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I like the Copy Trading function in the Bityard platform because it is easily understood by users. I am so happy because I can take profit from Copy Trader but sometimes it takes risky, I understand this problem, it is up to you. Margin trading with from 5X-125X leverage: Margin trading is only available for a select few trading pairs, with users able to leverage up to 10x on some pairs. I can use only 2 USD and leveraged 5X to open a position, it is amazing because you can control your risky, on the other hand, you can also raise leverage and margin to take profit. Bityard is the simplest trading website for users to take profit. Basic trading interfaces: Bityard caters to customers of every level, from complete beginners to the world of crypto investing, to experienced day traders. It is the simplest trading interface to purchase crypto, you just need to select "Buy Crypto" which brings up a very simple interface as displayed below. But I think that Bityard can update more and more coins to buy, it will help us many options to buy coins in the future. Use Spot Trading to grow your crypto: Bityard offers Spot Trading for you to grow your crypto while you leave it on their exchange. This is a potential investment opportunity if you are planning on HOLDing your crypto. 전체 리뷰보기

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