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french toast little pull jogger 로고

French Toast Little Pull Jogger

Beautiful pants!

I love these lightweight cotton pants. They are comfortable and ideal for school. Yes, their waist isn't tight and there's no lace, but I added an elastic band inside and now they fit perfectly. I ordered size 5 for my 4.5 year old daughter but size 6 would have been even better. And I ordered size 10-14 for my 8 year old daughter because she is 4.6ft. The quality is nice and cheap전체 리뷰보기

french toast boys adjustable solid boys' accessories and neckties 로고

French Toast Boys Adjustable Solid Boys' Accessories and Neckties

I bought this tie for my stepson's Easter costume. I needed a plain navy blue tie and was having trouble finding it in stores. The price was unbeatable and delivery was even quicker than I expected. I love that the tie is adjustable around the neck and not just fastened with a clip - they always seem too easy to fall off. I am very happy with my purchase.전체 리뷰보기

rjc hibiscus hawaiian island turquoise boys' clothing for clothing sets 로고

RJC Hibiscus Hawaiian Island Turquoise Boys' Clothing for Clothing Sets

This outfit looked very cute on my son for his Hawaiian Luau Anniversary. He's a small chap so suits him well but I suspect he will be very small for a medium sized one year old. That worked great for us. It creases easily and the material remains slightly rough/hard even after washing. It's good for the price and I would still buy it again.전체 리뷰보기

yootech wireless qi certified charging compatible accessories & supplies 로고

Yootech Wireless Qi Certified Charging Compatible Accessories & Supplies

Love these chargers very much. I appreciate that it allows for backup of my phone. I couldn't get them to work at first but I read the leaflet that came with them and found that they warned about what type of plug (in the wall) to use. I used a random cheap plug and they didn't work. I switched to my white apple block and now they work like clockwork. I also appreciate more than I can say that the green light is out. With the previous charger, the indicator was constantly on and flashing - it was awful. This charger is perfect, I use one by the bed and the other at my desk. I highly recommend it, but you really SHOULD use a good fork with them. Would buy them again. Many Thanks.전체 리뷰보기

bovke carrying ravpower 16750mah shockproof 로고

BOVKE Carrying RAVPower 16750MAh Shockproof

I liked the case and how convenient everything is in it. The case is durable and protects the charger. It's a little bulky when you carry a small bag. I want to know that the charger is not suitable for Type-C charging cables. I had to buy an adapter to use the charger. At the end of the charger is a nifty little bulb that can be used as a flashlight. There are two charging ports on the charger. So if I want to charge my phone and Kindle at the same time, I can do that. The Ravpower charger also came with a 3-port power adapter for connecting USB cables.1. Ravpower LED charger (can charge two devices at the same time)2. Robust housing 3. 2 universal USB charging cables4. Wall adapter with 3 ports for USB5 cable.전체 리뷰보기

alalimini toddler sweatshirts lightweight crewneck 로고

ALALIMINI Toddler Sweatshirts Lightweight Crewneck

I bought this set for my granddaughter and I am very happy with it. Her clothing tends towards pastel colors and passive themes. I wanted bright action themed t-shirts and they fit me!전체 리뷰보기

sony splashproof premium headphones limited 로고

Sony Splashproof Premium Headphones Limited

I bought these because I was tired of looking for running headphones. Every product I try, even expensive brands, either falls out of my ears or doesn't or no longer work, or has some other defect that renders it unusable. I decided to try this cheap pair because I've spent enough money on expensive headphones that turned out to be crap anyway. Unfortunately they are no different. Their only benefit is that the rounded design keeps them on the ears where they should be. That's not good because they stopped working less than two weeks after purchase. The sound is completely dead in the right ear and interrupted in the left. I think, that the defect is related to the chord and the input plug, because when I shake it and hold it in a certain way the sound comes back, but then when I remove the hold it disappears. I don't understand why there isn't a single company that makes a reliable pair of earbuds that stay in your ears during a workout and actually work like they're supposed to.전체 리뷰보기

projector sinometics bluetooth supported multimedia 로고

Projector SinoMetics Bluetooth Supported Multimedia

Pretty good projector. It's only 720p, but it works well in Android features. It's nice to have built-in apps. The remote is also pretty cool as it works like an air mouse and you can use the remote to select options. The projector is quite small, making it easy to move or transport. The speakers are okay, not the best, but there are no built-in projector speakers. They do their job if you don't have external speakers. Overall I'd say this device is pretty decent with all its features and the built-in apps are good. First,전체 리뷰보기

home prefer toddler knitted earflaps boys' accessories - hats & caps 로고

Home Prefer Toddler Knitted Earflaps Boys' Accessories - Hats & Caps

This hat is well made, thicker than I expected and soft. Bought for 2 year old granddaughter, tall and lanky, now she wears size 4. I don't know the size of her head, sorry. She is always ready to wear a hat, but it often falls over her eyes and she is frustrated when she puts it back on. This solves this problem perfectly! Their ears stay warm and their eyes aren't closed.전체 리뷰보기

ixtreme boys palm guard white boys' clothing in swim 로고

IXtreme Boys Palm Guard White Boys' Clothing in Swim

Bought a pair of these for my boys both under 10 years old. They loved them and wore them more than 5 hours a day throughout the holiday. They prevented any sunburn on the upper body while driving. They are well made and we haven't had any issues with sticking threads or warping. Please Note: If you are using them on an ocean or lake shore, be aware that the white color will quickly absorb beach sand and water stains. When we left a few weeks later they were quite cream colored. Conclusion: high-quality and durable clothing for the little ones. They did the job we bought them for.전체 리뷰보기

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