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kingston 240gb solid sa400s37 240g 로고

Kingston 240GB Solid SA400S37 240G

Good day, dear readers of the review! The time of conventional hard drives is rapidly running out, and the speed of data access from such devices is no longer enough. The difference is especially felt when at work you have an SSD in your computer, and at home you have an ordinary old hard drive. So I decided to buy a solid state drive for my home computer. Which, to my joy, will not lose read-write speed over time as much as a hard drive with moving and rubbing parts. Of course, for such an amount you expect not a drive packed in a plastic package, but at least a SATA cable and a sled, but there is nothing but a device. Yes, and the plastic case is a little frustrating, you could try, but let's hope that the manufacturer compensates for everything with quality. Of course, the warranty is not like that of Intel (5 years), but only 3 years. But this is enough, and if you do not heavily load the disk with constant overwriting, then it will last for a long time. If possible, you need to connect such a device to a 6Gbit port, which corresponds to a data transfer rate of ~ 750 Mb / s if your SSD drive supports this speed. I connected my drive in this way, now I’m not overjoyed, in general, so many nerves are saved, despite the fact that there is no need to wait until something starts up or is recorded. Who is still thinking about buying a hard drive or SSD, I definitely advise you to take an SSD and have no doubts, and the lost volume when buying an SSD can be compensated for by external drives or Clouds. 전체 리뷰보기

munchkin white hot safety spoons 로고

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons

With these spoons we started complementary foods, and we really like them! When the food temperature is too high, the spoon turns white, which means that the mother always keeps the temperature under control and is calm that the baby will not burn herself. The whitened spoon looks like this: I don’t even know what I would do without these spoons, I would certainly be more nervous. The temperature indicator is very convenient! For example, porridge cools unevenly, food is heated unevenly in the microwave. But with these spoons it's not a problem :) Spoons of small size - just right to start feeding. Made of pleasant soft plastic, do not scratch anything, the edges are not sharp, odorless. My cub's teeth are now being cut, and he chews these spoons with pleasure. So far, for 2.5 months, I haven’t bitten anything from them :) the spoons are still intact. The spoons are light, comfortable for the baby's hand, and also comfortable for the mother - the spoons have long handles. I ordered these miracle spoons on the Iherb website, in a set of 4 pieces for 254 rubles, which is no more expensive than simple children's plastic spoons in a regular store. I recommend! PS The site says that the spoons can be washed in the top compartment of the dishwasher, but I wash them by hand. 전체 리뷰보기

love dream dramatically preferred self soothing bedding 로고

Love Dream Dramatically Preferred Self Soothing Bedding

I want to share with you my impressions about the cocoon bags of the Love to dream brand. In general, I’m against tight swaddling and I bought ordinary diapers in small quantities: to lay it where, perhaps. But what if the child wants to be swaddled? Many mothers say that newborns are more comfortable this way, in the first month for sure. But what about the constraint of movements and the limitation of knowledge of the surrounding world? On the Internet, I came across a group test: a sleep system for babies from the Love To Dream brand. The diaper is more like a cocoon. The legs of the newborn are placed in a special bag, and the handles lie with two lapels. In it, the baby’s motor activity is limited, at night my baby could no longer throw his arms behind his head. And did not wake up, the baby's sleep was calm. Since the sensations of the baby are most close to intrauterine. During the day, we unzip the handles and take out the handles, and the baby can explore the world. It is easy to wrap a baby in a cocoon, no need to watch a training video or attend special courses. And most importantly, you do not have to suffer with fixing the corners of the diaper. You can stretch both from above and below. It was very convenient for me to change diapers in this cocoon. The cocoon has no seams, they do not scratch the delicate skin of the newborn. with a zipper have special protection so that the child does not press anywhere. Whether to buy a cocoon diaper or do without it, each mother decides for herself. But I advise you to buy a cocoon bag from the Love To Dream brand for sleep. We were satisfied. 전체 리뷰보기

lacie rugged external portable lac9000298 로고

LaCie Rugged External Portable LAC9000298

a huge plus of this hard drive is the presence of Thunderbolt, since I use a poppy and sometimes there is not enough space. Lightweight and well protected with rubber protection on all sides (a couple of times padol from the table) works like new. Very high transmission speed, good design. There is a similar one still on the 2T. There is own software that can protect all information on the disk. The only thing is that the Thunderbolt cable is soldered into the hard drive itself, it is not removable. The usb 3.0 cord is removable, but I don’t use it because the speed is lower than that of Thunderbolt. It is not noisy and does not heat up, we work with him and my wife, two of us take turns taking them on business trips. 전체 리뷰보기

levis regular jeans clouded tones boys' clothing and jeans 로고

Levis Regular Jeans Clouded Tones Boys' Clothing and Jeans

Have a nice day, everyone! Two years ago, the eldest daughter was presented with these jeans. Daughters at that time they were still great. She was 3.5 years old. That is, the donor bought jeans based on the age of the child - 4 years. But my daughters are small. She was able to wear them only at the full 4.5 years. And they were a little long for us. However, we tucked them in.) Jeans brand Levi's, bought on some American site. I never had a passion for this brand, but it was nice to receive such a thing as a gift for a child. These jeans are very tight, my favorite color. This model has a small flare. I like the classic cut more). On the inside of the belt there are such we need tightenings. Brilliant invention! The jeans are fastened with a short zipper and a button. The jeans are equipped with five pockets, which have a more decorative function. There are belt loops on the waist. All seams are neat and very durable, like the jeans themselves. Since they were daughters a little long, they were slightly rubbed at the bottom on one side. The rest remained as new. Worn regularly, washed frequently. Nothing happened to them. If the youngest does not outgrow, she will wear them in the spring! The thing is undeniably high quality, durable. Of course I recommend! 전체 리뷰보기

pack measuring knitting measurements retractable 로고

Pack Measuring Knitting Measurements Retractable

Probably everyone in the house has a sewing or tailor's meter, made of fabric or plastic material. It is used for needlework, body measurements, both in height and volume. In general, the tool is necessary and versatile. So we had one like that, for a long time, until it disappeared somewhere. I had to go buy a replacement. I found something similar in a craft store. The thing was in a blister, it looked like a mini tape measure, it was called a centimeter in Wellcraft tape measure. Available in different colors, but only red was available, maybe for the better, it will not be lost. Trademark Wellcraft, made in China. Compact small tape measure in a plastic case. There is a small button on the lid to secure it. The measuring part itself is very flexible and soft, but durable. The measuring scale is applied on both sides, inch and metric, convenient - which one is more suitable. The length of the tape measure is 150 centimeters. It is very convenient to use - I measured it, pressed the button and put it in the box, or where the sewing accessories are stored. There is no need to twist anything and put it in a case. Such a roulette is inexpensive, but how much use. Good purchase for home use. It can also be used for other purposes if you don’t have a regular tape measure at hand, but you urgently need to take measurements. In addition, it is much more compact and lighter, completely fits in a clamped hand - miniature like that. It was very inexpensive, no more than 30 rubles. 전체 리뷰보기

magic bullet blender small silver 로고

Magic Bullet Blender Small Silver

At the time it was heavily advertised. Therefore, my mother did not leave the item without attention, bought it and gave it to us. At first, this device was interesting. But this is only at the beginning, as something new. In fact, there is no need for it. We use it only for children's birthdays (we make milkshakes). When you get everything, it looks impressive. Here's what's included in the set: The unit itself (the base on which everything is inserted), two bowls (large and small), four cups with handles (I call them mugs), multi-colored rings 4 pcs. (put on mugs) three bowl lids two nozzles with a straight and cross blade, piston juicer bowl two lids with holes of different sizes (it’s good to use for the microwave, and pour something through small ones), four spare rubber bands, recipe book, instructions. And, probably, the most amusing thing is that the recipe book is in English, without translation. It's cool that she is, that she is not. There are several recipes in the user manual, that's all. Information about the use of the device is presented quite informatively. There are, of course, shortcomings, but these are trifles. The base part looks original, shaped somewhat like a half egg on a stand. Looks pretty nice. There are no buttons on the surface. It is a little heavy in weight, as it contains the entire mechanism. Very noisy, a little quieter would be better. At the bottom of the device there is a ventilated grill, through which air escapes. Air enters from these holes, due to such ventilation it is cooled. All parts are made of plastic, hard and durable. Only the lids are slightly soft. Everything is very high quality. There are a lot of pros and cons to this device. It's pretty easy to assemble. The base part is plugged into an outlet. On nozzles and on circles a carving. It is quite tightly screwed to each other. A nozzle is taken with the blade you need and a mug or container of the right size. The container is attached to the nozzle and twisted. Then, the container with the nozzle is inserted into the base part. Further, more interesting. After all this is hoisted up, it will not work and it does not have buttons to turn it on. To start the installation, you need to press the container and turn it in a certain direction to fix it. If you just press it, it will start working, but as soon as you release it, the work will stop. That's what you need to turn around for. For fixing on the containers there are small bulges, and on the base part of the recess for these bulges. Thus, inserting into the recesses and turning all the way, as if locking it. After, to remove the container, everything is done in the reverse order. I really like multi-colored rings. It is very convenient to mark glasses, which allows you to remember where something is poured. The only bad thing is that they are thick, I do not like it. Very good idea with the lids. I made what I needed in a glass, closed it and put it in the refrigerator. In order to make a cocktail, I use a mug. Convenient, you can drink right away, and make a new one in the next mug. We put everything in a mug. We put on the base and turn it on. If necessary, you have to shake it up and down a little to get everything fluffed up. Here's what happened. If it turned out a lot, now you won’t drink everything, just the lids come in handy. Cover the glass with a lid, twist, put in the refrigerator. Very comfortably. I have never tried lids with holes, never had a chance. Nuts twists not very finely. Usually that's what I need. I really didn't like the juicer. Doesn't work well for this feature. But it is fully understood. In order to push, you need to use a piston. I used two pears. After the products are sold, you can simply close the plastic lid and let it work a little more. This is the lid. Close it is necessary, otherwise everything crashes. Little juice is obtained, and the cake is very wet (it turns out mashed potatoes), that is, it does not squeeze much. And, in fact, the juice itself is very saturated with pulp. As a result, you get 50% juice with pulp and 50% fruit puree. By the way, the puree is pretty good. The only thing that the "juicer" does well. By consistency, as they sell in jars for children. All parts, after use, are washed without problems, quite easily. I didn’t like the fact that sometimes there is not enough power, it heats up, you have to turn it off and wait for a while. At these moments, it usually smells like burnt rubber. It’s just as bad that you can’t put in a lot, but very, very little. Otherwise, not everything will grind. Tried to grind different products on it. Didn't like anything. Half is small, a small part is in huge pieces and a small part is in medium pieces. And all this in one bowl, with almost all products. It was advertised as a mini food processor. To be honest, it's loud. He is clearly not suitable for this role. In general, it is not particularly needed. And it's too expensive for something like that. We have it more often than we use it. Very often we use only during the summer season. In the country, everything is used, which is not so necessary at home. I certainly recommend this device. Its quality is good. But it is up to each individual to decide whether it is necessary or not. 전체 리뷰보기

thermal grizzly kryonaut grease paste computer components 로고

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Grease Paste Computer Components

I decided to change the thermal interface on my MSI GT70 laptop (laptop 2.5 years old). The gaming laptop has a large heat generation during operation (games). I read on the forums about thermal pastes and decided to buy the German Thermal grizzly Kryonaut for 730 rubles in the CSN. This paste is not based on silicone, so it does not dry out for a long time and does not decompose under the influence of high temperatures. For example, Arctic Colling MX-4 paste is good (for systems that heat no more than 65-70 degrees), but it’s not suitable for hot gaming laptops, as it deteriorates over time from high temperatures (a friend smeared a laptop with it and changed the paste after 3 months ). In a gaming laptop, temperatures can reach 80-90 degrees Celsius at maximum load, and so that nothing burns out, you need to monitor the cooling system, about once every six months, clean it from dust and change the paste as needed. Thermal grizzly Kryonaut comes in a rather large black bag, on which the characteristics of the paste are painted. The top paste has the highest thermal conductivity of 12.5wm/k and an application temperature of up to +350 degrees Celsius. After unpacking the package, there is a small syringe inside which contains 1 gram of paste, a spatula, instructions for use. The paste is quite thick but spreads easily. There is very little paste, but it was enough for two laptops: MSI GT70 Dragon Edition and Dell Alienware. Alienware was brought in for maintenance, so I did not put cheap paste there (the device cost about 170,000 rubles). In general, my MSI laptop in stress tests heated up to about 80-90 degrees Celsius, after applying the "Thermal Grizzly" the temperatures dropped, became 70-76 degrees. After three months of operation, the temperatures remained low, which means that the paste has not degraded. I recommend this paste for "hot" laptops and people who are engaged in overclocking computers. Never save on thermal paste, as this can lead to failure of computer components. 전체 리뷰보기

bissell 39n7v surface steam cleaner 로고

Bissell 39N7V Surface Steam Cleaner

I caught fire to buy a steam cleaner, at first I thought about a steam mop for a long time, they drove ads on TV, I began to look for reviews and decided that a mop is not very ... but yes, a steam cleaner. I didn’t want to be expensive and big, there’s not much room for storage at home, and there is a powerful washing vacuum cleaner, so I settled on a manual steam cleaner. I chose from those that are available in our stores, went to write down the brands, read reviews at home, chose the Bissell 16Q1-J Steam Shot Steam Cleaner. I don’t regret it, I’ve already washed a lot of things, easily and quickly, in addition, it has become very convenient to steam curtains and jackets and anything that you can’t iron with an iron. I disinfect toys, plumbing, and more. etc. I like that a lot of nozzles are attached to it. Also of all handheld steam cleaners, this one has more power and higher steam pressure - 4.5 B. 전체 리뷰보기

hmrope premium plastic strength self locking accessories & supplies 로고

Hmrope Premium Plastic Strength Self Locking Accessories & Supplies

Purely consumable material without any positive or negative sides. Similar goods are sold everywhere, but if you are not in a hurry, then it is best to order ties in China, of course, because it will come out a little cheaper. In our country, for example, exactly the same product is priced at about 60-70 rubles, and on Aliexpress for only 45. If you wish, you can find it for cheaper, since there is more than enough such "trash" in this online store. Some sellers are willing to discount if you talk a little in private messages. One bag contains exactly one hundred pieces of cable ties and all this in the home life will last for a long time. For example, I ordered them at the beginning of December last year, but they are still not over, but if you still buy for industrial purposes such as laying a network cable and so on, then I advise you to take it in small bulk. And in advance before the work is done, since the delivery will be with an untracked track and very long: about a little more than a month. 전체 리뷰보기

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