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hiboost indoor 698mhz omni directional internal 로고

HiBoost Indoor 698MHz Omni Directional Internal

This antenna was purchased to replace the directional antenna that came with my cellphone booster. My wife didn't like the shape of the other dome antennas and I'll admit they look ugly. Installation is easy - routing the cable and installing the cell phone booster is the labor intensive part. If you have a white ceiling, you will hardly notice it. The range varies depending on the placement and infrastructure of your home. Ideal for open houses. I installed an antenna in the middle of our house and we are losing signal at each end of the house. 1 storey single house. If you are interested; the signal does not interfere with your WiFi, Cell phone signals are on a different frequency/channel. The antenna is flat as shown in the picture. The Hi Boost logo you see in the picture was not included with the antenna I received which was a plus for in-ceiling insertion.전체 리뷰보기

foldable ringlight extendable recording photography camera & photo 로고

Foldable Ringlight Extendable Recording Photography Camera & Photo

Like it but after a semester of online learning and running around the mirror broke. The light still works, but the mirror/lantern cannot be glued back to the stand. However, I immediately ordered another one because I liked it so much. Light color, brightness and stick settings are adjustable, which is good for my migraines. Although you might want to put something on the base as it can tip over at times. It is also easy to fold and store.전체 리뷰보기

godox v860ii c battery speedlite compatible 로고

Godox V860II C Battery Speedlite Compatible

World's Best Flash

I'm so glad I found this flash. It's easy to use and has a lot of features if you want to get creative. Best of all is the BATTERY! I've been using rechargeable AA batteries in my regular flashes for years. These flashes were great, but they sucked my batteries. I even used the tried and tested eneloop rechargeable batteries and even they ran out of juice. I wish I had bought this Godox a long time ago and saved all the money, spent on batteries. Godox maintains a constant charge with minimal charging time. The battery lasts a very long time.전체 리뷰보기

tze 231 brother pt d200 standard laminated 로고

TZe 231 Brother PT D200 Standard Laminated

Except for the label on the cartridge, it is identical to the Brothers brand. The quality is the same. According to the instructions, the green coil must be screwed in as far as it will go. I twisted it in the right direction as instructed, but it never got stuck. Installed and everything worked the first time.전체 리뷰보기

o2cool rechargeable necklace fan adjustable computer accessories & peripherals 로고

O2COOL Rechargeable Necklace Fan Adjustable Computer Accessories & Peripherals

Anti-fog goggles

In times when masks are worn, this fan is ideal to cool your face and prevent your goggles from fogging up! I'll use it anyway, it's a big personal fan.전체 리뷰보기

charger cargador lighter adapter samsung 로고

Charger Cargador Lighter Adapter Samsung

NOT Fast Chargers

These are not fast chargers, they feel like they're made out of cheap aluminum-feel plastic. When it says it's a 3.4 fast charger, it really means one port is 2.4 and the other is 1.0. Charger, It doesn't charge fast at all. And before anyone says it might not be a fast charge cable, I have several fast charge power adapters (wall mounted) that all charge quickly. These car chargers are not, don't let the name fool you.전체 리뷰보기

sanus soundbar mount designed sonos 로고

SANUS Soundbar Mount Designed Sonos

built for this!

Rugged mount for Sonos Arc. The assembly process consists of taking the TV off the wall, detaching the current TV mount from the back of the TV and essentially reinstalling it along with the speaker mount. Certainly not difficult, but perhaps not the easiest task if you have a large/heavy TV. Attaching the speaker was also relatively easy. Two screws held the bow firmly to the bracket. A bonus is that you can adjust the depth of the speaker (how far it protrudes below the TV) to make the most of the Arc's upward-firing speakers. My TV/Bow is on a full articulation mount so it wobbles a bit전체 리뷰보기

black jacket keyless remote clicker 로고

Black Jacket Keyless Remote Clicker

The first thing you'll notice about this skin case is how it feels in your hands. It made my keychain look fuller and smoother. The feel of rubberized synthetic fabric will make you think you have a brand new car :-). I was skeptical when I ordered but the price was very reasonable for me to try. The Lexus lettering and symbol look very high quality. I hope this lasts for a while. I have included photos of both sides of the key fob with the new leather.전체 리뷰보기

devmo stylus nintendo replacement plastic 로고

DEVMO Stylus Nintendo Replacement Plastic

They really fit. I've bought others that claimed to fit the 3DS New XL but didn't. They fit and come in a pack of 5 so now I have spares for the future. Plain black with a perfect fit, just like the original pen that originally came with the system.전체 리뷰보기

aulzaju for iphone 12 pro max case for girls women with wrist strap band kickstand cute clear glitter fashion soft tpu bumper protective phone case with loopy ring for iphone 12 pro max 6 로고

Aulzaju For IPhone 12 Pro Max Case For Girls Women With Wrist Strap Band Kickstand Cute Clear Glitter Fashion Soft TPU Bumper Protective Phone Case With Loopy Ring For IPhone 12 Pro Max 6

Well I screwed it up 2 days ago and the strap had already broken off, the plastic pieces holding it fell off one by one. I had a similar case I. Been a month and it's still ok, just plug this one in to change color. DO NOT buy this! It's cheap and breaks!전체 리뷰보기

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