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apple airpods charging latest model 로고

Apple AirPods Charging Latest Model

I am satisfied with the product, the airpods are 100% original, they make their way on the official website, the warranty period is from the beginning of use. At first there were glitches with the right earpiece, after a week of use everything got better. The cant was the uneven discharge of the earpiece while using both. Disgusting delivery service, messed up, or rather delayed the delivery time. I bought it before flying on vacation in the hope of spending time on the road with a buzz, but no, it broke off . It was very disappointing . (Plus I had to ask people to take my order.전체 리뷰보기

plantronics voyager wireless bluetooth headset 로고

Plantronics Voyager Wireless Bluetooth Headset

More details: - At a negative temperature (noted starting from -4 ° C), the interlocutor stops hearing me. When the headset is warmed up, the performance is restored. - After the purchase, the headset regularly "fell off" from the phone (Android). It was decided by adding the PLT Hub application to the phone exceptions so that it would not be unloaded automatically. - There are still problems with media playback - sound "stuttering" (the source is not important, stuttering disappears, then reappears). - The gasket under the liner after a year and a half decays and falls apart. Yes, pads are available in other earbud sizes. But the fact that they "rot" in a product for such a price upsets. - The rubber cap starts to fall out after 2-3 months of using the headset. This sight looks depressing. I believe that the rubber band did not appear from the very beginning, because I saw the 5200s without it. Apparently made to match the headset's own waterproofing claim. - Usually the new one is more advanced than the old one. But as far as charging is concerned, here PLT stepped back. Such hemorrhoids with this charge: pick out (at first, because it falls out by itself) the plug, plug the cord in with the right side, then pull out the cord, try to plug the plug. Well, at least mini-usb was not squeezed in))) Either in Legend: with one hand I fiddled with the headset near the charger and it magnetized itself, pulled a little harder - disconnected it. I don’t really want to buy a charging case for the cost of the headset itself. - Voice notifications: On, Off, Time left, etc. are not always reproduced. - In terms of wearing comfort, it seemed to me that the Legend was more comfortable - a month of getting used to it and then I was constantly scared, not feeling it on my ear. I have been using the 5200th for half a year - my ear periodically hurts very much in the evening. For the first two problems, the manufacturer recommended contacting the store and replacing the headset . It's good that I took it with a 2-year warranty - there is time to wait . think . exchange.전체 리뷰보기

seagate one touch parent 1tb 로고

Seagate One Touch Parent 1TB

Below I will present my personal opinion about the product Seagate One Touch Parent 1TB. In general, the device is useful for archiving any unnecessary garbage, which is a pity to remove, but at the same time it takes up a lot of space, which is never superfluous. I copied it and put it on the shelf, it would seem simple. But perhaps the best option would be an internal disk for archives. For example, it does not bother me much to remove the cover and connect sata. It definitely performs its functions, so choose according to your preferences.전체 리뷰보기

bluetooth controller joysticks vibration compatible 로고

Bluetooth Controller Joysticks Vibration Compatible

Today my review will be about the product Bluetooth Controller Joysticks Vibration Compatible. All buttons are pressed just fine, except for the Start button. After pressing it, it seems to be reluctantly pressed back. It is so subtle that it is not considered a disadvantage. But I am very picky about the little things, so I felt it necessary to point this out.전체 리뷰보기

cool toner compatible cartridge laserjet computer accessories & peripherals 로고

Cool Toner Compatible Cartridge Laserjet Computer Accessories & Peripherals

My personal review today about the product Cool Toner Compatible Cartridge Laserjet. The toner does not stick to the paper and can be rubbed off with your fingers. I had to reduce the brightness of the print in the printer settings as much as possible. Prints gray, but at least remains on paper. Eventually the cartridge fell apart inside the printer. Barely took it out so as not to break the printer.전체 리뷰보기

microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000 로고

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

Now here are the details: 1. All the rubber in which the mouse is wrapped on the sides and the scroll wheel is rubberized a year later simply decomposed into components, which apparently and judging by the reviews happens to everyone. The rodent peeled off and shed its skin like an irradiated rat from the catacombs of Chernobyl. First, the rubber on the scroll wheel began to stupidly increase (!) In size and seize, after which it was brutally torn out of its compartment and the mouse worked fine again, but not so comfortable of course. After that, the rubberized lining from the sides began to literally disintegrate into components, but here I was already taught by bitter experience and did not wait for it to completely mutate and peel off and just drag along the table after the mouse and tore off this misunderstanding even before complete decomposition.2 . Batteries eats for a sweet soul, just throw it up.3. USB transmitter - works only at a minimum distance and if there are no visible obstacles. At a distance of 40 cm, with a slight obstacle, the connection is not stable, the cursor starts to move in jerks, the buttons start to work intermittently. This has not been the case with other mice.전체 리뷰보기

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