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bitmax token 로고

BitMax Token

Btmx is a really excellent utility token of bitmax exchange because btmx pays its platform income to btmx holer on daily basis, btmx exchange pays 120$ daily if you hold 1million btmx also bitmax exchange provides margin trading with 3x leverage but if we carry more than 10000 btmx btmx gives 5x as bitmax exchange increase users leverage limit to see how many btmx everyone hold bitmax exchange support is also facing if you have any question you can able to ask directly on their telegram group Btmx primary use-case is bitmax exchange also takes ieo payment as btmx only 전체 리뷰보기

infinito wallet 로고

Infinito Wallet

Infinito wallet is the best cryptocurrency wallet for mobile due to so many functions like infinito can provide digital identity also it integrates exchange on that we can exchange any cryptocurrencies with each other for attracting users this wallet provides airdrop/giveaway daily month like 4$, so it will give candies also Major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, trx, ethereum and all are listed for storing in the infinito wallet Infinito wallet now enabled lending if we lend our crypto on this wallet, so infinito gives return to its users 전체 리뷰보기

cryptopia 로고


I hate this exchange because I do trade on binance, but for buying some alts, I sent my 500$ on cryptopia, and after sending I still don't have any access because of the hack. I hate their support they don't reply any single answer Guys, I think you must use dex for trading and hardware wallet for securing your funds because For me, I will stop keeping funds on any centralized exchange, but for cryptopia, I think its scam exit because according to cryptopia they always update their security breach, but for investors, they loss huge my friends also lose 2000$ from cryptopia 전체 리뷰보기

eos 로고


Eos is the only coin which doesn't face any scalability or flexibility issues, Eos transaction speed is awe-inspiring also Eos token metrics cool because their token unlocking will take long Eos claims that eos can surpass 100,000 transactions per second, but I don't think current speed is eos is this much, but Eos verifies transactions in 2-3 seconds as I noticed Eos is listed on all major exchanges also Eos market is more than 6.5 billion $ with over 2billion$ 24 hours trading volume also Eos is project and unique blockchain lets hope Eos team will give time to time update in future as well 전체 리뷰보기

pac global 로고

PAC Global

Paccoin was a shilling coin only in bull market on recent bull market in 2017 I stuck and my 300$ now value is less than 3$ because o pac coin team they takes naughty step on Feb 2018 because they started their coin to burn means on Jan 2018 priced grown to 2 Satoshi 1 Pac coin means we are able to buy paccoin at price of 2 sat and after that paccoin value drops less than 1 sat after I was thinking to hold for next bull, but their laziest team sones swap of 1000:1 means if we hold 1000 coin you will get 1 coin and after swap paccoin price will only 90 sat means colossal loss. 전체 리뷰보기

trezor one 로고

Trezor One

Trezor is the first crypto hardware wallet trezor launched on 2013 from that no one claimed that trezor wallet hacked so that why trezor is the most secure hardware wallet trezor source code are also available publicly while ledger wallet doesn't do that trezor wallet has now partnered with one of the attractive crypto wallet exodus means now if you have trezor you can directly use from exodus wallet app I think trezor is the safest wallet since 2013 they must launch any mobile app or software for mobile we can use the trezor wallet Trezor wallet supports many currencies like bitcoin ethereum all erc20 with litecoin, bitcoin cash and many other Trezor one provides 24 words recovery phrase for funds and after if we backed up the wallet, so there are no chances for the hack or any bug 전체 리뷰보기

binance 로고


Everybody knows binance is the king of crypto exchanges binance have an enormous user base and from sources, they say 90%+ volume of binance is real means binance don't do wash trading like okex, bibox Binance currently hype is ieo so that's why binance and also peoples making some right amount of money if you want to see you can check my review on bnb coin that I wrote, but not only ieo binance launched 2.0 means new user interface of binance with margin trading I mainly love binance because binance only list working and great project other dead projects like substratum and many other binance will start delisting them; hope binance will list revain because revain is also a working project 😅전체 리뷰보기

bitpay usd 로고

BitPay USD

I really like crypto cards because they are pretty convenient because currency bitcoin to fiat process is too much lengthy first we need to send our bitcoin from binance to central exchange like coinbase after they take some time to send in bank accounts so if we have cards like bitpay so this process will take only a few steps and few time we need to send bitcoin to bitpay wallet that it very easy also bitpay takes 1% bitcoin to fiat conversation fees while local crypto exchanges takes more than 4% Bitpay must implement their business on the whole world because currently so many counties available there no credit or debit card service available Bitpay currently support bitcoin and bitcoin cash, but I think they must accept significant currencies like ethereum ripple and many other significant cryptocurrencies 전체 리뷰보기

enjin 로고


Enjin wallet is my one of the favourite portfolio for mobiles because enjin has an excellent and unique interface on enjin so many types of currencies also supported enjin wallet does excellent partnerships with big, so that's why recently enjin prices pumps from 600 satoshis to 6000 and it's insane Enjin wallet support is also quite fast and responsive on telegram chat we can solve any problem, but I face a problem with enjin is it takes so much ram usage if we check otherwise its impressive wallet 😍 Enjin wallet is decentralized we don't need to signup or enter email enjin is entire, so that's why I like it but still, I think for saving prominent amount cryptocurrency on hold wallet maybe this would be the biggest mistake, so I prefer to hold a high amount of cryptocurrency on wallet like trezor or ledger 😀전체 리뷰보기

kucoin shares 로고

KuCoin Shares

Kucoin is the third largest cryptocurrency platform in the world and kcs is the coin of kucoin also in kucoin exchange there are many use cases of kcs such as if we want to take part in ieo so kcs is the only coin we can take participate in ieo also kucoin gives some dividend to kcs holding that is also an excellent use-case for kcs Kucoin share value increase more than 70% in think week means kucoin is a unique asset for midterm kcs coin doesn't have any liquidity issue kcs have huge volume also kucoin current rank is 55 by market cap kucoin is based on the ethereum blockchain, so transaction speed is a bit slow 전체 리뷰보기

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