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magic bullet blender small silver 로고

Magic Bullet Blender Small Silver

From time to time I like to watch TV shopping. More precisely, we often show it between commercials. So my mother and I looked after a miracle device - the Magic Bullet mini-food processor. Moreover, as advertising reported, it has many functions, but most importantly, it grinds and grinds products well. And you can also make delicious cocktails (we especially love milkshakes). The order came quickly and not expensive. The entire purchase cost us only 4,500 tenge (900 rubles). This is the box we received. At first they squeezed out juices and made cocktails, and then they abandoned it. Gathered dust in the closet. But with the birth of his daughter, he found a new life. We make purees with it and squeeze the juices. Now I'll tell you more about him. The blender itself is included in the kit, like this: Here is its main, so to speak, working element - the motor. With its help, everything is finely ground in a matter of seconds. The set includes cups of different sizes, with and without handles. It is necessary to fasten such bright caps on each glass that it was possible to drink the same cocktail as from a glass. Glasses are used for juices and cocktails. Very comfortably. You can not pour into a glass. But in pens without handles, I make mashed potatoes for my daughter. The set includes high and low glasses. From them I usually shift the cooked. For better grinding, there are several nozzles with two and four knives. It is also convenient that there are special lids, if necessary, you can close the jars without shifting the finished food. There are also these caps: Good to have a juicer. We also use it often now. and here is such a "protipper" Everything is very easy to clean. This is a very significant plus for this combine. It came with a recipe book, but I didn't really like it. and recently I began to look for recipes on the Internet, which can generally be done with the help of such a combine. It turned out to be a lot. For example, I buy children's curds for my daughter, or you can make them yourself with the help of this miracle. I also tried to make an amlet today. Great, fast and convenient. It was not necessary to cut the onion and then mix it with a fork, I threw everything into the bowl and mixed it instantly. And my daughter learned to make soups in it. But the mashed potatoes in it are too sticky. I did not like. The only negative is that these cups cannot be used in the microwave. So, the set of this device includes: - the Magic Bullet harvester itself - juicer; - blender; - glasses - high and low; - glasses with colorful rings; - two knives - with double and quadruple blade; - lids for food storage; - book of recipes; - instructions. In general, there are 21 items in the box. And its price is very affordable. I watched that now they cost at least 10,000 tenge (2,000 rubles). And here is the simplest recipe: we make a milkshake with banana and raspberries. We need 4 scoops of ice cream, half a banana and some raspberries. Mix everything and enjoy the taste. Enjoy your meal. And in the end, we summarize and highlight the pros and cons: Pros: - easy to clean; - quickly copes with the task; - a lot of cups and nozzles; - inexpensive; - takes up little space in the kitchen. Minus: - Cannot be used in the microwave. 전체 리뷰보기

apple mu8f2am a pencil generation 로고

Apple MU8F2AM A Pencil Generation

"Pensil" of the second version is an ambiguous thing. But its ambiguity is ambiguous) If you seriously approach the question of why it is bad and you should not buy it, then only because why is it? And here lies the main and only problem. Trust in Apple and the atmosphere of shopaholism created by it, when people want their new product just for its existence, has served the "pencil" not the best service - people buy, and only then think, but why do I need it?) And with my own example, I will tell you why. I bought, as many people think, for a set. The first months he entered the position familiar to his fellows - constantly attached to the iPad (they, for understanding, are attached to the side surface on internal magnets), but in recent months I became interested in him, and realized that it was not in vain that he did not use it, he did not I need)) The fact is that if the same Samsung with its smartphone of the "Note" series tries from year to year to give at least some meaning to the stylus, but they still don't use it for the most part, then Apple decided not to take a steam bath at all, and make from the Pensil stylus, and, in turn, make it suitable for tasks for those who really need it, namely artists and people who need to do something (write, draw) by hand. And in these tasks "Pensil" shows itself just fine, especially in various applications created for it. Here, in most of these applications, there is no way at all without it, in the old fashioned way, a finger is not an option. And just if you have a lot of similar tasks, then just be sure to take it, you will not regret it.전체 리뷰보기

qooltek multipurpose measure adjusted standard 로고

Qooltek Multipurpose Measure Adjusted Standard

In the St. Petersburg metro they sell everything and everything, from the necessary route calendars to strange, not always adequate inventions. Our friends, having left the car on the outskirts of the city, boldly went down to the subway ... My friend's husband, taking pity on a pale student-distributor in the subway car, bought a multi-purpose laser level from him. The student filled in that only such a level can be bought from him, nowhere else and never ... The girlfriend's husband says, supposedly, I know that he is lying, but it hurts miserably ... The girlfriend hissed at her husband all the way (he paid 550 rubles for the level , and on the Internet, as it turned out later, you can buy it for 300), but at home they figured it out, experimented and were satisfied - they have a repair coming up, and this level is very handy: This tool has 3 water levels - vertical, horizontal and under an angle of 45 degrees. A drop of water, bounded by black stripes on both sides, will accurately show whether the object is standing straight, the picture is hanging, the mirror is hanging, and whether it is necessary to make an inclination. Well, the main thing is the presence of a laser. Now lasers are so scolded for playing with planes that they will soon be equated with weapons, and the people who bought them with terrorists. But our friends use the level exclusively for creative purposes :) Look, here in the photo we put the level on the wall and turned on the laser (red line): And the FURTHER from the wall, the LONGER the line! It is enough to draw a pencil along the line and boldly make either a border or introduce other building fantasies. You can put the level on its side, and then the line will go vertically. There is also a function when the laser shines crosswise (for convenience, laying tiles in the bathroom, for example). The laser appears from the hole on the side, here you have to be careful and not look "where does this light come from?” - it is dangerous, you can damage your eyes. And in the off state - look as much as you want :) In addition to the ruler of 15 cm at the very level, on the opposite side of the laser there is a tape measure of 2.5 meters. With the push of a button, the tape measure quickly rolls up and disappears into the tool. 전체 리뷰보기

cedar easywring microfiber bucket cleaning 로고

Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Bucket Cleaning

Good afternoon, dear readers! A few days ago, I decided to buy myself a set of mop and wringer bucket. I bought it in a hardware store for a thousand rubles. Sold as a set in a box Includes large bucket, telescopic handle and two attachments - The bucket contains a container for liquid detergent. I have not used this device yet. On the bucket is an image of a cute face, small wheels on the bottom. The bucket rides well on linoleum - The bucket is divided into two sections: for rinsing the mop and the second for wringing. There is also a handle Assembling the mop was easy. I've been trying to clean the floors. Rinsing and spinning occurs in this kit due to the rotating handle of the mop. The centrifuge is made of steel, but it does not wring out as well as I would like. You have to scroll the handle of the mop several times to achieve a more or less desired result. The microfiber nozzle well collects all the debris and dust from the floor, but then it is a big problem to rinse it, you have to tear out large debris and threads with your hands. This is the biggest downside to this kit. So I'm giving this set a 4. Thank you for your attention and see you soon! Happy shopping! 전체 리뷰보기

support breathable neoprene sleeve adjustable 로고

Support Breathable Neoprene Sleeve Adjustable

Hi all. Alas, joint problems can overtake at any age. I am a little over 30, and I had to go to the clinic with wild pain in the ankle and sit in line with the surgeon. Of course, the doctor examined me and diagnosed me with Achilles bursitis of the left ankle joint. In addition to NSAID treatment, I was recommended to wear an ankle brace. The doctor, of course, gave me a leaflet with a note on the model and the address of the store, but due to absent-mindedness, I lost it, and therefore, having entered the Health Pantry orthopedic store, I simply indicated the degree of fixation - medium. The girl measured the circumference of the ankle, I have 20 cm and brought a suitable model of the Fosta 2221 retainer. The fixer is packed in a bag and a box. I was even lucky with the color, got a practical black. There are three color options and a size chart on the box. In my case the size is S. It sits perfectly on the leg. The main thing is to put it on correctly - with the seam up. It's hard to go wrong here though. The latch consists of neoprene, to be honest, it didn’t tell me much until today, as the back of the package says, neoprene products provide a thermal effect and a micromassage effect. Also on this side of the package, indications for use are described, there are quite a lot of them. And a contraindication for skin diseases. By the way, despite the fact that neoprene is porous in structure, it is resistant to all kinds of infections and fungi. The retainer is easy to care for, it is enough to wash it on both sides in cool water, no more than 30 degrees, with a gentle detergent. You need to squeeze it out very carefully and dry it away from the heaters in a straightened form, avoiding tension. Do not machine wash, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean. I washed it several times by hand, strictly following the care instructions and the fixative did not lose its shape and properties, like new! Care information is also duplicated on the label on the fixer itself. But the label, after almost three weeks of daily wear, came off. The fixative has a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture, which is indicated on the side of the box next to the barcode. Designed in the USA and made in Taiwan. Has solid recommendations, according to the print on the other side of the box. Well, about the effect, I can say that it's just Kaiffff! When I put it on right on tight tights while trying it on in the store, I already felt relief in the sore spot and got into my boots right in it and went to the cashier to pay! The use of the fixative for me was a huge relief of my condition and I am very grateful to my doctor who recommended it to me! If suddenly you need to use clamps, I recommend paying attention to Fosta products! I was also lucky with the cost, initially the consultant called the amount of 690 rubles, but at the checkout it turned out that it costs 490 rubles, it turns out that there were discounts on some models! 전체 리뷰보기

toshiba canvio portable external silver 로고

Toshiba Canvio Portable External Silver

Greetings, my dear readers ! The phone's memory is full, you need to transfer photos, videos somewhere. In general, we came to the conclusion that you need to buy an external drive. We searched everywhere, asked friends what they use, as a result, we went through many hardware stores and bought in DNS. We read the reviews and chose the HHD Toshiba Canvio Flex (HDTX120ESCAA) 2TB External Drive. USB 3.2. I will not say that it is cheap. The price was 5800 thousand rubles. Silver color. It is not heavy in weight, rectangular in shape, the size is not large, you can take it with you. Warranty 24 months. Everything is well packed, the box is not damaged. Detailed instructions inside. Two wires included. All in a separate package (sachets). No damage. It's too early to talk about the merits of this external drive, since I just bought it and the process of transferring information is still ahead. But I hope it lasts a long time. My friends have the same one, it works well, they say everything is in order. 전체 리뷰보기

ledger nano cryptocurrency hardware bluetooth 로고

Ledger Nano Cryptocurrency Hardware Bluetooth

Ledger Nano X I don’t know if I didn’t find any reviews about the new ledger wallet (by the way, after writing a review, I found one review with a photo). All descriptions only go to nano S. So I will briefly describe my experience. In fact, I chose the guys for the price and flexibility of delivery, in the nearest Moscow region they themselves got confused with the courier of the delivery men, well done, it’s convenient for me, I made an order for 11k + 1k for delivery and I got my wallet in 12 hours. The box is in polyethylene, but the whole thing is in a white doypack with a company sticker, class? What more! BUT! Bold note from the administration: the packaging of the doypack was not sealed. Guys, it’s not for me to teach you an amateur, but with a NOT sealed doypack, I don’t have a single guarantee that third parties didn’t have access to the wallet. Malware and more. Everything seems to be ok, but if you have such a must-have package - walk the packer along the edge of the pack - 3 seconds. For a person who first encountered such a technique, it took me a couple of hours to fully figure it out. 1) Install the Ledger Live application (namely it) on your phone. Run it (and the blue tooth) and go through all the menus to the last one. There are just reminders whether you set a pin and whether you know the mnemonic phrase well. It also asks for a password that does not correlate with the pin on the wallet, which I did not immediately understand. The password asks for every launch of the program, even from the minimized position, so be sure, but don't be too hard. That's it, you clicked to the main menu where it searches for devices. 2) Press the left button on the wallet and it will turn on. Just look at how much charge there is, I had a residual one but it wasn’t enough, I immediately recommend putting it into the computer’s USB with a fashionable cord and let it charge. We don’t need it anymore, although if you wish, you can work through the desktop version, but we didn’t buy it for this =) A few words about the wallet itself - stylish, durable, cool. The protective bracket seems to be made of steel, heavy, the whole wallet is so pleasant to the touch. It has a charging port (cord included) and 2 buttons (yes, the axis where the rotary mechanism is also a button), both two buttons are needed as confirmation. Then the coolest thing will begin - setting up the device itself, well, here I thought hell would be with one - I then thought that it was one - with a button. No, everything is very convenient and ergonomic, you start the device as new and after that it will offer pin generation. The left button clicks down the numbers - the right button - up. Both at once - to confirm. And then writing - a mnemonic phrase, first on a card - there are 3 of them in a set, write down all the words in a row, well, have fun for 20 minutes, and then he starts the check, it was done funny, at least not to click on all the words. It just starts checking the words. Word 1 - out of 24 words, you select the desired one with the buttons and click both and so on all 24 words. Another 10 minutes. Well, that's all! Wallet set up! Now sync! Then everything is like clockwork. 3) On the phone in the application, select the desired bluetooth wallet, I think you have only one option =) Below is the 4th button - the manager, choose which currency you need and download, and - it immediately installs the necessary file on the wallet, since I only needed ether and cue ball - I don’t know how many currencies it supports at the same time. Well, then select the desired currency through the application, go to the desired currency through the wallet, it offers the wallet number, copy (not very reliable in terms of anonymity if the transfer is via a PC) or enter it manually (very dumb from the point of view of "wrong with a letter and I lost all my money." I will immediately reveal the secret that worried me, and I did not immediately figure it out. The bitcoin wallet is installed immediately 2! SEGWIT and NATIVE SEGWIT. Briefly speaking. Segvits are new wallets in terms of architecture. native segwit is even newer. Segwit wallets start with the number 3 and there are different case letters - large and small, and they are absolutely compatible with all new and old software, a universal option, to be honest, my old wallet could not even make a transfer to the native wallet. The native Segwit starts with bc1 and the letter case is only small. In short, at least 2 wallets interfere with my perfectionism, but the meaning is the same - the generation of addresses of different generations, and the amount will be one. In short, very A cool stylish thing, everyone who deals with crypto needs a very reliable blue tooth channel and everything is very convenient! 10+! 전체 리뷰보기

crucial mx500 nand sata internal 로고

Crucial MX500 NAND SATA Internal

Up to this point, I have always used the HDD and was completely satisfied with its performance. But on the advice of others, I bought an SSD. The volume did not play a key role, since I was counting on it to install only the operating system and maybe something else. I store the main information on a 1TB HDD because it seems reliable to me. Installed this model in a desktop computer in form factor 3.5. And since this model has a form factor of 2.5, I had to buy a simple adapter for 200 rubles. True, with its installation, too, it turned out to be not so simple - the holes for the screws did not fit. Keep in mind. Surprised by the weight. In the characteristics on the sites they do not write about this, but it weighs, it seems to me, 20-30 grams. On the other hand, nothing surprising - there is a board in a plastic box. In addition to the instructions, the kit also comes with a certain platform with adhesive elements. Why is it needed, I did not understand, it was not useful. If anyone knows, please explain =) Please note that the kit does not include a cable for connecting to the motherboard. It must be purchased separately. Most of all, I was surprised of course by the speed of work. The operating system now loads in eight to ten seconds, if not less. No kidding. I definitely recommend this model and SSD to everyone.전체 리뷰보기

celestron 31045 astromaster reflector telescope 로고

Celestron 31045 AstroMaster Reflector Telescope

Luminous Newt reflector with a spherical mirror. I highly do not recommend buying, because at magnifications from 0.5D (from 60x) there will be a terrible spherical aberration that makes the image "soapy". The image of such a reflector will be comparable to the image (sorry for the taphtalogy) of a 70mm refractor lens telescope. The telescope is also on the black list of optical instruments, for the above reasons. Of the analogues, I would advise Sky-watcher BK (P) 130650EQ2, it will give the best image. A couple of tips to combat the disease. If you still bought this scope for yourself, it is worth observing only at low magnifications and eyepieces with a focal length of at least 13-15mm. The second way to improve the image is shielding. Aperture less than 1 in 8 will give a normal image only with a parabolic mirror. For, in order for the aperture ratio (the ratio of the lens diameter to the focal length, here - 130 to 650 or 1 to 5) of the tool to decrease, you need to "cut" the aperture (diameter of the main mirror), which is 130mm to at least 80mm. It will be necessary to cut out the so-called hood from cardboard. With an aperture of 80 mm and a focal length of 650 mm, the aperture ratio will be approximately 1 to 8, which is acceptable for a spherical mirror. 전체 리뷰보기

colgate advanced optic toothbrush medium 로고

Colgate Advanced Optic Toothbrush Medium

Good day, my dear readers of the site . Each of us takes care of our smile. In pursuit of beauty, we purchase various dental care products. Our decisions are sometimes influenced by advertising, marketing. Today I will try to write my review about the electric toothbrush Colgate 360 in more detail. The toothbrush is quite massive, heavy, it barely fits in a small handle. Plastic material. It is durable and of good quality. After watching the ad, I always thought that the bristles of the brush were spinning, but in reality it turned out that they only vibrated, moving back and forth. Before buying, I was sure that the brush destroys the enamel, but in fact the effect is the same as that of a regular brush. Works well on two batteries, they need to be changed periodically. Sometimes they rust in the bathroom, but if water does not get in, this will not happen. The nozzle itself can be changed. Using this toothbrush, I did not notice a particularly super effect. But the vibration gives the feeling that it cleans better than a regular toothbrush, it may sound ridiculous, but it's true. For my part, I recommend buying. I hope my review was useful to you, thank you for your attention. 전체 리뷰보기

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