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BKEX is a professional exchange platform established by a team of experts in the Crypto and blockchain industry to give the most preferable trading experience to all sorts of traders be it newbies or seasoned traders who indulge in futures and leverage trades. The exchange user interface gives a sleek and glossy view of the trading icon and tools available on the exchange. The interface is set up in a simplified version that has a good learning curve in adapting to the use of the trading platform. The trading view looks cool with the needed indicators for making fundamental market analysis. The interface also comes with a variety of light and dark modes on both iOS and Android versions to suit the user's preference. BKEX is an exchange that has grown in its popularity over time and is now accessible across 150 countries globally. The exchange platform comes in 7 different languages, it even has a variety of telegram channels available in different languages like Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, English, Turkish, and many more. The English telegram community is quite very active and the Community moderators are always around to help in attending to members' concerns whenever they try to make more inquiries about the exchange. There's also a 24/7 support deck where customers can also get live support whenever they need help. The FAQ section is also available for users to answer some of their questions about the exchange platform just in case any objection arises. Futures trading is a feature that's common to all cryptocurrency exchanges together with the spot trading feature. BKEX allows traders to use up to 100x leverage on a futures trade to make more profits. Another peculiarity about BKEX is the opportunity to also earn while using the platform. They currently have an ambassador and affiliate program running allowing the user to play an active role in building the user base of an exchange platform they love to use by recommending other crypto traders to it and earning a Commission of up to 30% of the fee every user that signs in through them pays. BKEX has another notable feature that allows the staking of major tokens on the exchange with attractive APYs from as low as 2% to as high as 100% for tokens like $BUSD, $BTC, and $USDT, $ETH, and many more. Staking is a better way of putting the assets you HODL to work using them to provide liquidity on the BKEX exchange. BKEX's professional trading service gives them a glimpse of success as a top-rated trading platform where trade transactions for cryptocurrency and blockchain assets can be exchanged. It's one of the reliable platforms out there for anyone looking for an exchange platform to trade on. 전체 리뷰보기

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An exchange that has always been a part of my sojourn in crypto

For anyone about investing or trading cryptocurrencies one of the very first platforms you get to know about and utilize after acquiring in-depth knowledge about cryptocurrencies and perhaps the blockchain is a cryptocurrency exchange. Crypto exchanges are platforms that help individuals transit from traditional finance to a decentralized finance setup. During my early days as a crypto trader in 2020, I got to know about Bityard exchange, although I was already using some other digital currency exchange before then one thing I found interesting about Bityard was the user interface. Starting as a newbie I found the previous exchange interface difficult to navigate through due to its complexity and arrange of icons on the interface to stick to Bityard, moreover, my demands as a new trader were met in terms of numbers of coins listed on the exchange. Making a deposit was a lot easier than I expected, the deposit was available via crypto transfer and bank transfer through trader's MasterCard and Visa cards. The latter makes it frictionless for newbies with no crypto holding to get started as soon as they can without further delay. Over the years I found the exchange security top-notch without any case of a security breach and I rate them in high esteem for that, this has been achievable by using a cold storage wallet that restricts unauthorized users from accessing funds stored on the wallet, 2FA Verification is another security layer designed to make security as tight as possible. Having a platform that assures anyone of the safety of their asset can't be overlooked, and that's why I have some of my funds stored on the exchange since then till now. Bityard keeps to the current market trend and is constantly making noticeable changes to the exchange interface and user experience by adding more functionalities to the exchange setup. It's one of the highly recommended exchanges I can refer to anyone based on its global coverage across hundreds of countries.전체 리뷰보기

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Disrupt Motion

Disruption motion is a video marketing company helping crypto and blockchain projects creating video contents to help promote their brands increase the confidence and belief of people in the project. It's believed that their video contents stimulates viewers visual and also help them to easily understand the project. They have worked with other project in the cryptosphere and help deliver an amazingly great visual content that drives engagement and interest on those platforms positioning them a gold standard professional in creating professional video for different blockchain brands. They also help early stage project by partnering with them to boast their trust to the community and help them become mainstream using their wealth of experience as a professional entity at marketing with over 10 solid years of experience in creating videos for branding different businesses. Research analysis have soon that majority of the world marketers are now adopting videos to create more awareness about the service they are promoting, making it easier to reach out to leads. What's makes Disruption motion great is that they are laser focused on the blockchain niche, their service can be utilized by projects creating DeFi, WEB 3, Metaverse and NFT related contents.전체 리뷰보기

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The most astonishing thing about Thousand exchange is the numerous amount of services and solutions they aspire to provide to their users or rather their community, this services places them at the top of their game as a platform that provides all that is required of a digital trading platform. The range of product and service available on the Thousands exchange will go a long way helping them gain global recognition amongst Crypto traders. It's one of the exchange platforms to keep an eye one after knowing them at this particular time. They are still in their seed investment stage, the exchange platform token $TND will soon be launched and liquidity mining will also kick off allowing buyers and holders of the token to earn passive income from staking $TND token. Holder's of $TND can stake their tokens on the pool available on exchange to earn amazing rewards. It's is a very impressive project under development and I'm anticipating to see the full launch of the project's products and services anytime soon, after it has been fully developed.전체 리뷰보기

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Roobee has been able to allow individuals legitimately acquire some top-notch assets through the blockchain. These are assets with high revenue value such as investments in gold, Robinhood shares, and IPO. What gives investors assurance about investing in these assets and products Asides from the fact that roobee is regulated is the fact that ROOBEE also invests in all assets they recommend as the best to their users. Anyone can invest using the roobee Project cause the entry barrier into the market is very low and it allows anyone to profit from the platform revenue sharing allowing individuals to own assets to themselves. Another unique feature about roobee is that it was created using the blockchain. This implies that every transaction carried out on the platform and investment is stored and encrypted on a public distributed ledger and can always be referred to at any instant time if need be. This creates more trust amongst users as there's evidence of proof for all transactions made on the network. Roobee is introducing one of its subsidiary features known as Roobee Finance. It's a decentralized exchange that works exactly like other automated market makers, allowing traders to buy tokens, sell, exchange, stake, and farm liquidity, least I forget some customized bridges across the different networks to strengthening further liquidity inflow into the protocol, the bridge connects Roobee to end-users on chains like Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum, Arbitrium, BNB chain, and Optimism. I've been an active member of their Telegram community for quite some time and the community is very vibrant with new updates coming in now and then, with some excellent level of engagement from the community and admins of the telegram community. Some competitions and bounty are held often to also incentivize members for their activities and activeness, I've been privileged to win that on mo... 전체 리뷰보기

gagarin launchpad 로고

GAGARIN Launchpad

I've taken my time to check out Gagarin launchpad platform and there's no doubt about it's exceptional service and it has shown it's competence in providing a fair launch opportunity to all participants and helping upcoming projects launch. Majority of start up project fail because they lack the start up capital to build a project that meets up to the standard , but launchpad has offered them with a more appealing solution to their financial crisis by helping them raise capital in exchange for their tokens at a lower price than the listing price I also like the name of the project and how it was gotten from the name of the first man to land on the moon, it's tells so much about the project and to be honest Gagarin launchpad is an amazing platform offering it's community and developer endless opportunities. Gagarin use a system known as decentralized fraud protection. It's an approach that enforces projects launching on Gagarin to lock some of the launchpad tokens on the platform as collateral to boast the confidence of investors in participating in their sales. 전체 리뷰보기

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StealthEX is a platform for crypto traders to purchase or sell digital currency. it an amazing platform that is easy to use with the help of it's intutive user interface and users experience. Without any rigorous verification process you can sign up on Stealth and start trading your digital assets, there are variety of assets you can trade on stealth exchange, these are assets ranging across different blockchain networks. There were over 400 coins on the exchange the last time I checked the website, but with the addition of new tokens like $APE, $BICONOMY, $ERTHA and more I believe there should be over 500 digital assets on the exchange at the moment. Stealth has a affiliate program for existing traders on the platform. But there's more to be done done by StealthEx to build a strong presence in the crypto space cause most people are still unaware of this amazing exchange.전체 리뷰보기

wodo network 로고

Wodo Network

The entire idea and concept about NFTs and the Metaverse is still new and most people around the globe are unaware of how well this emerging blockchain Innovation can be utilized in their endeavours. From the look of things it's still a early stage project about carrying out it's public sales whitelist. But looking at the project's hidden potential and how it plans to specialized on a specific audience in the market, I find it very amazing and so I will like to be a part of their community as I foresee the ability for them to scale through in the gaming industry. I'm happy Wodo Network has its own it's academy, it reflects how big the project intends to become after it's fully launched. I believe the academy will be an opportunity for many people to learn more about non fungible token, Metaverse and the blockchain. I love how their project doesn't focus on just on one party, the are concerned about business building on their platform and at the same time they are also conscious of their community with an understanding of how community engagement will help project launched on Wodo thrive.전체 리뷰보기

kucoin 로고


I've always been a big supporter and great user of KuCoin exchange often times I even feel more willing to recommend the exchange to my friends and family because KuCoin hapens to be a user friendly exchange that has an easily understandable trading interface for everyone to understand and interact with. One of the major upside of the exchange over Binance and is the reason I often recommend it to some of my friends is that Kucoin understands it's target audience much more, by trying to make research and findings to know them better and make their services better accessible to them. The issue of KYC is one of the area where this is clearly stated, KuCoin has created another alternative for members without any of the verification documents which are the National ID, Passport and Driver's license, they made it much easier allowing members verify their account through their NIN and BVN, although the P2P withdrawal limit per transaction isn't that high but it's still very good and it has given KuCoin exchange an advantage over other exchange that are very strict with KYC Verification documents band wouldn't even take time out to understand their customers concerns about their service. Without any doubt KuCoin is exceedingly user friendly, the minimum amount anyone can deposit in a trading account is twice as low as that of Binance, the withdrawal fees are also very low and I haven't sensed them charging me any hidden fee while trading. They come up with competitons almost every every week. Their telegram community has been very active and the AMA events with project owners and developers gives me some exposure to some good projects from the early stage of development, ask questions from the guest for further clarifications about the project, and if it's worth investing much on I do. There's still one area where I think KuCoin is lagging behind, that's in the area of publicity and awareness about their services and project to traders. Most people aren't aware about the exchange although it's recorded to be one of the exchanges with the highest trading volume but people hardly make mention of the exchange, this has also affected the growth of some of the projects on their chain since there's lack of adoption of the utility of this projects on the KCC blockchain. Kucoin exchange remains one of my highly patronize exchange, so far I've used almost all section of the exchange and I haven't been facing any disappointment. It's still a surprise to me that I haven't visited the support to complain about their service, this guy's are super fast, secured and reliable when it comes to choosing your Crypto brokerage.전체 리뷰보기

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Bitay is a cryptocurrency exchange the exchange has numerous advantages one of those advantages that caught my attention is the Bitay training academy for digital currency and it's referral bonus to those bring in their friends. It's easy to purchase coins using your credit card so this won't limit people's access to the exchange to using cryptocurrencies alone so there's an alternative for you to purchase your digital assets with Fiat currency it makes it a very good platform for the newbies to use especially those who don't have any digital currency holdings .The exchange comes in two language that's English and Turkish I feel the two language language translation is not good enough because not all traders understand and speak both English and Turkish language so well so there is need for other language translation so that all traders can easily understand the exchange unable to relate better with the exchange interface but since it was an exchange for only the Turkish traders the few language translations was reasonable.전체 리뷰보기

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