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colgate advanced whitening toothpaste hydrogen 로고

Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste Hydrogen

Greetings to the visitors of ! I have very sensitive teeth so whitening toothpastes are not for me. But sometimes I buy such pastes for my husband. In this review, we will focus on the Colgate brand toothpaste called "Optic White". It was sold in a bright, red box that attracts attention, on which the manufacturer promised to whiten teeth by 1 tone in 1 week of using the paste. Inside the box was a tube of toothpaste of the same bright red color with a white cap. It is compact, the volume of the paste in it is only 75 ml. But it should be noted that the tube is stable and takes up very little space on the shelf. Paste "Optic White" bluish tint with small blue particles. Smells refreshing and invigorating. The husband applied a small amount of paste to the brush and this was enough for a full brushing of his teeth. It foams well, cleans teeth from plaque too well, gives freshness to the oral cavity. This toothpaste really whitens your teeth by one shade for sure. I noticed that my husband's teeth became lighter (he had a clear yellowish coating, he is an experienced smoker). Of course, over time, the whiteness has passed, such pastes should be used periodically to maintain the effect. He liked the "Optic White" paste in terms of sensation and effect, he brushed his teeth with it for two weeks, then took a break for a week, etc. I bought it on sale, I can't remember the price. I might buy it again for my husband. By the way, for those who are interested in the composition, it is here: All the best! 전체 리뷰보기

amazonbasics reusable silicone baking cups 로고

AmazonBasics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups

Dear friends, I feel that hatred for the Fix-Price chain of stores is overpowering me more and more)) I periodically go there, to be honest, I have never left without a purchase)) Sometimes it's more or less something normal, absolutely good - a rare case, well, but nonsense comes across more and more often. The other day, a neighbor called and said that her mother bought an excellent set for cupcakes at Fix Price and for only 99 rubles. Of course, we went with her and bought some for ourselves too, although I don’t do much like baking, but the herd mentality worked. The set includes one large cake pan and six small ones. I like such "troughs")) I also really liked the color of the form. Naturally, the country of origin: China. The set also includes these six molds for small cupcakes. Milota! So, we came home, I immediately decided to start baking, quickly found a simple recipe, looked at the products in stock, everything is there, I don’t even have to go to the store. And you know, I was just lucky that I didn’t have time to make the dough, but decided to take the molds out of the packaging, rinse and dry, and I myself think I’ll make the dough at that time. Opened both packages. GUARD!!! The stink, like from the rubber boots of a sewer !!! I was shocked! I have one silicone mold at home, a simple round cake mold, but it has no smell at all! I take these forms, go to a neighbor, and this bag is already making dough. I suggest she open the molds. I opened it, sniffed it, and threw it in the trash can. I make her call her mother and ask, and her molds are normal. I called. I asked. She said that they stink too, or rather, they no longer stink, she took it to the trash! A neighbor "ran over" her, says: why did you advise them to me? This cunning mother answered that she did not advise anything, but simply answered the question, like, what did you buy. So, who's the fool here? I!))) On the label there is an interesting inscription: "Save for possible references." It's funny (((Where to go and who to give a sniff? I did not go to Fix Price, but my neighbor did, but she was politely answered that the uniforms did not have any damage, and they were not responsible for the smell. I did not hope for anything, and indeed time and nerves are more expensive than 99 rubles. But in the near future I didn’t have a foot in this store, something too often I began to step on the same rake. I strongly recommend not to buy such molds! Free cheese only in a mousetrap! 전체 리뷰보기

logitech mk270 wireless keyboard mouse computer accessories & peripherals 로고

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Computer Accessories & Peripherals

Hi all! The moment has come to write a few words about my working office keyboard. At work, I had an ordinary wired good keyboard from HP. But I am a fan of everything wireless, and I often have to put it aside so as not to interfere. Began to think about the keyboard without wires. They got ahead of me and gave me this miniature cool keyboard. But because of the size, I had to take it home and buy myself a wireless kit (keyboard + mouse), which we will actually talk about. I considered options only from Logitech, I think this is one of the manufacturers with a price / quality ratio. Without much hesitation, I purchased this budget kit at a price of 1990 rubles. The keyboard initially liked the look. There is nothing superfluous on the front side, everything is neat, no protrusions and various bends (as it happens on gaming devices), it has the usual classic look, without wide frames, but full-sized. Keystrokes are soft and medium volume. The case is almost not easily soiled, leaves no traces. There are also 8 additional buttons. I will not list them and describe them, everything can be seen in the photo. For me personally, these buttons are the most optimal, especially the calculator, the only thing I would like to add is switching songs, but this is not critical. I would like to note as a good plus that the toggle switch on / off the device is placed on the front of the keyboard, it is VERY convenient (I’ll tell you why a little later), rather than the button on the back, I often saw this in other keyboards. I also want to note with a plus the holes on the reverse side for draining liquid. There are 2 standard latches in one position at 8 degrees. The keyboard is powered by 2 AAA batteries. In general, I thought I found an ideal keyboard of its kind for the office. BUT! Now, in fact, we have come to the moment why the on/off switch of the keyboard is so conveniently located. At the most crucial moment, the keyboard sometimes refuses to work, "thinks" for a long time and after 10 seconds it fills in all the letters and numbers that I pressed. I thought it might be the batteries, I changed it, after a while it hangs again periodically. Then I thought maybe it's the receiver, in fact, here he is. But there can be no problem in it, except perhaps in the drivers. I didn’t bother and just turned off and turned on the keyboard again, using the same button, it happened 5 times a day. Or maybe not hang out for a week. In this regard, there was often an idea to put the old clave again. So I don't understand what it is. Maybe marriage, maybe batteries, or maybe drivers. By the way, it connects to the computer automatically, connected the receiver and you can use it. Perhaps this is the most significant and only negative in this keyboard, which I am thinking of getting rid of. As for the mouse. As for me, it is very conveniently located in the hand, the buttons obey willingly, the cursor runs as expected, I have not changed the batteries for the 4th month already. On the back side there is also 1 AA battery and a place for a USB receiver. The mouse is very convenient and comfortable, I'm not going to change it, at least not yet. I put a solid 4 on the keyboard. A very comfortable keyboard, if it didn’t hang, I would put 5. If anyone knows, write in the comments what the problem is and how to fix it, if possible of course. Would I buy myself such a keyboard again? I think no.전체 리뷰보기

gildan mens t shirt white large men's clothing for t-shirts & tanks 로고

Gildan Mens T Shirt White Large Men's Clothing for T-Shirts & Tanks

I am amazed at people who continue to wear cotton in hot weather. Human inertia knows no bounds. We live in the 21st century, but many people repeat, as a special mantra, "100% cotton". What's good about cotton in the heat? Nothing. Cotton absorbs sweat like a sponge and then dries unbearably long. Try washing a good synthetic and something made of cotton. In my experience, I get good synthetics out of the car almost dry, and a cotton T-shirt dries for at least half a day! As a result, you become even hotter. Cotton can be worn when you are not sweating, that is, sitting still. There is only one drawback of synthetics - it is very expensive. But there are exceptions, such as the Columbia Zero Rules T-shirt. A very good choice for hot weather for little money. There are no complaints about the workmanship. Well sewn, the material is very pleasant to the touch, it is a pleasure to wear. Columbia logo on the chest, this is where all external attributes end. Nice practical item. FIELD TESTS. Well, now about the main thing. This T-shirt features Omni-Freeze Zero technology. Its essence is that from the inside there are special blue rings, which are designed to provide an additional cooling effect. This is what the underside looks like. What is in practice? In practice, this is a good synthetic T-shirt, which perfectly removes moisture from the body, dries quickly and provides good comfort even in the most intense heat. There is no such suffocating state as in a cotton T-shirt soaked through. At the same time, I did not notice any particular cooling effect. I have a couple of T-shirts from the well-known brand Marmot, and so they provide the same comfort (maybe a little better, due to perforations under the arms) without any fancy words. In other words, marketing in its purest form. Another advantage is that the T-shirt is treated with antibacterial impregnation and is very resistant to odors. And this is very important, as you know, fast "smelling" is the trouble of all synthetic materials. I recommend to purchase. 전체 리뷰보기

seagate barracuda internal drive 3 5 inch computer components 로고

Seagate BarraCuda Internal Drive 3 5 Inch Computer Components

Excellent hard drive value for money. Since my old hard drive was almost full (512 gb), and began to give all sorts of errors, I decided to purchase an additional hard drive, and more capacity for 2 terabytes. I took the Seagate brands, especially this ST2000DM008 model, which, according to its characteristics, has the highest data transfer rate and a large cache memory of 256 megabytes. And I made sure of this myself. Connected and checked. There are no bad sectors. Everything is great. I am satisfied with the hard drive 9 out of 10. I noticed a noticeable vibration, compared to other drives, there is some noise, a hum with a heavy load on the hard drive (100%) during tests. In short, this drive is best suited for moderate home use up to ten hours a day and storage of non-critical data such as games, movies, music, photos, etc. You won't find better for the price right now. I looked a lot and something more or less costs 2 or even 3 times more expensive with the same volume and characteristics. Also, I consider it a big minus, it is a soft package. 전체 리뷰보기

sleeplux mattress inflatable shoulder material 로고

SleepLux Mattress Inflatable Shoulder Material

Hello, dear users and readers of the site ""! Today my review will be about an air bed. I bought the bed not for myself, but as a gift. We went for a mattress, but the birthday girl wanted a higher unit to make it easier to get up. No sooner said than done! Bought. Went specifically for one model, bought another. But from the manufacturer INTEX, which is famous for its mattresses and beds. I have already managed to test this bed and now I dream of buying one for myself. I would love to exchange this bed for a regular one. Such a cool effect, it shakes and sways a little, as if you are floating on the sea and getting high. But these are my personal associations, maybe someone will not like this. The bed was sold in such a convenient, compact and very light package. I carried it to the minibus on my own and took it home, and then I gave it as a gift. Photos, as you know, will not, only in general terms will tell. Bed with built-in 220 V electric pump. The pump is incredibly fast and comfortable to use. We got it right very quickly. There, just the relay is rebuilt from rest mode to inflate or blow off. It’s not at all difficult to figure it out, you don’t even need to read the instructions, although it is available and quite extensive. Here's what the bed looks like when it's inflated: The height of this bed is 42 centimeters. And in the place of elevation at the head, it has a height of 47 cm. This elevation may well replace the pillow. The bed inflates in less than two minutes. And most importantly - it has passed the test of strength! For a day it was not blown away, as is often the case with similar mattresses. The man slept on it overnight and nothing happened. This is very cool! The bed is made of waterproof flocked vinyl. It is resistant to stress and mechanical damage. The bed comes with a bag for storage and carrying, which is also very convenient. It is 99 cm wide and 191 cm long. The maximum load is 136 kg. The frame of such a bed is longitudinal, in size and sleeping place it is considered a lorry. There is such a puffball - 2950 rubles. Taking into account the "Order" card, it cost me 2802 rubles. I will recommend! Cool thing! Yes, unlike an air mattress for sleeping, it is unlikely to fit into a tent if you take such a bed outdoors, but for guests, for home, it is an ideal thing. Better folding beds at times! And such a thing is durable! Let this particular bed have nothing to use, but acquaintances have been serving like this for many years! So, such a thing will not be superfluous to anyone. Thank you all for your attention to my review and see you again online! 전체 리뷰보기

kingston 480gb solid sa400s37 480g 로고

Kingston 480GB Solid SA400S37 480G

To be honest, some unique features of SSD drives that are now fashionable do not come to my mind, so that only thanks to them these drives can be recommended to everyone. At the moment, this is just a pursuit of fashion by and large. I am well aware of the huge advantages SDD has over HDD in terms of speed, size, noise, and so on. All this is really cool, only SSD memory has a few drawbacks. I think one of them is real, the second is a fairy tale. What are we talking about? I see a wild price tag for one gigabyte of SSD memory at the moment - this is a real drawback. False - a limited resource. Yes, the life of the SSD should be shorter than the life of the HDD, and this is due to the limited number of write / rewrite cycles. But this disadvantage goes into the void for people who do not digest hundreds of gigabytes of information daily. It will take 10 years to kill an SSD while working with information in normal use, and during this time the drive itself will become obsolete a hundred times and will most likely be replaced with a more modern piece of hardware earlier. I think it's clear what I mean. But the high price does not mean that you cannot find an affordable model for yourself on the market. For a system, for example, with a head, a 120 GB SSD drive is enough. In addition to Windows, it will also fit all programs and at least one heavy toy (as a rule, they try to throw an online game so that speed plays into the hands of the player in battles). These discs are relatively cheap. I, after a short but thorough search, chose the Kingston A400 SSD drive. It is not the fastest and, of course, far from the top models in all respects, but with it the system loads with lightning speed, programs fly, games too, and the price does not bite. Priorities always decide. I bought for 1720 rubles, and now you can find 200 rubles cheaper. What I did not like was the weak packaging of the SSD drive. Of course, ordinary HDDs are generally stupidly put in a package, which is completely bad, but there is still cardboard packaging, and besides, the SSD can withstand light shocks without problems, which ordinary hard drives do not experience, but still I would like more reliable packaging. The Kingston A400 SSD rests, as you can see, under a plastic "cover" on a cardboard substrate. This is the whole set. The body of the SSD Kingston A400 is made of plastic, in my opinion, although some sources claim that the case is metal. Maybe, but it feels like brittle plastic. In any case, the case is made with high quality, without gaps, nothing cracks anywhere during operation, the operation is ABSOLUTELY SILENT, the heating during work with data is negligible (the programs did not show more than 43 degrees) and the size of the drive is tiny (form factor 2.5). The real volume of SSD can become a surprise. 120 GB is declared, but only 111 is available. A completely ugly number, but this amount of memory is still enough for your eyes if you put a system, programs and one or two games on this disk. Nine missing gigs will not make the weather. In addition, memory is not just missing, but performs very important functions, thanks to which the SSD will live a long and carefree life. Many users immediately look for information in the SMART section of the Aida 64 program, and I was no exception. This section displays a whole bunch of all sorts of data, but not a computer guru needs it. Why do I go there? The resource is interesting, that is, how many percent of "health" the disk has left. After installing the system and all other crap, the disk wear was 99%, and when I saw this figure, I almost farted. Can you imagine a new disk and firewood for it right away? It's like I had when I bought a new HDD Weathern Dygytal in Citylink e-discounter. It turned out that this was just false information that appeared due to the recording of a huge amount of information at a time. A few days later, the remaining resource became 99%, that is, the situation changed in my favor. You should not expect lightning-fast data writing to a Kingston SSD drive, but this is only if there is something to compare with from the SSD family. The reason is that Kingston A400 is probably the slowest of this clan. However, its speed is not comparable to any HDD. Any file opens at the moment, the operating system is loaded in a matter of seconds from it, data arrays fly almost instantly. What else do you need for such a modest price? In any case, you need to understand that this drive is bufferless and the high data transfer rate is only at first (by the way, SATA 3 and 2 interfaces with a bandwidth of 6 and 3 Gb / s, respectively), and then it drops dramatically, which should be seen in the screenshots if I remember to attach them. It's just all the little things for people I read what computer geniuses write about this disk. To put it mildly, they are not happy, but their opinion does not coincide with mine, so I will recommend Kingston A400 120 Gb SSD. On the market you can find an SSD cheaper than this with the same characteristics, but it will most likely be a no-name brand, and Kingston has long won the trust of millions of users. In addition, let me remind you that this solid state is one of the most affordable at the moment. What then is it all about? Brief specifications from official sources: - 3 year warranty - storage capacity 120 GB - SATA 3 interface (6 Gb/s) - TLC memory chip (practically the very bottom with a relatively low read / write speed and a reduced resource, but the latter does not mean that the disk will die before the warranty period, the latter does not mean anything at all. Like from 500 to 1000 rewrite cycles, the disk with TLC will be pulled out ) - the maximum declared data reading speed is 500 mb / s - the maximum declared data recording speed is 320 Mb / s - a resource of 40 TBW (the total amount of memory that can be written to SSD with guarantee, which again does not say anything about further problems). Advantages of SSD drive Kingston A400 120 Gb: + affordable price + will revive any sleepy PC (or laptop, if you can connect) + the speed of work is very pleasing (after life with various HDDs, this is noticeably real) + small dimensions and weight + works completely silently + does not overheat + the resource will last for 10 years Disadvantages of SSD drive Kingston A400 120 Gb: - the declared speed does not match the actual one (although in the tests the information always comes out different) - fast write speed only at the very beginning, and then it drops noticeably (feature of bufferless SSDs) - well, let TLC and 40 TBW (although I don’t see a problem in this). By the way, it is also worth mentioning that there are two camps of "geniuses" - some are dissatisfied with the described drive, while others (no less authoritative) on the contrary award him a conditional "best choice" award. So think. 전체 리뷰보기

brix refractometer atc dual scale 로고

Brix Refractometer ATC Dual Scale

This device will be needed for those who are engaged in winemaking or home brewing. I have been engaged in winemaking for more than a year and there was a need for an accurate measurement of the alcohol content in the finished product. I used vinometers and alcohol meters, but they do not have special accuracy and are not very convenient to use. Then I looked at Aliexpress for this device and decided to order it, and I was very pleased with the purchase. For an accurate measurement of alcohol, it is necessary to drop one drop through a pipette onto a prism and look into the lens. Of the advantages is the measurement accuracy, compactness of the device and easy to use. I recommend.전체 리뷰보기

litetouch syringe sterile individually sealed 로고

Litetouch Syringe Sterile Individually Sealed

I bought syringes in the same pharmacy where I bought Diclofenac injection solution. My husband, of course, asked for a pill for a sore leg, but I was adamant: either injections or amputation :)) It costs mere pennies to inject now, the price of a syringe is 9 rubles, it would be something to type into it)) Syringe with a needle, disposable injection, volume - 5 ml or cm3. So many different syringes passed through my hands during my studies at the medical school, which is enough for a regiment of soldiers)) I know very well which are better, which are worse, which are stupid, and which are suitable for a child. Honestly, when buying this time, I was guided by exclusive gender. There was an option to buy syringes with a thinner needle, but I also had experience when I wanted the best, but there was such a force majeure that I will never forget. The packaging is the simplest - paper and cellophane. Sealed. Country of origin: Germany. Now for the application. Syringes can be used in different ways, not only for injections, my granny uses a regular syringe to prepare delicious "drunk" salted tomatoes)) On the package you can see the date of manufacture and expiration date. Shelf life - 5 years. Such a bag opens easily, there is a small "tail" on the side, and then you just need to pull, and then "the chest just opened")) The syringe is plastic, the cannula and piston are black, the scale is also printed in black, the divisions are distinct, the numbers are large. Can you imagine how convenient all this is now, but before that syringes were not disposable and were boiled, and these curved needles, as I remember, it becomes so funny, but I was in practice and saw that civilization did not reach all corners of our vast motherland... The convenient handle of the piston moves easily; If air gets inside, get rid of it easily. Now about the needle. Of course, I could buy thinner, this is 0.7 mm (thickness) by 40 millimeters (length). The only case in my entire practice when I have ever given injections to someone was that the needle broke, it just broke off. Thank God, it was not a patient, but ... my husband! When I injected a needle into his ass, this coward tensed his muscles and the needle simply broke. He was lucky that she did not remain in the body, her tip was sticking out, I was able to take hold of him and pull him out. I no longer buy thin needles for him. Since then, he has never been given injections in this place)) So I prick him in the thigh. The needle is long enough to enter deeply intramuscularly. Good straight cut, sharp tip. 전체 리뷰보기

champion classic t shirt oatmeal heather men's clothing and shirts 로고

Champion Classic T Shirt Oatmeal Heather Men's Clothing and Shirts

Good evening, my dear friends and visitors of the site "". Summer is coming and it's time to start thinking about what you're going to wear. Spending weekdays in a stuffy office, you just dream of throwing off the "fetters" of your suit and dressing lightly, simply and "not hot"))))) And the "Athletic" T-shirt from Champion is the best option for this! It is light, soft, cozy and simple! Also natural and breathable! The fabric it is made from is 100% cotton. The photo did not convey the color ... in a live T-shirt of bright red, saturated color! Framed with gray inserts! It sits perfectly and repeats the reliefs of the body (unless, of course, you choose the right size) and is practically not felt! We love this company! They are always of excellent quality and serve for many years! As for me, this logo-inscription would be enough! But they also stuck it here)))) I wash the T-shirt in warm water by hand, it doesn’t stretch, it doesn’t shrink, it dries quickly and doesn’t shed! 전체 리뷰보기

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