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Staffing Complete

The ease of use of the program. It's functionality is amazing. I can easily keep track of all my employees and their time and pay them accordingly. I also like how it keeps me updated every day about when people are coming or going. Sometimes it's hard for new hires to get started because they don't have any experience using the system. If you're looking for an easy way to keep track of everything your business needs, this is definitely the best choice! I've been able to keep accurate records of who works where and what hours they work.전체 리뷰보기

aj tack wholesale slinky shoulder 로고

AJ Tack Wholesale Slinky Shoulder

Good product

Works. not the zipper is sloppy. It doesn't bother me, but it can be a bit difficult for my workers to put them on by themselves. Good product.전체 리뷰보기

purina friskies seafood chicken variety 로고

Purina Friskies Seafood Chicken Variety

I sincerely regret not reading the reviews before purchasing but I thought it was actually Friskies cat food which I have been feeding my cats for 20 years and my beloved Carly for 5 years. That's a lot, isn't it? A few hours after feeding this food, especially Mariner's Catch, my cat became very nauseous, vomiting 3-4 times an hour for 12 hours. She is a healthy cat. and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. We went to the vet at 2am, stabilized her and returned home. I couldn't go with her because of COVID-19, which was traumatic for Carly. The vet asked if she was on a new food as she was otherwise healthy and they didn't see anything wrong with her but having been feeding Friski for years I didn't know what THIS BOX OF FRISKIDS SOLD due to an unethical saleswoman saying she wouldn't have the new food. The next morning, on the advice of the vet, I fed my cat the next can of cat food after she got drunk. She looked at me after I put the food down and at first refused to eat. After some encouragement, she ate a small amount and became very ill again. Another visit to the vet with X-rays and more blood tests revealed that my cat was being fed contaminated food because that food was being sold by this unethical seller who decided my cat's health was not as important as profit. verified batch number 1157 where contaminated food is sold and stored in case i need to prove we bought this poison but threw away the rest of the food as i know this unethical seller will end up repackaging it hoping kill the pet when i get it back. Based on previous reviews it appears that Revain was informed at least 6 months in advance and many other cats have suffered the same fate. So I would like to know if this seller, Friskies or Revain, will refund me over $700 in vet bills? After 4 days my cat is finally starting to recover from the effects of this unethical seller who decided to poison my pet by selling contaminated food for a profit. I don't usually write seller reviews and I don't usually leave negative reviews, but I want to warn the next person who might decide to buy this food item. Please please please don't go through what I went through this week. I really thought I was going to lose my cat to this poison. I never. NEVER buy canned cat Friskies again. Please do not buy this item from this seller, you will really regret it.전체 리뷰보기

smooth x foldable smartphone stabilizer youtuber camera & photo in video 로고

Smooth X Foldable Smartphone Stabilizer Youtuber Camera & Photo in Video

At first you might think that this tool that makes your selfie life easier is actually more difficult to use, but after some tutorials and playing around you'll see how cool it is TRUE. The app is free to download and subscribe to, although at first I thought I would have to pay to subscribe to their service. It doesn't force you to search the App Store at all. After clicking on it I got a 3 month prime membership and when it ends I don't know. Meanwhile, a whole different world is at your fingertips with the ZY Cami app. This app is a great connection between your phone and the stabilizer. Of course your phone supports BT in the gimbal since you set it up that way, but you can tap the screen in the ZY Cami app to control the gimbal and spice up your videos in new and different ways - even smooth 180-degree Panorama. The Smooth X stabilizer does all the work for you. You can force the device to hold the phone horizontally with gravity or vertically with gravity, all with settings. You can flip the controls and/or the phone naturally when you move your hand. By learning how Smooth X works and learning about the cool features of the ZY Cami app, you can create some cool videos. I see great potential in this! I'm glad I bought it. Buy a tripod to stand on. and then you can make a video in manual mode. From making videos on a tripod to taking selfie videos and using some pretty templates, I know there's so much I can do with it. So exciting! Buy recommendation.전체 리뷰보기

wildy carries dispenser training suitable 로고

Wildy Carries Dispenser Training Suitable

Shiba Treat Bag

Sooo cute! Shiba approved! Can't wait to up our practice game with this one! Love the other things it came with like the pocket roll and sticker.전체 리뷰보기

kitty boinks 25 pack pet toy 로고

Kitty Boinks 25 Pack Pet Toy

We adopted two kittens in early 2020. They both came from a cat stock situation. They just turned 1 and 2 years old. The younger loves every game and attracts a lot of attention. He kicks plastic springs with great enthusiasm. The older girl never seemed to play and showed no interest in being playful. She only liked bows and dancing cats and sometimes a red dot. But mostly she played on her back. No chasing or jumping. When I bought them, I fully expected the boy to kick them. To my surprise, he showed little to no interest in them. Young woman? Surprised us by kicking one. A day later, not only is she still playing with it, she's become more playful overall. Today she not only grabbed the cat dancer, she somersaulted in the air and jumped after him. It's not clear why they turned her into a play monster unlike other toys she liked, but I'm so glad we bought her.전체 리뷰보기

training collar receiver rechargeable vibration 로고

Training Collar Receiver Rechargeable Vibration

We have tried various "humane" training collars for our 10 lb Maltipoo with varying degrees of success. What I really like: - The collar is relatively small, which is great for small breeds. It's also a very subtle black so doesn't stand out like some of the other bright yellows etc - The remote control is very handy! Our pup has outsmarted most training collars (e.g. shock collars) and will growl/cry when put on. The noise doesn't trigger to make the collar beep/vibrate/pop, but it's still loud enough to wake up our baby. This allows you to activate the collar manually using the remote control. Both the remote and collar are rechargeable, and the included charging cable allows you to charge BOTH remotes and collar at the same time using just one USB port. Slot! As for the cons, there aren't really any showstoppers that would lower my 5 star rating. It would be nice to have different volumes for the "Beep" setting, but the only setting on this product is the medium volume, which works very well.전체 리뷰보기

trojans cheerleader dress color x small 로고

Trojans Cheerleader Dress Color X Small

Got a size XL based on the size chart for my 50 lb dog. It's too little - so funny. Considering the price (and the fact that I missed the return policy) I didn't return it but I should have. I think I wasted my money. Pay attention to sizes.전체 리뷰보기

hamster transparent creative connection external 로고

Hamster Transparent Creative Connection External

Will buy more

My hamster loves straws. I have a Roborovski. I wish you could get more for the price but that's ok. I will buy another set for my second cage. Very easy to assemble and can be placed in many ways.전체 리뷰보기

muffins halo blind harness guide 로고

Muffins Halo Blind Harness Guide

My Boston Terrier Bee, who weighed 23 pounds, went completely blind after a failed attempt at cataract surgery about 8 months ago (the other eye she had was surgically removed by the Humane Society before we found her rescued - she was about to be euthanized as she was in very poor condition when we took her in after her 2nd stay at the shelter). So I try to do everything to make her comfortable. After reading many good reviews I finally bit the bullet and got her this. I was fed up with her hitting herself in the face and even making her face bleed (I live in Arizona where mold is common on everything ) and blindly injured her eye again after hitting the wall. She has never lost faith in herself and keeps moving forward. However, when I put it on her, she doesn't want to walk. She finds it difficult (and she's bigger than a Boston!) as she tends to walk crookedly and in circles when it's on, or she just doesn't want to walk at all. I don't know if the wings are causing the sounds coming off her differently, but it seems like she was completely "turned off" when I put this on her. She usually wears a harness, so she has no problem with that. Really not sure why wings have to be so bulky. I'll keep trying to work with her to get used to it - but for now it seems like I'm tormenting her by putting this on her (but I know it's in her best interests). She looks like a sad angel. Also, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought white, it would get dirty so quickly (that is, if she actually wears it and is comfortable in it) - the material is such that hair gets stuck to it. like a magnet! Also, with this device, which is a dispenser and has a jug that sits on top of the bowl to keep it full, she cannot drink from her water bowl and her food bowl cannot be next to a wall. Great invention for dogs. it will take over but my stubborn girlfriend doesn't have it right now. We need more resources for blind dogs like this! I will update my review if anything changes.전체 리뷰보기

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