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Hello to everyone. Our next review will be about FlatQube. FlatQube is a fairly new platform, like Broxus' other projects. FlatQube is a decentralized crypto exchange. But this exchange has different features from other similar exchanges. So what makes FlatQube different from others? Let's find the answer to this question. As I just said, FlatQube is a newly created decentralized exchange. The purpose of the platform is to access the exchange through your own Ever wallet and not to endanger anyone's assets by holding them. Therefore, I think that there will be no problem with the security of the exchange. It is also possible that we can find enough and even more information about security on the exchange's website. I think the reason for this is to make the users of the exchange feel that they are in a safe environment, and I think it's a pretty smart plan. Let's come to the use of the exchange. After logging into the exchange, we can connect our Ever wallet to the platform and make unlimited transactions as much as we want. Today, 62 token pairs are available on the platform, with a 24-hour volume of $2,555,026. FlatQube also lists some famous coins besides the coins of the Everscale network. The number of users of FlatQube is very low for now, but no one can deny that this number may rise to very high in the future. Thanks.전체 리뷰보기

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Octus Bridge

In my previous review, I wrote about the Ever wallet created by Broxus. My current review will be about Octus Bridge, another platform created by Broxus. As we can understand from the name Octus Bridge, it is a blockchain bridge. The purpose of the platform is to create a bridge between different blockchain networks, thus enabling cryptocurrencies to pass from one network to the other. There are many such platforms available today. But why should we choose Octus Bridge, what makes this platform different from others? Let's answer this question. Octus Bridge is much newer than many similar platforms, which may raise questions in some people's minds. But the fact that it is new does not mean that this platform is bad. In the photo I shared at the end of my review, you can understand what a beautiful interface and a platform with many functions, although it is new. Octus Bridge has both night and light modes, preventing people from easily getting bored with the platform. When we enter the website of the platform, we just click on the start button and connect our MetaMask (or other WalletConnect compatible wallet) and Ever wallet. After matching wallets, Octus Bridge will now be ready to be used. I read the reviews and posts about this platform on social media and there are so many positive reviews that I was really surprised that the number of users of the platform is so low. While the much larger bridge platforms do not have such positive reviews, they do have a lot more users. I hope people can realize this project. Thanks to Octus Bridge, coins can be sent between networks such as BSC, Polygon, Everscale, Ethereum. So you can send coins to a network that is convenient for you. I'm ending the Octus Bridge review here for now, but I'll continue to follow the project.전체 리뷰보기

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EVER Wallet

Hello my friends. My review today will be about the Ever wallet. You probably haven't heard about the Ever wallet because it has only been in business for a few months. But my guess is that it might be one of the names you'll hear the most in the crypto world in the future, because this wallet is doing pretty well. The Ever wallet is one of the projects created by Broxus and operates on the Everscale network. If you haven't heard of the Everscale network before, you may not trust this project, but rest assured it is a much better network than some of the more famous networks and projects. That's another matter, back to the Ever wallet. As I just said, the Ever wallet is traded with its own network, Everscale. This is because Everscale has surpassed many blockchain networks in terms of transaction fees and transaction speed. The wallet is suitable for both professional and new users. In just a few minutes, your wallet is ready. In addition, Ever wallet has recently released its mobile application, considering its users who do not have a computer or prefer to use a mobile device. According to Google Play statistics, this application, which has passed 1000 downloads in a short time, continues to grow rapidly. I'm sure the project team will take this growth into account and continue to make updates. For now I don't have any complaints about the Ever wallet, but I think I will write a review again after long use. Thank you for reading.전체 리뷰보기

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UnicornX is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in the year 2020. This exchange's client base, which isn't very well-known, is also quite modest. Customer satisfaction is also quite poor, according to UnicornX's customer reviews. In fact, I believe that the stock market should be the site of many breakthroughs. Most significantly, the exchange's website should be rebuilt, as the current design is quite bad, and the site does not have a mobile view; instead, it only has a computer version. Although the exchange's trading costs are near to normal, data show that they are still over average, therefore this is one of the most important characteristics that should be improved. In addition, several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with processing timeframes. I hope that the exchange authorities see how essential customer happiness is and work to improve it; otherwise, I doubt that the exchange will attract additional customers. UnicornX, which also includes a mobile application, is not difficult to use in my opinion; in fact, I believe it is easier to use than certain exchanges. I expect to see this exchange among other active interactions in the future, assuming that innovations are developed.전체 리뷰보기

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Koinim is a cryptocurrency exchange where you may purchase and sell your digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and coins. For a while, I utilized this interchange. It was even utilized by my pals. The exchange was created around 8 years ago, and despite the fact that this is a long time, it has not evolved in any manner. When it came to the moment it was formed and entered the market, it actually had a significant edge. However, I'm not sure why the developer team didn't take this into consideration. Many cryptocurrency exchanges that appeared after this one developed and refreshed themselves in such a way that I can confidently state that virtually no one is aware of it. Actually, I can't say anything terrible about the service they provide, although they do need to modernize. Despite the lack of currency diversity, I believe they provide a decent degree of service.전체 리뷰보기

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SaBi Exchange

Sabi Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Nigeria that was founded in 2019. Sabi has a small number of customers as a controlled exchange, but we can observe that consumer happiness is above average. I've published hundreds of stock market evaluations so far, but I don't recall doing any research on a Nigerian exchange. As a result, I decided to conduct more study on the stock market. Sabi, although is not a worldwide stock exchange, is one among Nigeria's earliest stock exchanges, according to my study. Since a result, I believe the future of this stock exchange may be considerably brighter, as it is a stock exchange with tremendous benefits. Sabi, who aspires to be a global figure, makes every effort to achieve his goal. Even if we check at the exchange's website, we may find some Sabi-organized activities. This is a really smart method for increasing the number of users, and I am confident that Sabi will be a successful stock market in the future as a result of these techniques. I couldn't discover any information regarding Sabi's mobile app, so I'm assuming the exchange is just available online. There are some issues with utilizing the site; I hope that these issues may be fixed as quickly as feasible. 전체 리뷰보기

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The Coinall exchange is one of the newer exchanges. The exchange has an official website as well as a mobile app. However, the mobile application is not available on Google Play and can only be downloaded in apk format from the official website. It is only available for Android users. On the site, there is little information regarding the exchange. It was tough for me to investigate the exchange as a result of this. At the same time, I'm confident that no one source contains adequate information regarding this transaction, making it impossible for prospective consumers to conduct research. The Coinall exchange has a lot of positive aspects. It's simple to use, with standard transaction costs and transfer times. All of this contributes to a high degree of client satisfaction. In addition, security is excellent. Customers who have not completed at least one verification cannot utilize this exchange. We can verify with simply a phone number, which is really straightforward. I also tested the smartphone app. The software is also incredibly simple to use. It's as simple as registering and having your phone verified.전체 리뷰보기

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Bitexbook is a cryptocurrency exchange based on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Many people are unfamiliar with this stock market, which debuted in 2019. As a result of the exchange's limited clientele, its daily trading volume is significantly below average. In reality, the exchange management aren't doing anything to boost the number of users. I'm not sure why, but the stock market may go bankrupt if the number of customers does not rise considerably in the near future. Another reason Bitexbook isn't drawing much notice is that the exchange has a limited number of trading pairings. If the stock market is not to go bankrupt, the number of trading pairs should be increased as quickly as feasible. As can be seen, Bitexbook does not have many positive aspects, although it does vary from other exchanges in certain ways. Users may buy bitcoins with a credit card on this exchange. Because this option is not accessible on most exchanges, I think it's a great one. In addition, there aren't many drawbacks to using the exchange.전체 리뷰보기

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Buda is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on the blockchain network. Chile is where the firm is based. The Buda Exchange is an initiative that focuses on the continent of South America. Four languages are supported by the Buda exchange. It works well on both desktop and mobile web browsers. The Buda exchange is concerned about the security of its users' assets. This exchange has a high level of liquidity. You can construct a corporate account and assign many individuals to it in this exchange, but I'm not sure how important this issue is to us. You can send an invoice to the firm for the commissions you've received. The API functionality is supported by the Buda exchange. Your crypto assets can be rented and staked without danger. You might obtain discounts from these transactions after establishing your monthly regular transactions. You may establish your own coin on the Buda exchange and secure your valuables from price volatility. On the Buda exchange, you may contact to live assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Buda exchange has a modest number of cryptocurrencies listed, but a moderate transaction volume. I believe that commission rates for quick trading transactions are excessive.전체 리뷰보기

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FTX Exchange is one of the dozens of crypto exchanges that exist today. FTX is similar to other stock exchanges. As I've mentioned in previous evaluations, one of the best ways for an exchange to build its client community and enhance its impact is to innovate inside the exchange. Hopefully, the government will pay more attention to innovations in the future. Consumer satisfaction is low when it comes to the exchange, according to customer feedback. The major reason for this, I believe, is that exchange authorities do not pay enough attention to consumer returns. Because consumers are always on the lookout for a better deal. Customers' trust has been earned because to FTX's use of cutting-edge security technologies. The exchange also boasts over 230 trade pairs and a daily trading volume of almost $ 2 billion, both of which I consider to be significant indicators. The exchange also has its own mobile application. One of the worst aspects of the exchange is how difficult it is to use. I'm hoping that the devs will address this issue as soon as feasible.전체 리뷰보기

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