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The following is my honest review about one of the large enough exchanges, namely BitForex. trading on BitForex is quite satisfying, because from making accounts to doing KYC it is very fast and simple. I myself logged in via the web, but now BitForex has its App on PlayStore, I think the difference in logging via web / apps is the same, but it's more pleasing to the eye when logging in via the App. BitForex also does not set expensive withdrawal fees or can be said to be relatively standard, all depends on the user. I myself prefer to withdraw to XLM / TRX because it's cheaper and faster. For security is very reliable because it can add 2FA. Additional points for this one exchange in my opinion is, their admin is very fast response in their telegram group always helps users who are struggling and experiencing problems, such as SMS codes do not arrive and so on. In terms of events, in my opinion they used to hold airdrops and giveaway very often but now they rarely hold trading contests with large prizes. I think this exchange is quite good and if you read this, you can create an account and trade tokens there.전체 리뷰보기

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CoinDeal is a good exchange, I have participated in airdrops held by them and according to my experience, quite satisfying token trading there. in terms of website, their website is very fast and interesting, it seems they care very much about the look of their website. for related accounts, in my opinion this is very good, customers or traders are required to do KYC to facilitate their deposit and withdrawal and protect their accounts, I also strongly recommend for those who want to trade there should install Google Authentic just in case. the telegram community tends to be lonely and many of the unclear referral link spam is very annoying but on the other hand the admin and Customer Service are active and fast response 24 hours, it really helps me if I have trouble there. view in terms of deposits and withdrawals, deposits there are very fast and so is the withdrawal. They have a variety of social media and are very active to disseminate the latest information about the features or tokens that are newly listed. so i recommend CoinDeal, from my experience, CoinDeal will make it easy for you to register and start trading. Take the first step, it's so simple! Why CoinDeal? because they have supported more than 40 Crypto's and 7 FIAT's and for me they are always holding airdrops and giveaway with big and satisfying prizes.전체 리뷰보기

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indodax itself is the largest and very well-known cryptocurrency market in Indonesia. More than 2 million people have registered trading there, and I am one of them. in my opinion trading on indodax is very easy and simple, especially when it comes to account security, of course it's very awake. because they require their users to do KYC and install Google Authentic to avoid hacking. in terms of the features provided are quite interesting, there are chatrooms and color differences in the username of the trader based on assets. trading on indodax itself is very easy and simple for me, even for withdrawing I can withdraw my assets directly to the local BANK that I want. unfortunately the fee is fairly high and changing the deposit bonus from IDR to TEN is very unfortunate. For Customer Service, for me they are responsive and patient, and in the future I hope that more events will be made with a fairly large prize pool, hopefully.전체 리뷰보기

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Many project doing IEO in there But after the project list on there, the price going but they support many token based ERC20 listing on For the website they very slow! fortunately they dilligent to doing maintence However withdraw to low only, allowed $1000 in 24 hours. and for the great news, they have channel telegram, they always giving info new token listing, delist and maintence.  like a another exchange, they also have own token " LA They should make telegram group community  for advice, JUST MAKE FEE WITHDRAW CHEAP THAT'S IT. 전체 리뷰보기

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Rose are red Violet are blue Every project IEO on Bittrex Always sold out and SAFU Hacker is nothing Safety is everything Trader Bittrex is something Bittrex Exchange is amazing People started to grow crops because going hunting without knowing if you'd catch anything was a pain. People dug wells because going all the way to the river was a pain. Laziness is the mother of human progress. Bitcoin is a result of the progress of the times. and Bittrex is the right place to laze around while relaxing time, of course we can also earn from Trading. Sometimes i lose Sometimes i win Sometimes i learn and everytime happen on Bittrex Exchange. if Lesson is key my best key is Bittrex Exchange. everything 전체 리뷰보기

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