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cvtracer professional 로고

CVTracer Professional

I like how it allows me access from anywhere at any time with my own computer or mobile device! It's very user friendly as well which makes things easier when you're trying out different features in order get familiarized before implementing into your business process flow/workflow routine workflow schedule etc.. The only thing i dislike about this software would be if there was an option where we could have more than one report per page instead just 1 (which might make sense). This helps us keep track better so our clients know exactly what they are getting themselves involved within their recruitment processes by having all these reports available via cvtracers website itself.전체 리뷰보기

decker jumbo spring curry 31 j 로고

Decker Jumbo Spring Curry 31 J

I am very satisfied with my investment. Both of my horses shed forever. This curry solved the problem. Also works well in the mud. Things got even better when I found out that the handle could be pulled out and the metal curry rotated fully. Two tooth lengths make it more versatile. A short guide would be nice. As a fairly new horse owner, the guide is helpful! A small amount of WD40 at the base of the handle would make turning much easier thereby reducing the occurrence of carpel tunnels. This curry appears to be well built and should last a lifetime.전체 리뷰보기

simple solution spotter urine detector 로고

Simple Solution Spotter Urine Detector

Ordered as a gift. I just found out it never worked. I bought Energizer batteries hoping it would help but it is a defective product. I'm confused! I want a new one to replace this one. Obviously it has never been used as it is not working. Please submit the one that works and you can send it back to see what's wrong.전체 리뷰보기

san francisco bay bloodworms fish 로고


This is the only thing my angelfish should have or he will get hysterical. The worms are thick and large, suitable for large angelfish, soft and fresh. You don't smell bad. There tends to be a lot of powder at the bottom making the tank messy when I try to use it.전체 리뷰보기

made nacho grass fed finished hydration 로고

Made Nacho Grass Fed Finished Hydration

Two of my photos are very similar to those on the Revain product page, but I want to emphasize the nutritional value. This is lower in protein than most canned cat foods, which are often around 10% protein. This works well for us as one of our cats has advanced kidney failure. We restrict them to special foods for the kidney diet, where the protein content is 6%. It's in the middle, so feeding her a pouch as a treat makes me feel good. The directions give instructions on feeding as if it were the main diet. This food is terribly expensive for the alkaline diet. Our cats seem to enjoy this treat. I put the bowl down and the gravy-loving cat ate whatever it could. Then another cat came and ate all the solids. This is their usual way of sharing. So this is a five star product downgraded to four stars because of the price.전체 리뷰보기

modus bark control device ultrasonic dogs 로고

MODUS Bark Control Device Ultrasonic Dogs

Mode Bark Detergent had an INCREDIBLE effect on our 2 year old Chihuahua. As we had no way of stopping her 'vicious' behavior at the moment we were beyond disappointed and couldn't teach her to walk on a leash and NOT try to chase cars/bikes/pedestrians or bark at anything in the household! ENTER Mode Bark Control Device - In a SHORT moment of activation, she stops the behavior and looks at me for help. I am so happy with the GREAT results! With just a tiny beep, my dog will stop, calm down, and LISTEN to me. I 100% believe in the merits of this tool! It must be used wisely to help your dog improve his behavior! IT WORKS!전체 리뷰보기

camco remover removes without 51316 로고

Camco Remover Removes Without 51316

Works great with large mites especially when perched on an adult but in the case of tiny mites or mite nymphs you will need metal tools Remove mites to remove the tick safely and do not cut off its head, especially when trying to remove it from children or pets, as you can pinch its skin and not easily remove the tick전체 리뷰보기

littlegrass premier braided leather training 로고

LITTLEGRASS Premier Braided Leather Training

I ordered a 10ft leash. The leash is actually 8 feet. Otherwise I would have given five stars. It looks great and feels good in the hand. The hardware is pretty solid, although it's heavier than I wanted for the ny papillon. So I ordered a small one, expecting the device to be smaller and lighter. I think the quality is excellent and this is my favorite leash. I wanted at least 10 feet so I could let him explore, run and play during our walks in the park. The heavy gear and short length is a disappointment.전체 리뷰보기

christmas bandana holiday buffalo puppies 로고

Christmas Bandana Holiday Buffalo Puppies

I ordered a large for my large breed dog. Size is normal size, we all get bandanas and it's just too small. The quality of the cute bandanas is great but the size is not big at all.전체 리뷰보기

reptile tortoise habitat handcrafed non toxic 로고

Reptile Tortoise Habitat Handcrafed Non Toxic

Very difficult to find a good shelter for my tortoise. But finally I found it. This is a very well built rock fortress. In my picture it is partially hidden in the thermal lighting area of one of my enclosures. My turtle Petey has plenty of room to easily get in and burrow in. I would highly recommend to anyone with a smaller tortoise. In addition, it tolerates thermal lighting well, as well as a slight misting of plants in the aquarium when they are planted with it. (Not visible in the picture I'm handing out today)전체 리뷰보기

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