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It is one of the platform that sells quality sporting products since 1987. This family business platform has good tracking record. In this review I will like to share what I observed about the platform and my experience while using the official website. All the products are well placed in categories this make searching for any product very easy. The product can be search by price, using alphabet, best selling and by gender. It worth mentioning that the platform also sells, shoes, Shirt and T- shirt of different brands and design. social medial is one of the largest place to promote any business all over the world, this platform made social medial platform available, this means can also be used to share product with friend and family. I noticed that all the product on the web has only one fiat currency displayed on the web, which is American dollar, in my opinion more fiat currency can be added on the platform this will give people opportunity to make choice of selecting their native fiat currency when shopping on the platform. I like the well description of each product displayed on the platform, I did not noticed any blur picture of any product they were all well displayed. Good return policy was put in place, the return policy stated the condition of returning the product and refund this can be easily accessible. it has 14 days after receiving the product to return the product, I am of the opinion that more days can be added. The team behind the platform can review it to 30 days. Forms of payment on any online platform need to be flexible, this platform really impressed me by providing various methods of payment which includes using of credit and debit card, and other to make payment. Customer service desk is also one of the strength of any platform, Soccer Guru sport put in place good provision in regards of contacting customer desk. It can be contacted through telephone number and email address. In collusion this platform has what it takes to operate online business, personal research can be done before using the platform.전체 리뷰보기

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This multi chain platform was launched in 2018, with the objective of solving blockchain technology problems. One of the thing i love about the platform is the continuity and persistent. It worth mentioning that the team behind the project are not new, on of the project the team had develop is known has Nxt blockchain. This team experience some issue on Nxt project and having in mind to correct the issues, that what gave birth to this project. I like the platform designed at the first sight, all the needed information is well provided with simple statement that is very easy to understand by anybody that not even familiar with the blockchain and crypto world in general. I like to commend the team behind the project for making many languages available on the platform, in my opinion this very helpful because various people with different languages will surely access the platform all over the world. One of the good feature of any platform is to make it, objective known and follow the roadmap, i noticed that the platform gives all the details on what it intend to achieve and the time frame to get it done. The social medial platform has become one of the important ways to get access to many people all over the world to make what any platform want to offers known. I observed that the platform has many social medial platforms that is very active and well known, it has active community that get updated about the new development of the platform and other needed information. It has a discussion forum that is helpful and that can be accessed on the platform, all the past discussions about certain issues can be equal accessed. It has good and active help desk that always ready to help, they are friendly teams that always listening to complains or issue. The native token of Ardor is known has ARDR, this asset has been supported by many well known cryptocurrency exchanges. The asset also paired with well known digital assets like BTC,USDT, ETH and many more, in my opinion the team really give in their best to make it available in well known wallet. Security is the most important factor in any platform, i observed that it put good security measures in place on the platform. 전체 리뷰보기

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Raptor Weight Vests

Raptor Weight Vests

The platform has been in operation over 20 years now, sells resistant training weight vest for both men an women. The platform looks very simple and neat, i found it user friendly. The product is well designed, picture comes out fine with the bright images. Shopping can be done through using price, popularity, latest, this make it easy to navigate on the platform. Each product is well described, i noticed that it has one fiat currency. Official social platforms can be access from the platform, in my opinion social medial is one of the platform that helps in getting access to many people all over the world. This is also serve as the means of communication, the update about the product on the platform and other needed information. Customer service can be contacted through email address and telephone. In my opinion the team behind the platform need to make the platform more user friendly by providing some other tools that can be access for example frequently asked questions that is well detailed about how the platform works. It allows credit card and debit card, and other flexible means of payment. 전체 리뷰보기

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Premier Fitness Supply

It sell gym equipment for both private individual and those using it for commercial activities. It has good tracking record. The platform is amazing, one of the things i love about the platform is that it has at lest 3 years warrant on most of the equipment on the platform. It also offers a financing that is flexible, you can buy now and pay latter. It worth mentioning that the platform shipping to Victoria, international shipping is not allowed at the moment. The product is well arranged, i found the platform user friendly. The home page has the needed information. In my opinion the platform is user friendly. I had no issue with forms of making payment on the platform, it allows Visa card, Master card, America express and more. Each product is well described with the needed information about the weight, Length, measurement and many more. All the images is bright i had no issue to identify each product. It has a live chat platform that makes it very easy to get in touched with customer service desk. Official email address, phone number and official social medial platform can be easily be access on the platform.전체 리뷰보기

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Pro Sports Equip

It sells professional sports equipment for athlete and more, using online shop and physical shop . Some of the product incudes batting cages, soccer goal, Volleyball serving machine and many more I observed that the platform offers warrant for most of the products on the platform, this one of the things that makes the platform very unique. Using well Know currier services build trust in it services, because the good names these shipping distributing services had built for themselves. The security issue is one of the most import aspect of any platform, i hade no issue with security on the platform. It has put trusted security measures in place. Customer services desk is very easy to contacted, it has live chat platform which can be contacted at any time. Telephone and email address is also available as well as social medial platform. Forms of payment is also flexible, it allows Visa card, Master card, Paypal and others. I found the platform user friendly, it has frequently asked questions that is helpful. 전체 리뷰보기

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Sports Plaza

It was established in 1998, sells apparel, footwear and accessories for kids, women and men. It has good record name that has been built over the years. I noticed that the it has various ways of making payment on the platform, it includes well accepted all over the world this includes Master card and Visa card. The returned policy allows 30 days of returning after the product was delivered, acceptant of the product is based on the condition of the product return. The platform makes use of social medial platform, customer service can be get in touched with through it. It also has email address and telephone number. I observed the product can be easily access because the way it was arranged, i like the display of the product images it can be easily zoom in and out which make it easy to access the product. The products is well described this helps in access some information about the product, it has top well known brands. It has many social medial platform that can be access for update about the platform. 전체 리뷰보기

gs sports 로고

GS Sports


It was located in California, the major product it sell includes Apparel, headwear, footwear, bats, mask, accessories and others. It has physical shop and online shop. It allows international order. I observed that it has various forms of payment that is convenient, these includes Visa card, Master card, opay, Paypal and others. I found the platform to be user friendly, i had no issue when navigating on the platform. All the product is very easy to locate on the platform, they all put in categories. The return policy of the platform allow product to be returned in 30 days, though there are some condition attached to some product such as bat, accessories and apparel. In my opinion the platform is transparent Products images was well captures, the images are bright non is blur. Each product is well described, it also allows sharing of product on the platform on social medial. I will like the team to add customer review to each product this will give room for rating each product on the platform. The platform also gives update about the products on the platform, i find this amazing. I had no issue with the security on the platform, it has good security measures. Customer service can be get in touched with through email and telephone. It has some social medial platforms that can be access for information and update. 전체 리뷰보기

sports 4ever 로고

Sports 4ever

It is sport shop that sell various sport equipment such as Table tennis, basket ball, Chess and other indoor and outdoor sport equipment. I like how the home page was structured, it has images of some of the product that look very attractive, the product can be easily access because they are in categories. All the products images are bright and look attractive, it also described each product with simple sentences. I noticed that the platform has one fiat asset, more fiat asset can be added. Social medial platform play a good role in passing information to the most distant part of the world, this platform has well known social medial platforms that can be access by anyone. I also observed that it make good use of it for customer service desk. Email and telephone contact is also available. I found the platform very easy to use.전체 리뷰보기

pro keepers line 로고

Pro Keepers Line

This shop focuses in selling goalkeepers items, it was established in 2004. I like the shop for making order of product very easy, order can be made through telephone call, email address, and through web shop. I noticed that it has good quality items at a competitive price, one of the things that makes the platform special is printing on items like glove, Jerseys and others The forms of payment is convenient, credit card can be used, Paypal, and others. It also put a security in place for securing payment made on the platform. It focusing on worldwide shipping, It is Multilanguage platform which makes the platform easy to use. Customer service desk is also one of the important aspect of any platform, it customer service desk can be contacted through phone numbers and email address. Social medial is also available. 전체 리뷰보기

roller warehouse 로고

Roller Warehouse

It sells various type of skate, this skate shop was established in 1994. It has physical shop in United State Of America, while it online store is doing well. One of my focus on any online store is frequently asked questions because of the additional information on what the platform offers though not all platform usually have this provision and some may have but not well detailed. I like the way the platform structured the frequently asked questions it is informative. I like all the forms of payment that it offers because it is widely acceptable. On of the things that make the platform unique is collecting cheque, though it equally has condition attached to it. Ordering was made simple, it allows making order through phone call. I also observed that shipping is not restricted to USA rather it is world wide. i will like the team behind the platform to add more languages and fiat assets to make the platform more competitive since it has the objective to service all people over the world. It is amazing for making provision to track order on the platform. The customer service can be contacted through email address and telephone number while social medial platforms are also available. I found the platform user friendly, it also put the needed security in place 전체 리뷰보기

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