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This was pretty easy for my team of 3 people, the admin side has been very nice at helping me with anything I need! They're super helpful if you have any questions about how their software works. We were able to automate our feed in minutes, instead of days or weeks it would previously take! There really wasn't much we needed help with aside from creating new accounts. The team behind this product are extremely helpful! If you want an instagram automation that does what it says without being complicated then they should be your first choice. Automation of our own posting/feeds so that the content never goes stale since everything gets posted directly through API calls. The best part of this app is that it does not require any coding knowledge, you just need an account with instagram! It's so simple yet powerful at the same time. I can't think of anything negative about this product as everything works perfectly fine for me. This has been such a great tool in my business because it allows us to share our work directly from inside the application itself without having to go through other social media platforms or websites like Facebook or Twitter. See full review

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Re-Store. LLC

I like that they have been able to help me with my data recovery needs as well as being very helpful when it comes to their services for backup solutions. They are also very knowledgeable in all of there products so if you need assistance or advice, they can be trusted. As far as what i dislike about them? Not much really. Their customer service has always been great! The only thing i would say is maybe make sure your backups are up to date and working correctly before calling them out. We had some issues with our backups not working properly but we were able to get everything back online quickly. See full review

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The best thing about microcks is that it allows you to test API's without having to write any code at all. This has been very helpful when integrating with other products like Slack, Zapier, etc. I would love if there was more documentation for non-technical users of this product. It can be difficult finding what you are looking for in their support section. Also sometimes it takes awhile before answers show up. If using slack integration its great because you don't have to worry about writing out tests. You just send them messages through slack and they will run automatically. See full review

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The control panel is quite intuitive to use even if you have no technical skills or experience with web hosting services. I really like that it allows me to host my sites without having to know too much about how things work behind the scenes so long as i do not mess up in any way. It's perfect for beginners who want their own space online but are intimidated by techy stuff. There can be some issues when sending out emails which sometimes takes time (not always though). Sometimes problems arise due to poor internet service at home which means our email server has difficulty receiving messages from other servers. We solved this problem mostly through changing DNS settings but other times we had to send an engineer over to fix it manually since there was nothing else they could help us with! Also, the amount of spammy content hosted within the system itself may affect your privacy depending upon where you live - although these options were all clearly explained before hand. If you're looking into getting Everything is just perfect with hostupon! You can choose from many different packages to fit your needs without having too much of an impact in terms or monthly costs ( I am not sure if that's even possible). They are always there for you when things go wrong but they also very well know how their stuff works so it makes life easier overall as far hosting goes;) Not really any dislikes here since everything has been great thusfar : ). See full review

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I like having access to my calendar from any device because of how intuitive it is compared to other solutions out there - which also allows me to have reminders sent directly into my inbox without actually needing to open up Outlook/iCal etc (which can be time consuming). The only thing about this software that i don't love would probably just come down to personal preference; but if you're looking at something different than EASILY accessible web-based calendaring then plek might not work so well for your business! We are solving issues around accessibility within our organisation by being able to easily view who's available during their working hours in one location. See full review

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I like how easy it is to use, even for people who are not tech savvy or have never used an online video chat before. It's also very simple when you're trying to communicate with someone outside of work hours as well (i'm in California). The only thing that sometimes gets annoying about this software is if there isn't enough space between messages; however, they do offer free storage so we can continue working without having our inboxes full up all day long. We've been able solve most issues while using Ovice together by communicating through text message instead since everyone has their own cell phones now anyway. This helps us keep everything organized because its easier than emailing each other back forth throughout shift changes etc.. Also the ability to send group texts makes things much more efficient overall too which was something lacking from some previous communication methods within my team/company. Our. See full review

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it is very easy for me with this software, I can read my news feed in minutes without opening my browser or anything!!it even remembers what page you last were reading! No cons at all really:), i just love that tool so much!, if somebody want something like that but maybe more expensive than feedity he could consider other alternatives (like gReader). Newsfeeds are great when we have limited time or energy available for browsing trough different websites. It saves us hours every week by automatically updating our feeds as soon as new articles appear anywhere online. The best thing about feedity is that it allows you to extract all of your data in one place for easy access. It also gives you options to filter by different columns, which makes searching through your website easier than ever. I do not like how hard it can be to add new websites into feedity. If there are too many sites then sometimes it will take up a lot of space so make sure you have enough room. This product has made managing my business much more organized and efficient. See full review logo

The support is amazing, they helped me set everything up from the start. I'm able to pay for my cloud server in bitcoin, which I think is pretty cool since it's an added bonus that helps out the environment. They have a lot of plans and offers for their customers. I haven't used any of them yet but they do offer a free plan so you can try everything out before deciding if you want to move forward. If you're looking for a simple way to get started with bitcoin backed services this is a good place to start. It took about 30 minutes from signing up to being fully operational. You don't need technical expertise to use their service. All you need to know is how to log into your wallet and send some coins. See full review

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I like that it is easy to use, intuitive layout of tasks with tags/categories helps me quickly visualize my upcoming work in progress (WIP). The ability to see at-a glance how long each task will take makes estimating much easier than doing by hand or relying only on estimates from other sources such as discussion forums which are often not very accurate! It can be difficult sometimes when some people don't follow through - they may have started but haven’t finished their assigned portion yet so its hard to add time back into your estimate if you need more hours allotted before something else starts getting done. Also there's no way within this software to adjust WIP limits once an initial limit has been set up but rather must always go over what was originally estimated unless someone manually changes them via edit button right above where we input our original numbers. This.See full review

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It's great, I can easily keep track over my open tasks/projects in the system. Also you are able to set up notifications (e-mail or any other platform), which makes the process even easier. There isn't anything that i don't like at this point! Some minor bugs might be addressed soon by their developers, but as it was mentioned before there will surely not something major with UX / UI. If I could give them a couple points lower - they should make sure that Xeblio doesn't crash once in a while, otherwise some users just won't use it because of this issue. Xebrio has been amazing so far, I've never heard about similar solutions around me. As project manager it's perfect solution for my needs. The project management tool is very easy to use and navigate. I do not have any dislikes. The tool is very user friendly and the customer service is very helpful. I would highly recommend the product to anyone looking for a tool to help manage their project. We are solving the problem of time and cost management. It is also helping us to track the progress of the projects. See full review

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