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sony bdps5500 blu ray player wi fi 로고

Sony BDPS5500 Blu Ray Player Wi Fi

I haven't had this player long enough to not be able to return it, which I am now considering. Plays Blu-ray fine (over video), but on many discs (not all) the surround soundtrack goes to all channels, i.e. all dialogue, music and effects are played through all speakers without exception (at the moment I have 7 plus 2 subscriptions) . This sometimes doesn't happen, but then the problem can arise that the back edge doesn't support anything at all. Of course I try these discs on other players and they work fine. I really liked this player until I started playing more discs and found these issues, especially since this thing loads very quickly, much faster than any other player I have and I have a lot of them! I'll try for a few more days and if nothing improves I'll go back. UPDATE 9/22/15: I've just tried six more discs (5 BluRay and 1 standard). Everyone has the same problem of sending all the information (dialogue, effects, music) to each channel, to all seven. I switched cables (different HDMI cables) and got a different result. The sound is reproduced via the front channels, the environment is only slightly static. I forgot to mention in my original review that I was trying to use this player instead of the Panasonic which was equipped to receive Netflix and Revain streaming from a router and worked flawlessly. This game didn't have streaming capability so I returned the Panasonic to find that I was no longer able to receive streaming content. After checking, the system tells me that the LAN adapter is not connected, when in fact it is. Since then I've tried many times but same result. At this point I am faced with buying a new adapter for around $100 or just without Netflix which I pay a monthly fee for! Without a doubt this car needs to return!전체 리뷰보기

birds love multipurpose accessories decoration 로고

Birds LOVE Multipurpose Accessories Decoration

The Amazon packaging smelled even before I opened the box. All my stuff in the box smelled like leather. I let it sit for a day and my whole house started smelling bad. I tried throwing the packaging away but the skin still smelled so bad it made my eyes water. I washed my hands 3 times after the treatment and the smell still stays on my hands. I don't know what's wrong with that skin, but it can't be safe for birds. I am not sure if this is safe for me. i give it back Too bad. It looks good.전체 리뷰보기

sancable rj11 telephone modem surge protector 로고

Sancable RJ11 Telephone Modem Surge Protector

Just what we needed

This is exactly the part we needed to repair our phone in our elevator. Fast delivery and reasonable prices. Would recommend to anyone who needs a similar product.전체 리뷰보기

photoflex heavy duty aluminum swivel 로고

Photoflex Heavy Duty Aluminum Swivel

Nice but heavy

I bought this for a cosmetic case I made that attaches to an umbrella holder and the first one I had (different make/model) broke because it was made of plastic. I don't think I can break it because it's hard as a rock. It seems too heavy for aluminum, but it's definitely "heavy duty".전체 리뷰보기

tetra 19 3125 low profile aquarium lighting 로고

Tetra 19 3125 Low Profile Aquarium Lighting

I have a Penn Plax 1200 filter on my 55 gallon tank. This aquarium has a significant bioload with a RES turtle, 7 giant danio fish and 2 plecos (ugh). However, this is not a filter test, but a lens hood / light test! Since I have a heating dock above the tank for my RES, I only need this hood for one side. It's perfect for half of my 55 gallon (bought 24x12)! No spaces, no problems. Assembly was very easy (you have to snap the LED lights into place, cut/bend any rear hole you want and attach hooks to it and the tank, but that's about it). The rear hooks were an added bonus. There were 8 hooks in the kit but I only needed 2. There were 4 hooks of each size so I'm guessing it was a set of hooks (2) for whatever size tank you have plus a spare set. I also love that you can adjust the back opening for the filter components as I keep the water level pretty high and my turtle just loves to crawl out of the tank. The two filter components went through half the possible opening with no problem, while the heater and light cord went through the designated hole for the light cord with ease. Very happy with this hood. It's nice and roomy, has a small and efficient feeding port, and works great. hope it lasts I would like you to purchase the LED string light that came with the kit so I can attach it to the bottom of my DIY dock on the other side, but oh well. Great product, very satisfied!전체 리뷰보기

display port to hdmi adapter 로고

Display Port To HDMI Adapter

stopped working after 3 weeks. Used to connect a laptop to a small LED TV used as an alternative screen for a work laptop. Worked great for about 2 weeks, then sometimes the HDMI connection didn't work and finally all of them stopped working together. It turned out that the connection to the laptop failed, almost as if there was no reliable connection. Wiggling the pin end of the converter plugged into the laptop or holding it in the correct position sometimes worked, but it didn't help in the long run. The same problem occurred with the second adapter, so it turned out that the problem was in the adapter.전체 리뷰보기

ellie dog wear adjustable drawstring 로고

Ellie Dog Wear Adjustable Drawstring

I have a mini Goldendoodle (23lb) and he is small in almost everything he has like collars and harnesses. Some reviews said to go bigger just in case, and I'm glad I listened. Although my dog is small, he has a long back and high legs, so medium suits him very well! The quality of the sweatshirt is excellent and he looks adorable in it. Highly recommended!전체 리뷰보기

foto tech replacement ef cameras 로고

Foto Tech Replacement EF Cameras

I have a Canon T3i and lost my eyecup on one of our recent hikes somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. I was so happy to see that I can order this item brand new and at a great price! It is much more convenient to look through a lens with the part installed. I am very happy with the purchase.전체 리뷰보기

nourse adjustable lightweight waterproof reflective 로고

Nourse Adjustable Lightweight Waterproof Reflective

My 85 kg pit bull is happy about his new stylish raincoat. I am also happy! The product is very strong / well made. I bought a very large one because I wanted to cover her tail. Fits perfectly and my girlfriend is very picky about the fit (refuses to move if she is uncomfortable). Love the added quality that the Velcro can be fed through the plastic strap mount and zipped closed. This brings additional comfort in the stomach area with the possibility of a tight belt attachment. It keeps the jacket in place and doesn't move on the dog. She happily accepts this jacket, wagging her tail. The dog stays dry, eliminating unnecessary towels and labor. I plan to buy another one in a different color. The hood looks so cute on her. Since their ears are prone to infection/discomfort when wet, the hood sits at ear level, protecting them from water. Surprisingly, it's not flimsy and stays folded over the ears. I appreciate that she didn't put her face on the floor and made her stop abruptly because she couldn't see anything. The dog can run away without bothering him with a jacket. Since we are using a choke collar, we do not put the leash through the hole. I'm not sure how well this area will take a heavy puller and possibly crack.전체 리뷰보기

penn plax cascade aquarium filtration 로고

Penn Plax Cascade Aquarium Filtration

Unbelievable value

I have been an aquarist for 50 years so I have used most of the well known brands. I needed a low budget proof of concept filter - experimental stuff. This is an amazing filter. However, there is no way I would fit it into a 100 gallon saltwater aquarium and I am very skeptical that it will do. This filter is quiet and well made. Assembly took a minute at most and everything fits well, feels high quality and fits together perfectly. Ideal. I estimate this filter will work very well for nano reef aquariums up to 30 gallons (headed) and 40 gallons for fish only saltwater aquariums. I would increase this to 60-75 gallons for freshwater. I would still recommend this pump for other sizes. Just take 2. Personally I would have two of these in a 40 gallon refrigerated truck, but I also use a low flow head. Disadvantages of buying this filter. The price is excellent for what you get and what if you have to buy two or three. It will still deliver quiet, great filtration for your hard-earned money. UPDATE Been running for a few months now, works great!전체 리뷰보기

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