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amazonbasics silicone macaron baking mat 로고

AmazonBasics Silicone Macaron Baking Mat

I bought a reinforced silicone non-stick mat for baking pasta in a tortomast. I took a lesson in an online school and bought it right in advance. During the lesson, I showed the rug to the curator, they immediately told me it was not suitable. But I spent a lot of money, and decided that there was no choice on what to bake, maybe everything will work out. The rug is convenient in that it already has drawn circles on it and it was easy to fill the pasta on it. When the skirt did not rise, the pasta just stuck to it. After cooling, the middle of the pasta in 45% of the cookies remained on the mat. Therefore, you should not lead to the fact that the rug is marked "for pasta" ... It is better to take a regular cheap Teflon mat. The most useless purchase, but I use it for baking buns and pies, here it is just a god! Everything sticks and nothing burns. For pasta, I do not recommend taking. 전체 리뷰보기

crucial bx500 nand 2 5 inch internal 로고

Crucial BX500 NAND 2 5 Inch Internal

Greetings readers. Some time has passed since the purchase of my gaming laptop, and now we can draw conclusions regarding the additional components that the author put into it immediately after purchase: this is an additional RAM chip and this ssd drive. Initially, the laptop already had a 1TB hard drive as a second drive, but considering that it is already the 2020th century and nothing in laptops should buzz, vibrate or stand out in any way in terms of noise - this hard drive went to "live" in an external hard drive box as a drive that stores backup copies of my music collections and so on. Yes, yes, I think that now in any laptop (if possible) - the drive configuration should be completely from solid state drives. Well, of course, if you, like me, suffer from a little paranoia and are afraid of a short circuit that will destroy your ssd - store data on hard drives, but separately from the laptop. As in the previous case, the configuration of my drives looks (and always will look) as follows: I bought this ssd for bonuses from buying a laptop, and of course I could again buy the version from A-data, which so far have not let me down and are sometimes cheaper - but for the sake of a new experience, I decided to take a chance and share my experience with you. Outwardly, there is nothing special about it - I think it makes no sense to invest in a "wrapper" of what you will not even see 95% of the time of use. So I'll start with temperatures: in idle time, the temperature stays around 30-35 degrees But even when playing games, it does not seriously heat up. For example, I launched Devil May Cry 5 and took this screenshot: The temperature did not rise above 37 degrees, which is good news. Specifically, in terms of read-write speeds, at the moment everything looks like this: Also, according to the test of linear recording of this drive, performed in AIDA64, I did not do so well. This drive recorded in its entirety in 43 minutes at a fairly low speed (about 100 Mb / s). However, I will warn readers and say right away - despite the same box - inside the chips can be different. It all depends on the revision. Earlier before the purchase, I saw the same test of the same drive - the results were completely different. In short, it’s how lucky and yet the drive serves me well and is overwritten quite often ... we hope that this will last as long as possible :) In general, I recommend it, as well as, for example, A-data in the 240GB version and like any solid-state drive - after all, the times when there was a frequent marriage are long gone and, in general, tests and "questions about speeds" rest on personal feelings - if the OS loads quickly , transfer-write-read files do not cause discomfort - take it and use it. 전체 리뷰보기

oral b super floss pre cut strands 로고

Oral B Super Floss Pre Cut Strands

Teeth, oh these teeth, something always happens to them, then they erupt, and we don’t sleep with our children because of this, then they change, I remember how shocked I was when my child lost his first tooth and it turned out to be ... without a root, I didn’t know where to run, I thought that it had broken off and remained in the gum :))) Then caries appears in them, etc., etc. And sometimes we ourselves "complicate" our lives when we want them not to have the look that they got naturally, but to be "like a movie star" . The last case is mine. And although I am not equal to movie stars, I always wanted to have a beautiful even smile. And having lived up to ... I will not say how many years, I decided that it was time. As the saying goes, it's now or never. And got braces. Whoever used them knows that high-quality brushing of teeth turns into at least a half-hour daily ritual. Of course, in addition to the "iron jaw" I received a set of special devices designed specifically for braces, but this was not enough. Flossing in this position becomes simply necessary, even if you have never used it before. Dental floss, let's call it "regular" Oral-B, is absolutely not suitable for this, it breaks and clings to the locks just terribly. In addition, it has a round shape, which is inconvenient. The Bioseptly thread turned out to be stronger, besides it is flat, which is much more convenient. But both of them, as well as all the others, have one significant drawback: they are all very inconvenient in diving under the arc. Actually, it is precisely because of this that brushing your teeth with braces is delayed for so long. And just recently, walking through the expanses of Ozone, I saw a dental floss that was designed specifically for braces, as well as bridges, implants, and just wide interdental spaces. This is the Oral-B Superfloss thread: And even the fact that this is a regular dental floss of this manufacturer did not please me too much, did not stop me from buying, because BEFORE that I had never seen such a specialization in threads anywhere. Since before buying the thread I saw only in the picture, when they brought me, I was disappointed. Well, you know, usually the threads are placed in a plastic box, because they will use it most often in the bathroom, so that it does not deteriorate from water. And then they brought me a cardboard box, besides not very small. It is the size of 3 packs of ordinary dental floss. On the back, it is written in detail in several languages in what situations you can and should use superfloss and how to use it in general, with pictures, if anyone has a weak imagination :) By the way, you can use it for "ordinary " teeth (this is literally the words from the packaging). Although, in my opinion, this is not advisable because you will have to overpay for those options that you can easily do without. The Oral bi superflos thread itself, like other products of this brand, is made in Ireland, which is indicated on the packaging: perhaps the most terrible thing in this thread, And further. In the description on Ozone, it was written that there were 50 threads in the package, to be honest, I hoped to the last that this was some kind of typo and it was not 50 threads, but 50 meters of thread. But it turned out that this was not a typo. There are actually 50 threads in the box. So it should last a couple of months, maybe longer if each thread is used for a couple of days. This horrible, flimsy-looking cardboard box opens like a disposable tissue box. Inside, the threads are hermetically sealed and in order to get them, you need to tear the bag in which they are located along the existing perforation: Everything is simple here, we hook the first thread that comes across with our finger and pull it out of the box completely. And do not let the appearance of what you see in the top photo scare you. The fact is that since the thread is specialized, then it has the appropriate shape and structure. It has a very thin and hard end, which allows you to insert the thread even into the smallest interdental space. Moreover, the length of this tip is such that it is very convenient to use it even with not too thin and dexterous fingers, since it is long (about 5 cm) and can be used as a needle. Next, it is followed by the spongy part of the dental floss. It only seems so thick, but in reality, when pulled, it can take on any shape and squeeze into any place. And it is with this part of the thread that it is most convenient to clean everything that we absolutely do not need between the teeth. This porous part of the thread is followed by a long piece of ordinary thread. It is round in cross section. And I must say that I personally do not like this section of the thread. It works well for wide interdental spaces, but this part is too hard for me, on the first day I cut my gum with it three times. In addition, despite the fact that it seems thinner, you cannot traditionally stuff it between densely standing teeth from below. In addition, this "tail” even bothers me, because the thread has to be completely dragged under the arch of the braces. Well, if we talk about the minuses, then we can say that the spongy end of the thread, with an awkward movement, can catch on the lock, but if the doctor puts a metal ligature on some "stubborn" tooth, then it will end with a 99% probability thread. However, in defense of Oral-B Superfloss, I can say that it still helped to cut the brushing time by about half and made this process noticeably easier. Therefore, I still recommend this thread. 전체 리뷰보기

celestron 31045 astromaster reflector telescope 로고

Celestron 31045 AstroMaster Reflector Telescope

About a year and a half ago, I climbed through private ads and came across a telescope for sale. As it turned out, he was small, in fact, a child, on a flimsy tripod, with a lens diameter of only 50 mm. Some evil force made me buy it. I have long felt a craving for optics and the starry sky, but, as usual, drafts often walked in my pockets and there was simply no choice at that time. I lived with this telescope for about a year, occasionally using it for its intended purpose, and then finally sold it, disappointed in it. And just recently, fate presented me with a gift - Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ, which I also took from my hands for only 5000 rubles. and even with an incomplete short-focus eyepiece (4 mm). The device made a positive impression almost immediately: a reliable and versatile mount, a steel tubular tripod, the pipe itself is massive, made of sheet metal. Having delivered it to the house, to the hut, he immediately began to study all the subtleties and features of this truly monster, looking forward to the night. The clock struck the long-awaited time of day and I took the telescope out to the lodge. There were a lot of impressions. Through the eyepiece, a whole scattering of stars was observed, as if sugar or salt were scattered on the table, when using the most powerful eyepiece, the stars were luminous peas on a black background, and the moon simply did not fit into the field of view, but with the help of subtle movements, I managed to take a real walk around the surface of our satellite. I read on the Internet about the numerous shortcomings of this model, but I personally did not identify them, in the end everything is relative, someone will be satisfied with weak Chinese binoculars, and someone will find the stationary observatory to be nonsense. Summing up, I will say that my dream of a good amateur telescope has finally come true. At the moment, in addition to the three available eyepieces, I ordered a 2x Barlow lens. 전체 리뷰보기

microscope skybasic magnification compatible smartphone 로고

Microscope Skybasic Magnification Compatible Smartphone

I bought a microscope when problems with my eyes appeared - they began to inflame from working at a computer, the explanations of the doctors did not satisfy me, I decided to figure it out myself. The choice fell on a microscope - how else can you see what is happening there along the edge of the eyelid. Now I have an all-seeing eye. Small, with a special metal bracket for fixing. The bracket is height adjustable and rotates 360 degrees. But, to be honest, I use a microscope without a stand, it is very convenient. I just bring it to the object and look at the image on the computer screen. Sharpness is adjustable by turning the wheel on the handle The illumination of the microscope is powerful - with 8 LEDs. A 1000-fold increase is declared, but, of course, they exaggerated. How many times I do not know, judge for yourself: This is a garden aphid you can consider a paper napkin maybe a kitchen knitted apron You can see cubic zirconia in silver and compare it to a diamond in gold This is a sewing needle and thread When a tooth broke off, I also studied it with a microscope. It is very clear for children to show their nails or a splinter in the finger. This is a splinter: In general, an interesting educational toy for children and adults. 전체 리뷰보기

listerine alcohol free anticavity mouthwash fluoride 로고

Listerine Alcohol Free Anticavity Mouthwash Fluoride

I very rarely use such tools, very very rarely. Therefore, it will be difficult to even compare with any other brand. The final rating will be vaguely approximate, based solely on the use of one bottle of this rinse. Why did you buy it at all? And just like that. I was in Pyaterochka, passed by rows with household chemicals, I saw that this conditioner was on sale. I remembered the reviews on the site that they say such rinses are useful, very necessary, and since I like to have a bite to eat several times in the evening and it’s easier to rinse in my mouth than brush my teeth, I decided to buy it. Moreover, everything was painted just fine: already six in one! And no alcohol. I don’t know if it’s really so good that it’s alcohol-free, but it’s obvious, yes, since such an advantage is written on the front side of the bottle. If shaken, some kind of foam is formed. You can try to use this tool for other than its intended purpose, then, it seems to me, beautiful soap bubbles will be inflated from it. The composition interested me for one reason. No alcohol is understandable, it's different. After I rinse, there is a very unpleasant aftertaste, and I try to wash the whole thing down with the rest of the tea. Accordingly, all the remaining chemical muck gets inside ... They are not even made in Russia, which is a rarity. Now about impressions. Before writing, I looked at the General Impressions in other reviews, and perfectly understood the authors who wrote negative reviews. The fact is that the rinse aid is really very specific in taste. And it is quite clear that even someone may not like this taste at all, right to the point of vomiting. He's sickeningly sweet. When you rinse, it seems to be nothing else. But after that there is such an aftertaste that he wants to eat or drink something. However, it doesn't work. This aftertaste is unbeatable, and it stays almost all night. Smoothly approached the topic of falling asleep. I'm really bad at sleeping, with shift work. So, after rinsing with this wonderful remedy, when you go to bed, you only think about the bottom - how bad it is in your mouth, and you forget about other problems, and you fall asleep well). The rinse is strong, when you rinse there is a burning sensation. After rinsing, it seems that he ate bird cherry or unripe persimmon. Yes, it gets tough in the mouth. Teeth creak, that is, it seems to clean well. Thermonuclear, in short, a thing. Of course, I tolerate such a taste, God bless him, I will rinse the bottle, but most likely I will not buy this one again. If it weren’t for him (taste), then most likely he gave the rinse aid a five. Someone is fine, but I didn’t like the sensation in my mouth after rinsing. But these are only taste sensations, in the end, you shouldn’t drink it, after all. I will recommend. The score is four points. Tell me, did not like it, what are the four points? The only thing I didn't like was the taste, but the feeling of freshness was, and it seemed to me that it does a really good job with its other brags written on the label. 전체 리뷰보기

hydroponics accuracy measurement household drinking kitchen & dining 로고

Hydroponics Accuracy Measurement Household Drinking Kitchen & Dining

Good day readers of my reviews and not only. I would like to share with you my impressions of the PH meter with Ali Expressa. I bought it to measure the pH of water. As is known in hydroponics and aeroponics, this is the most important factor for the preparation of the solution. And so: for calibrating the device with a PH meter, two bags of powder, the so-called space powder, came. One of them with PH - 4.01 at 25 degrees Celsius. Another with a PH of 6.86 is also at 25 degrees Celsius. Yes, by the way, the instruction that came with the device is in English. Therefore, the stages of verification of the device were taken from the Internet. Each powder must be diluted in 250ml of distilled water. Before each measurement, you need to rinse the electrode of the device well, also in distilled water. Then make the next measurement. This device, I don’t know why, showed a deviation in both cases of measurement by 0.21 PH, i.e., where it was 4.01 for a long time, it showed 3.81. Accordingly, where it should be 6.86, he showed 6.65. I do not know what it is connected with, maybe with the quality of distilled water. Or maybe with the quality of the device itself. 전체 리뷰보기

neaterize plastic clothes lightweight available storage & organization 로고

Neaterize Plastic Clothes Lightweight Available Storage & Organization

There are never too many hangers, no matter how much I buy them, for some reason there are not enough of them all the time, so I bought another set of plastic hangers in the Fix Price store. I think that for 47 rubles a set of 6 hangers is very cheap. At home, I looked at the hangers more closely and realized that they are not very reliable: those loops that are designed for skirts are very thin and may not withstand a large load. The hangers themselves bend easily, but the hangers in regular stores, I won’t say that they differ much in quality, but are more expensive. By the way, I already bought a set of children's hangers in Fix (there were 8 pieces), and they perfectly hold children's dresses and suits, until none of them broke. The color is dark green, I did not really like it, but there were no other colors. Hangers are made in Russia (not China), the material is polypropylene, there is no unpleasant smell. In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, I recommend these hangers. 전체 리뷰보기

amazonbasics rj45 cat 6 ethernet patch cable 10 feet 3 meters 로고

AmazonBasics RJ45 Cat 6 Ethernet Patch Cable 10 Feet 3 Meters

There are times when you need a twisted pair cable, but as luck would have it, there is no cable at hand, or everyone is busy. Once, when I was buying my home, a high-quality Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD router, when placing an order, put a pair of twisted-pair cables of 2 meters in the basket, so to speak, for a reserve. The price of a twisted pair cable 2 meters long cost me 30 Russian rubles. The cable is supplied in a polyethylene package. Other side of the package The cable itself looks like this. The length is exactly 2 meters. I have been using a pair of such cables for more than a year, during this time they have shown themselves well, during this time they have not worn out a little and have not frayed anywhere. Almost similar cables that came with the router were worn out a long time ago, but these are still in excellent condition, that is, we can safely say that the quality of the cable is at the highest level, despite their low cost. 전체 리뷰보기

hmrope premium plastic strength self locking 로고

Hmrope Premium Plastic Strength Self Locking

Nylon zip ties are now available at any hardware store. The scope of their application is huge and is limited only by the limits of your imagination. We recently purchased these "laces": Length 30 cm, width 4.2 cm. Pack of 4. On the tag - all the minimum necessary information: Such clamps-screeds are applicable not only for their intended purpose (in electrical work), but it is also convenient to manage them in the country - during the construction of greenhouses, attach seedlings to supports and much more. 전체 리뷰보기

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