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crocs sandal toddler bubblegum lemonade apparel & accessories baby boys and shoes 로고

Crocs Sandal Toddler Bubblegum Lemonade Apparel & Accessories Baby Boys and Shoes

A great, comfortable, all-round kid's shoe for warm weather. These shoes are great for hiking muddy trails, walking rocky beaches, and (after a good splash, which they do well) eating with adults. These are the only shoes my 5 year old wore in a week in Hawaii. He never wanted or needed another pair. I wish I could say the same! They fit his wide foot perfectly and didn't slip off like flip flops or Crocs clogs. I suggest to the Crocs people adults need these stylish shoes next summer.전체 리뷰보기

tsla short sleeve rashguard youth boys' clothing for swim 로고

TSLA Short Sleeve Rashguard Youth Boys' Clothing for Swim

Crazy sizes!

I had to reorder about 3 times because of crazy sizing. I tried to follow the scheme but it didn't work. I needed size 5/6 for my 6 year old. So I bought a size S but when I received it it said size 10! So I went back and got size XS but it said size 8! So I tried again and got a size 3XS but it was a size 4! Argg. I only put it on to check and hope for the best and it fit him! With free space? Strange size. But a good shirt for swimming.전체 리뷰보기

gioberti cotton knitted cardigan sweater boys' clothing - sweaters 로고

Gioberti Cotton Knitted Cardigan Sweater Boys' Clothing - Sweaters

Large and long

The sweater is thin, the quality is not very good. My son is tall and usually wears a size 14 top so I ordered a size 12 as other reviews said it should be a size down. Size 12 was still too big and too long. This is my second problem with this seller. I was originally sent the wrong sweater, they replaced it without refunding me for their mistake and now the sweater is too big. I have requested a full refund, will never order from this supplier again.전체 리뷰보기

childrens place toddler sleeve uniform boys' clothing via tops, tees & shirts 로고

Childrens Place Toddler Sleeve Uniform Boys' Clothing via Tops, Tees & Shirts

So far, so good. We bought this t shirt for our 3 year old son. Specially we got this shirt so we can take family pictures. The material is pleasant to the touch, the colors are pleasant. However, it is not the most breathable material. Honestly, it's hard to beat the price when it comes to a boy's white shirt. I expect the shirt to be covered in food/dirt/blood or some other foreign object in no time. In general. All in all I would recommend this shirt. If you found my review helpful, please let me know below. Thank you for reading.전체 리뷰보기

yoangry jackets children portable re useable boys' clothing 로고

YOANGRY Jackets Children Portable Re Useable Boys' Clothing


this raincoat was very cute! Looks like the picture and great quality. I like that there is reflective material when it's dark outside. my siblings really liked their raincoat 💜전체 리뷰보기

denon avr x8500h 13 2 channel av receiver 로고

Denon AVR X8500H 13 2 Channel AV Receiver

Qualitatively assembled unit. Lots of settings via on-screen menus after connecting the TV. Big learning curve for the average person. There's a setup wizard that does a good job of showing you where to connect everything and guiding you through the process. It sets the speaker levels, etc. This can also be done manually. I used the helper and then adjusted it a bit. The volume and tone of each speaker can be adjusted individually. Be patient. If something is wrong, then most likely the settings. In my default setting, the device automatically switched on to the TV, and only the 2 main speakers in the front and the center speaker were turned on. I was able to fix it manually every time by switching the input to cable/satellite and turning on all speakers with the remote, but it was annoying. 2 settings were wrong. I had to download and print out a nearly 400 page manual to sort through these two issues and learn a lot more. Very customizable. The only complaint is that it's very expensive. If you don't need 13.1 surround sound, you can get a comparable device in 7.1 or 9.1 for a third of the price. The only complaint is that it's very expensive. If you don't need 13.1 surround sound, you can get a comparable device in 7.1 or 9.1 for a third of the price. The only complaint is that it's very expensive. Who doesn't have a 13th전체 리뷰보기

sleep headphones cell phones & accessories 로고

Sleep Headphones Cell Phones & Accessories

So I'm always skeptical about these devices, partly because they never work well unless they're a good price , partly because I'm prone to headaches; Any kind of headband and most in-ear headphones hurt if I wear them for a long time. But this is a find. Inexpensive, easy to charge, easy to use - but most importantly, it keeps the battery charged all night (no screaming "LOW BATTERY" after 6 hours or so) and it's CONVENIENT. The strap is soft, does not squeeze the head, the headphones are flat; I can lie on my side if I want and I will be perfectly comfortable. Like a man, who wants white noise in his sleep it was wonderful. As for the quality of the music, it's good for meditation music etc. I haven't tried listening to anything more upbeat or with heavy bass, but the quality of what I'm hearing now sounds perfectly clear. I'm not sure I'd want to wear it to workout just because it's so comfortable (maybe it's too loose for that) but I'm totally happy with it for the purpose I bought it for.전체 리뷰보기

sorel youth flurry winter tropic boys' shoes for outdoor 로고

Sorel Youth Flurry Winter Tropic Boys' Shoes for Outdoor

Best Fit Sorels

Although they cost more than some boots, Sorels are the best, and here in Minnesota, where we have 6 months of snow and a week in sub-zero (F) temperatures, we NEED good boots. I think they fit as expected. My child who hates clothes complains that he can't move his toes, but I don't know if that's really necessary with boots. I'm pretty sure it has enough room as far as I can tell from the thick rubber - rubber that will NEVER crack or leak no matter how brittle it gets in the cold. In any case, I know that the boots are warm. As the boots have velcro around the ankle I can add more next time and then tighten - because there will definitely be a 'next time'.전체 리뷰보기

amplifier folding enlarger magnifier facetime 로고

Amplifier Folding Enlarger Magnifier Facetime

Very blurry. Essentially one of those enlargement pages, but with extremely blurry edges, may only see images in the center of the page, or you may have to move them around a lot. The description sounded like projecting the same image in large format. Enlarges the center and blurs the edges. That does not work.전체 리뷰보기

vinyl cleaning fluid microfiber towel 로고

Vinyl Cleaning Fluid Microfiber Towel

I'm putting off writing a review because I really enjoy using the product before saying I have an opinion on how well it works. Here's the good news, this product works. It cleans up the records. The question is how well does it clean them? I would say it's better than most but not as good as the others. Now I'll admit that other better methods are much more expensive and time consuming, but if you want a good quick clean this is a good product. But when it comes to playing heavily soiled records with as little noise as possible, "Record Rescue" isn't quite right. However, I am keeping my "Record Rescue" jar because I'm sure it has a place on my cleaning shelf. Likely for lightly to moderately soiled records that require more than just a quick brushing. But badly soiled records require a good wet cleaning or two. The bottom line is that for only $10 you can't go wrong, which is why I recommend you give this product a try.전체 리뷰보기

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