, the dough may simply splash out. I have not had such incidents, but theoretically it is possible. Despite the soft walls, the molds hold the baking shape well (sorry for the tautology). Your pastries will not turn out to be kurguz or slanted. The molds are suitable both for baking at a temperature of + 220C, and for cooling to a temperature of -40C. When baking, I usually fill the molds with dough by half or a little more, it will still rise in the process. Here is an example. In the summer I baked pancake donuts, I had the opportunity to compare silicone and metal molds. And if the finished donuts from silicone molds just flew out, then in metal ones they firmly stuck to the walls, and despite that, I greased them well with oil. Another advantage of silicone molds is that there is no need to lubricate the walls and bottom with oil. As you may have guessed, I have used Kitchen silicone molds many times and have been more than satisfied with the results. Pancake donuts with meat filling. Pancake donuts with cream. Cupcakes with chocolate filling. Cupcakes with apricot. After baking, the contents of the molds can be easily removed and are also easy to clean. Enough water and a sponge. The disadvantages can also be attributed to the fact that when baking, the bottom of the molds (more for light-colored molds) darkens, they lose their original new look. Otherwise, the forms are very good, suitable for cooking culinary masterpieces. Still, the Fix-Price goods store is not hopeless and from time to time, if you dig well, you can find worthy goods at a low price. 전체 리뷰보기

gildan mens t shirt white large men's clothing for t-shirts & tanks 로고

Gildan Mens T Shirt White Large Men's Clothing for T-Shirts & Tanks

Hi all! Today I want to talk about a men's polo shirt from the famous Columbia brand. My husband bought it recently in a branded offline store on "Red Square" in Krasnodar, because he has long loved and wears things from this brand. The t-shirt is sewn in the best traditions of the classic t-shirt - a hybrid of a shirt and a t-shirt: with a short fastener, with a stand-up collar and a short sleeve. This model has a noble wine color and is suitable not only for playing tennis or golf, but also for office use. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that T-shirts have long migrated from the courts to city offices and business style). This model is sewn in Indonesia, and sewn very high quality - without jambs, protruding threads and bumps. Judging by the texture and weaving of the fibers of the material, it will not be demolished for 100 years. But to my horror, at a price of 2490 rubles. not even a single percent of natural fibers are present in the composition of the fabric. According to the marking - 100% - polyester!!! Although, probably, it is high time to get used to the fact that many sports brands are now almost completely replacing cotton compositions from their production, replacing them with synthetics created using their "exclusive patented" technology. In fact, every respected sports brand now has such technologies. Only they are called differently for everyone, and the technology itself and the principles of its operation are, in general, the same for all brands))), for example: FLASHDRY technology from The North Face So Columbia has not become an exception to the general trend and makes things according to its own "type of unique" Omni-Wick technology, which is an effective quick-drying system for removing fumes from the body. According to the information from the official website of the manufacturer, fabrics with this technology quickly remove sweat, instantly absorb moisture, then spread it over the entire surface of the fabric and instantly bring it out. Well, I must say that in the conditions of the Krasnodar heat, this technology still justified itself). On the T-shirt, you really can’t see any sweating, drops from the air conditioner falling from above, and even a fine rain. At the same time, the body breathes and the fabric itself with a slight chill effect, according to the spouse, is refreshing in the heat and is very pleasant to the body. The material is really pleasant to the touch, you can’t even say that there is bare synthetics, and by the way it doesn’t electrolyze at all. Easy to wash - in a machine without the addition of special equipment. If you take it out of the machine immediately after washing and hang it on a coat hanger to dry, then ironing may not be required. And finally, about how this polo looks on a sporty male body: it looks and sits very well))) - brutal, and at the same time elegant, thoroughbred and flawless))). It's a pity that my husband did not want to become a model for this review, so take my word for it, without a photo). In general, I would give this T-shirt a solid five, if not for 100% - polyester in the composition (well, I don’t like synthetics, I’m not used to it yet). And so - from me a four with a plus. I recommend to all men! 전체 리뷰보기

samsung portable ssd 1tb mu pc1t0t 로고


This drive comes with a secure login hardware system and when you plug it in you will see a choice of emulator/"activator" interfaces for logging into a PC, Mac or device. I usually use it on a Macbook or desktop PC, but I've also visited guest PCs and what happens is you plug it in and you see the initial selection of apps to login to the platform. Select your OS, click and enter your password - whatever password you originally set from your computer/device, once you do this your password will be hardwired to the drive and you can access it from anywhere - if you you have a password. By the way, setting up hardware encryption/security is optional. But very simple and it works really easy on my computers and computers, which I visited during my travels. Same routine. Open the login screen, enter the password, you are. The password is required each time it is reset. Excellent basic mobile security. There is a known oddity for the Mac, despite being fully compatible. The first time you connect or eject, you may see a pop-up in the upper right corner saying that the drive was not ejected correctly (last time). Maybe on Windows "safely remove" avoids this, but on a Mac you're more likely to see it. Don't worry if you don't transfer data by disconnecting it from the network. (On a Mac, I "eject" and it looks fine, but it still gets the safe eject tooltip.) What else can I say? I know there are several reputable manufacturers of 250-500 GB portable SSDs worth considering. (As a scientist, trust me, I read all the reviews and looked at the "data", but as a typical computer user, I chose based on things like form factor, price, and past experience). So this is my third Samsung T (2 "3" and one T-5 now). I had no problems with any of them (thus my collection has grown). They are fast, reliable and practical between different interfaces, portable protection and cable/interface selection. I am satisfied! 전체 리뷰보기

logitech desktop widescreen calling recording 로고

Logitech Desktop Widescreen Calling Recording

Hello my faithful friends, my dear readers! I'll tell you a story about a Russian peasant, but a camera showing a face! Once upon a time there was a hard-working guy and he had a dream to become a famous YouTuber! But the guy did not have the coveted untold riches for the equipment, because the greedy boyars, sitting in the chambers, do not allow a simple peasant to earn normally! And the guy turned to the cross-eyed neighbors, so that they helped him buy cheap equipment, assembled on the knee. Poshkreb a Russian peasant in the bottom of the barrel and bought YouTuber pieces of iron, but there weren’t enough wooden rubles for a top-end device that showed a face. Nothing to do, I had to get a budget webcam, Logitech 270! And the peasant brought this gadget to his warm hut, and opened the cardboard box. He took out a black device, the device is glossy, well-assembled! And the guy connected the device to the computer of his saint, and he saw his clear-faced face on the monitor, in a resolution of almost seven hundred and twenty! Then he connected the camera to Skype bourgeois because he needed to communicate with people close to him! The Logitech270 did its job flawlessly and became a beginner Russian peasant YouTuber, but he set foot on a thorny path with fierce competition! And the peasant shared his objective opinion with dear readers. Yes, he told a secret secret that this camera is not budget for all YouTubers! After all, it turned out that the Logitech 270 is fully suitable for streaming demonic games, but is not suitable for demonstrating the face on a wide screen, and also requires good lighting! And according to this, the conclusion is unambiguous, verified by myself, this webcam is from our neighbors, squinting, suitable only for chatting on Skype bourgeois and streaming games on YouTube demonic, in a small window! Here is a story about a Russian peasant and his cherished dream! And I thank my glorious readers for taking the time to write a review! 전체 리뷰보기

utopia home foldable step stool kids' furniture, decor & storage 로고

Utopia Home Foldable Step Stool Kids' Furniture, Decor & Storage

Good afternoon, dear readers of ! Recently I went to the store and I came across folding stools of different sizes. I immediately got the idea to buy, as my son constantly sits on the rug in the hallway when he puts on his shoes. You understand how you don’t get out, but anyway, a rug in the corridor is a rug in the corridor. Unsanitary, in a word. At that time, it was not very convenient for me to buy it, so I put it off, and when I got to the computer, I saw that there was still an opportunity to save money when buying. The price in the store was 470 rubles, in the online store 314 rubles). The difference of 150 rubles pleased me, especially since I see the driver of this online store every day (at work) and he brought it to me for free for 300 rudders.))) The only thing that didn’t make me very happy was that the color is white turned out to be (. For some reason, I didn’t immediately discuss that I want it darker, but this is just my mistake. The stool is made of plastic, strong enough. As it is written on the label, it can withstand up to 125 kg. All members of our family sat on it - it didn’t break) . It is very convenient because when folded it takes up a minimum of space, it can be placed along the wall behind the sofa and it will not be visible). Folded height: 39 cm. The dimensions of this stool: width - 31 cm, length - 27 cm, height - 27.5 cm. Seat dimensions: length - 23 cm, width - 27 cm. This manufacturer has stools of this type in a larger size. It folds up very easily and is easy to transport. At first, when I brought it home, my son thought it was another toy, drove cars under a stool and played. As intended, of course, he also used it, if necessary. Then I explained to him that this was for him so that he would not sit on the rug in the corridor. Tried to sit down once. to put on shoes, but, apparently, he was so used to putting on shoes flopping down on the rug, he said that it was not convenient (. For the purpose for which it was purchased, we don’t use it at the moment, but still there is a plus - the son no longer sits on the rug , puts on shoes while standing))). And we use the stool just out of necessity, in the summer we will most likely take it to the country. We will use it as MarEvo512 in the beds). Thanks for the idea, by the way. I recommend to buy, a very convenient compact folding stool. 전체 리뷰보기

ksipze lights changing bedroom kitchen 로고

Ksipze Lights Changing Bedroom Kitchen

I am a PC gamer, which means that I simply cannot live without any highlights. I have a luminous keyboard, mouse, it came to the table. He also wanted to light up. I found this tape - inexpensive, self-adhesive, suitable for me. The kit included a power supply, remote control, the tape itself. The board is about the same. The power supply must be plugged into an outlet, attached to the tape. This is what my table looks like with purple lighting. There are quite a lot of colors, there are also backlight modes (Quick change, transfusion, etc.) The tape is self-adhesive, it is very easy to glue, although there was no glue for the first few centimeters, which is not very pleasant, I had to glue it with double-sided tape. The batteries in the remote control are small. Here, for example, a couple more colors. General impression. The product met expectations, I recommend to buy, very cheap. 전체 리뷰보기

apple mu8f2am a pencil generation 로고

Apple MU8F2AM A Pencil Generation

Greetings friends and guests of the site . Today I will tell you about the second generation Apple Pencil. We, or rather the spouse, bought a stylus together iPad iPad Pro11. I won’t say that we are artists with my husband, that we are fond of graphic drawings, and that this subject is extremely necessary for us in our work. The spouse chose, well, since he chose, then he considered it necessary. The Apple Pencil is currently only available in two versions on the market (I won’t be surprised if a new one appears soon, if it hasn’t already). I can’t say anything about the differences, since I’m not familiar with the first generation pencil. But I read reviews and experts say that the differences are significant. The Apple Pencil is 166 mm long and is made of matte plastic. Its surface is smooth, it sits well in the hand, does not slip during operation (well, at least for me). The pencil has a flat edge and contains magnets. This essentially facilitates the attachment of the pencil to the tablet. It is worth simply presenting it to the tablet, it seems to merge with its side panel and thereby charging occurs. In the first generation, it was a little different (through a connector). Here, everything was thought out to the smallest detail, now you should not be afraid that you can hurt and damage it, and in general it is more difficult to lose. But there is also a minus here, if you have an old generation iPad Pro, then there is no point in buying an Apple Pencil2. You simply cannot charge it. The pencil is very sensitive in use. I started to master Adobe draw, while not everything works out, but it's interesting to me. Drawing on a tablet is definitely different from the usual. Drawing on paper, it seems to me that all the little things and details are drawn carefully and you feel them differently. So far, I have not fully figured out the program and settings. I didn't fully understand the specifics. But a start has been made, I like it, which means the result will definitely be. In general, the accessory is not bad, but if you do not work in a graphics editor, do not draw, then I think there is no point in buying it. In my opinion, the price is justified, the product is of high quality, and Apple products have never been budget-friendly. I give a high rating, but it's all individual. 전체 리뷰보기

listerine alcohol free anticavity mouthwash fluoride 로고

Listerine Alcohol Free Anticavity Mouthwash Fluoride

Hello dear friends and readers of my review! Thank you for visiting my page I think that I should not be smart and talk about how important it is to have healthy teeth and how difficult it is to maintain them in such a healthy state. Of course, genetics plays a very important role. It seems to me that 80% of the condition of our teeth is determined by it. But for the remaining 20% we can help ourselves to have strong and healthy teeth. Alas, in your youth you don’t understand this and you quite allow yourself to brush your teeth not even every day ... But then, when problems with your teeth begin and going to the dentist becomes the rule, not the exception, you start looking for ways to save what is left ))) Fortunately, my teeth are not as bad as it might seem from the preface ... The first filling was placed at the age of 26, after the birth of the first child, then the tooth was treated 10 years after the birth of the second son. Now I try to take care of my teeth, I won’t say that I brush my teeth twice a day. After eating, when possible, I try to rinse my mouth with a special rinse, and if it is not at hand, then at least thoroughly with water. When traveling, I use a cleansing foam for my teeth - a handy thing! I usually buy Forest Balsam conditioner, I like it. But last time, when I went to the Magnit store, I saw Listerine, which was on a discount and cost the same as Forest Balsam. Decided to buy it to try. I chose the "6 in 1" option - the bottle is in the photo below. Bottle volume 250 ml The cover is "with a secret" and it is not always possible to open it the first time In general, the conditioner is good. To taste, of course, it is more vigorous than Forest Balsam, but for me the taste is not nasty. Yes, tart, but tolerable) Rinse Listerine gives breath freshness, and for a long time - and I like it in it. It is difficult to talk about purification, but I believe that it also exists. 전체 리뷰보기

oral b super floss pre cut strands 로고

Oral B Super Floss Pre Cut Strands

Good afternoon dear friends. As a means of personal hygiene of the oral cavity, along with the usual brushing of teeth with a brush and toothpaste, we have also been using dental floss for a long time. We give preference to the trade mark "Oral-B". In the assortment of the manufacturer there are also large packages, such as "Super Floss", and more compact ones, which we prefer to buy lately. The quality of the threads is absolutely identical. This week we bought dental floss, the length of which is 50 meters. Its cost was 176 rubles with a discount. In similar products from other brands, threads with a length of 25 meters are mainly used. And it's almost the same price. Therefore, such a purchase can be considered profitable. On the back of the package, you can find the contact details of the manufacturer in several languages. How to use the thread is shown on the packaging in the form of pictures. Everything is very informative. The floss is packaged in a practical small plastic case. Unlike a large package, this option is more convenient to take with you. It will not take up much space not only in your purse, but even in your pocket. The case is closed with a small plastic lid with a latch. It is very convenient to use. One has only to unwind the required amount of thread and cut it off through the metal device built into the body. Thread waxed with a pleasant mint flavor. It is thin and smooth, but at the same time strong enough to tear. In conclusion, I would like to advise you to buy dental floss Oral-B "Super Floss" for its high quality. I can rate it five stars. 전체 리뷰보기

samsung inch internal mz 77e1t0b am 로고

SAMSUNG Inch Internal MZ 77E1T0B AM

Recently, I decided to replace an additional 1 terabyte WD HDD with a good SSD. After a long study of the market, I came to the conclusion that, in fact, there is no difference between the disks of different companies. Nevertheless, I chose this disc. I bought the disc itself on ozone, it came quickly, it cost 10,800 rubles. For some reason, I thought that the kit should have a sled for mounting, but they are not. Appearance is the most common, looks stylish, very light, nothing jerks. The speed of work is impressive, the performance gain is very noticeable. Naturally, you will not have exactly one terabyte, I have 930 megabytes. It is also worth keeping in mind that the disk is not partitioned, so you need to create a partition yourself and format the disk. As for durability, it's hard to say here, in theory, the disk should be enough for 6-7 years of intensive work. As a result, it's worth its money, there are no complaints about the disc at all. 전체 리뷰보기

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