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Oak Engage

The speed at which they can communicate to you is great! I love that my team has access from anywhere in Australia (even if we are not physically present). We have an internal portal for our teams but it doesn't sync up as well or quickly enough when communicating internally about things like safety processes/ procedures etc - so this really does help us keep everyone organised throughout all our sites around Oz!! Some aspects could do be improved upon / added features would make life easier sometimes- however its very easy once set up & running smoothly! It's amazing how much time savings there is by using OE compared with emailing back n forth via other services where communication takes longer due too multiple emails being sent before getting responses out etc!!See full review

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LinkedIn Clone ProsNexus

It's easy to use, it has all of my favorite features in one place (profiles, recommendations, groups), as well as many other things I didn't know were there until now! Also super easy to customize so we can tailor our site to what we want. There are some bugs with certain plugins but they're getting fixed quickly. We made sure that everything worked great before launching, but if anything does not work perfectly right off the bat - just keep plugging away and someone will help out! Having one central location for us to share information about ourselves and recruit people who fit into our business model/team has helped grow our brand significantly. See full review

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Impact Factors

The most important thing is that it helps you to find relevant journal articles for your projects or research work by making simple search using keywords provided during registration itself as we are registered users! I don't think many people have knowledge about journals so hence such services become useful because one can easily get them via internet without going through lengthy process of searching at libraries etc. There should be more features like customizing filters with various options while registering ourselves!! It would help alot if they provide some other related tools along side free impact factors tool too. We really appreciate their product offering us this service completely FREE OF CHARGE. ! Nothing but appreciation here since inception till date (7 years). !! They also update me regularly regarding new publications added. I like that it's easy to use for my clients. It is very intuitive and has many features and customization options. The customer service is also top notch! There are some bugs here and there but nothing major. For me personally, this program does what I need it to do. My clients love how simple it makes their lives easier with managing their donor database, tracking giving requests and processing them quickly and efficiently. See full review

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The customer support is excellent. They are always available if you have any questions or concerns about the product. It's not possible to purchase bitcoin directly from their website so it can be confusing at first but they're working hard to integrate this feature into future updates! I would highly recommend using them as soon as possible because of how fast they respond. There isn't anything that I dislike too much yet, everything works great thus far! Their prices are competitive compared to competitors like Coinbase and BitPay.See full review

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It is easy to use, provides great insights about what your competitors are doing right or wrong in order for you to do it better (or even as they). Provides great insight into keyword ranking which allows me to make improvements with my content creation strategy that will help improve search rankings. The user interface could be improved to allow faster navigation through results pages so one-click viewing of all data would be beneficial. Great tool! I highly recommend them because their team listens closely and always has answers when asked - very customer friendly if slightly difficult at times using more technical terms than we're accustomed too. Before this product was available our SEO efforts were manual and time consuming with little progress seen from Google's side. They have made tracking keywords much easier by providing us realtime feedback without having to wait days/weeks after publishing new articles etc., to see how successful those posts really were compared against others. See full review

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WP Store Locator

I like that it is one of those products you don't need to worry about getting too complicated, as there are plenty options for just what we want out this thing! It has all been easy peasy so far - great price compared against other similar services (which have much more bells & whistles). We're now able see store locations without having our phone or computer handy in order to check them online at work while also being easily available from home via mobile devices when away if needed; not many tools do both these things well but WPL does it very nicely indeed!! Really no complaints yet either way :) Would be awesome though maybe could get some extra features added down time such as an offline map option? Or ability perhaps through their API integration into your own site / app etc.? Either would make life easier here really ;) Maybe even add Google Maps support?! This product helps us locate stores around where they should go which makes working remotely less boring/stressful sometimes haha :D I like the fact that it allows me to search for stores near my area. It seems like it would be helpful for finding a store when you are unfamiliar in an area. Sometimes its hard to narrow down your search results, but overall it has been great! I dislike how sometimes it gets stuck searching. This is for finding local businesses. If you live out of town, or dont know where all the stores are, this will help you! See full review

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Crypto APIs

It is fairly easy to use, it works well with other blockchain platforms like Ethereum for example. I have used this API in my project, but i can't say that there are any dislikes about it, everything was ok so far. If you want an easy way of integrating your application with decentralized applications then go ahead and try out's not complicated at all. We were able to integrate our desktop app with ERC20 tokens by using their smart contracts and they support many different blockchains too.See full review logo

Nothing in particular I dislike about Elmah it's very easy to use with any framework or language that uses ASPX pages (like MVC). It is also extensible so you can write custom rules if needed without having too many restrictions of what types/variables are allowed etc.. This allows me flexibility when writing new features but not being able to do things such as limit how often an user logs into my site would be nice at some point down the road once we have enough traffic! As mentioned earlier there really isn't anything else out their currently which meets our needs 100%. If looking just one simple way / solution then this should definitely check off list however after using several different tools over time now they all seem fairly similar - most basic functions implemented already & no real configuration options available outside adding additional components via third party libraries e.See full review

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I like that it has all of my project management tools in one place, which makes life easier for me as an administrator! It's very easy to use compared with other PMS software out there; however this can be both good & bad depending upon how you want your system set up/organized - we have some users who prefer having everything together but others would rather keep things separated into different sections so they don't get overwhelmed by too much information at once when working from home or while traveling etc.. The only thing about Web 2 Projects i dislike are sometimes certain features do not work properly if using multiple browsers such IE vs Chrome / Firefox versus Safari e tc., also because our organization uses Google Apps instead o Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus suite, many functions within WTP seem limited wtihout needing additional plugins installed outside their platform itself --.See full review

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I like that it is very easy for me as an employee who works in another city (or country) from my main office location - so being able solve issues/ questions quickly without having someone else look at them was really helpful! The ability of pinning notes directly into specific boards makes this even better than just sending emails or texts back & forth when we have something important come up while working remotely- instead you can simply log onto your board where all our info lives already!! This has been great because now everyone knows what's going down here no matter how far away they are located around us. Also there isn't anything about Pinnery which i dislike other then maybe some minor details such adding icons would be cool but overall its pretty straight forward once u get used too ;) We're using Pinnery daily between myself @my job site + 3 remote employees across 2 states plus 1 coworker.See full review

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