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uttu sandwich adjustable orthopedic certipur us 로고

UTTU Sandwich Adjustable Orthopedic CertiPUR US

I have been sleeping on an orthopedic pillow for a long time, with it my cervical osteochondrosis manifests yourself much less. But I didn’t get used to it right away, but now I can’t sleep on others. But my husband did not want to buy an orthopedic pillow in any way, getting used to sleeping on his highly whipped down. Until ... one day, headaches led him to a neurologist, and he suddenly determined that the fault was the wrong posture during sleep, from which the husband's arteries were pinched, plus there was some stoop, and as a result, these same arteries did not can acquire straightness of their channel, and that's a headache. Well, since the whole thing is in the pillow, then the husband was forced to join in the search for this necessary thing. But it turns out that it’s not so easy to find an orthopedic pillow for the individual characteristics of your craniums ... The shape of the head, the height of the shoulder, and tactile habits for the desired softness or rigidity, the desired size of the under-cervical roller, etc. play a role here. Right in the store, my husband tried to "try on" different pillows on his head, putting his ear to them, trying on height in every possible way. This difficult choice was made in favor of the Memorysleep pillow / Orthopedic pillow S Grand. This is a pillow with a maximum cushion height of 14 cm (there is a variant of the same S Medium pillow with a maximum height of 12 cm). But since the height of the husband is 180 cm, he also needed a bigger pillow. The honest manufacturer indicated the dimensions exactly, I measured it at home just in case. Height on one side 14 cm, on the other 12 cm. In width and length, respectively, 50 and 40 cm, evenly. The pillow has a removable cover, made of fabric with the addition of cotton. The material is quite embossed and plump, this is done for good air ventilation, as I guess. Cover with a zipper, easy to remove and wash. And what is there inside? My old orthopedic pillow, in addition to a removable cover, is also covered with an internal non-removable cover, and I have never even seen its core, this same Memory Foam, that is, polyurethane foam with the so-called memory. Taking off the cover... Here such not too attractive brick turned out to be there. To the touch it is an elastic mass, when compressed, it slowly restores its shape. Not hard and not too soft. Under the head, it is only slightly squeezed, and it turned out to be comfortable to sleep on this elastic mass. For some reason, it feels like a slightly damp surface of it. Maybe it's because the thermal conductivity is not great, like rubber. But it doesn't matter, because this foam mass will be in the depths of the fabric shells. I was very surprised to learn that some use this removable cover as a pillowcase. It seems to be obvious that this is a specially designed fabric in order to provide air exchange, to be a softening layer between polyurethane foam and skin. As a pillowcase, this cover cannot be useful in any way, because it is: 1) almost completely synthetic, which is not pleasant to the touch, 2) it is subject to hooks due to its functional relief, 3) it is unhygienic, rub the cover in direct contact with polyurethane foam . I always put my pillow, without bothering, in the most ordinary pillowcases, bending the excess. But mine is a little smaller. And this Memorysleep S Grand orthopedic pillow just perfectly fit into the standard size of ordinary pillowcases 50x70. This is what our pillows look like in knitted pillowcases in this size (Memorysleep S Grand on the left): And the most important thing! The husband miraculously instantly mastered a new support for his head, he didn’t even suffer for one night, that’s what the right choice means. When he lay down on her for the first time, then, lying on his back, he said that it seemed to him that he was overturned, and his head seemed to be lower than the body according to sensations. Afraid of dizziness, he even put a thin blanket under the pillow to make it its usual height. But he removed it almost immediately, and then only happily exclaimed how comfortable this orthopedic pillow turned out to be. He sleeps for the third month on it and only rejoices at his new pillow-girlfriend. Frequent headaches gradually disappeared. The advantages of the Memorysleep S Grand orthopedic pillow are comfortable, ergonomic, high-quality, really useful for maintaining health. And not too expensive (a little over 2000 rubles). Hope it lasts a long time. My pillow is over ten years old and hasn't changed at all. The only negative of the Memorysleep S Grand pillow is that when it was taken out of the package, there was a strong chemical smell, something like new leather shoes. But I knew about this feature of polyurethane foam pillows, this is natural for them. It just needs to be kept outdoors before use. We put a new pillow on the balcony, and after five days the smell was gone without a trace. This is not even a minus at all, probably just a feature. I convey to everyone who is interested the best recommendations from my husband regarding the Memorysleep S Grand orthopedic pillow. I think it will work great for people who are tall or just fairly broad-shouldered, and the different heights of her rollers at 12 and 14 cm will help to vary a little. I also found it very comfortable to lie on it, my height is 164 cm, but my shoulders are not narrow. In any case, after carefully measuring your parameters and choosing a size range of preferences, I can advise you to take a closer look at this particular pillow, if its size suits you. 전체 리뷰보기

seagate barracuda internal drive 3 5 inch computer components 로고

Seagate BarraCuda Internal Drive 3 5 Inch Computer Components

Greetings my dear readers! Each of us in our modern world has a computer or smartphone with which we work, watch movies and entertain ourselves in every possible way. And one day the moment comes when our disk memory in gadgets ends. We start puzzling over what to remove, what to donate, and everything seems to be necessary and exclusive, and it’s a pity to delete it! This is where I ran into this problem. Since I am engaged in YouTube, video editing and in general I almost never leave my computer, I am sorely lacking space on my hard drives. My friend and colleague came to my aid and advised me to buy a Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM008 2TB hard drive over a bottle of whiskey. All my life I have been a supporter of WD drives, and my friend only accepts Seagate, and under the influence of my own curiosity and, of course, a very attractive price, I agreed with his arguments. The next day, with a square head, I went to a well-known online store and bought a Seagate ST2000DM008 2TB hard drive there for 4110 rubles. Three days later I took the piece of iron from the point of issue and was happy as an elephant came home. I inserted a hard drive into my dinosaur (computer) and oh my god, the hard drive not only works, but it turned out to be fast and quiet. Now I have 2 more TV places for my files, but I'm afraid that will not be enough for me. I don’t recommend making a boot disk from hard drives of more than 500 gigs, it’s better to use an SSD for this purpose, but I really liked this piece of iron with 7200 rpm for working with files. I inserted a hard drive into my dinosaur (computer) and oh my god, the hard drive not only works, but it turned out to be fast and quiet. Now I have 2 more TV places for my files, but I'm afraid that will not be enough for me. I don’t recommend making a boot disk from hard drives of more than 500 gigs, it’s better to use an SSD for this purpose, but I really liked this piece of iron with 7200 rpm for working with files. I inserted a hard drive into my dinosaur (computer) and oh my god, the hard drive not only works, but it turned out to be fast and quiet. Now I have 2 more TV places for my files, but I'm afraid that will not be enough for me. I don’t recommend making a boot disk from hard drives of more than 500 gigs, it’s better to use an SSD for this purpose, but I really liked this piece of iron with 7200 rpm for working with files. So friends, as you may have guessed, the result of my purchase did not disappoint me. After drives from WD to hard drives from Seagate, I gained confidence, and they heat up less. So drinking a bubble of whiskey with my friend and admirer of the Barracuda cult pleased me not only with pleasant communication, but also with a very successful purchase. 전체 리뷰보기

ksipze lights changing bedroom kitchen 로고

Ksipze Lights Changing Bedroom Kitchen

Good day, dear readers. I bought this kit by accident, at a traffic light. So to speak, for change, but what about the new year on the nose, maybe I’ll stick it somewhere.) So, from idleness while sitting at home, I decided to stick it, I’ll say right away, the double-sided tape that it already has on it - about nothing, you can even say that it not at all. Okay, I turned out, glued it, connected it. It turned out that the tape is quite bright, it is very convenient that the color, brightness level and flicker are adjustable from the remote control. Plus, it doesn't heat up, well, not much. The connection of the power supply to the tape is flimsy, but the glue solved everything. So for the price, it's a decent product. I recommend. 전체 리뷰보기

utopia home premium wooden hangers 로고

Utopia Home Premium Wooden Hangers

So, from the title of the review, I think you can not guess on the coffee grounds, but directly and in the text start reading the review about the hangers. Wooden trempellets, I would say ... But, I'm afraid not everyone will understand such a strange dialect Hung. I remember my mother took these in a fixed price list (well, similar ones), in my hands they even broke ... For a couple of blouses it will fit (well, they are also rough) for blouses not made of delicate fabrics. Their hook does not rotate, but is tightly 'glued' into the hanger. In my opinion, wooden coat hangers look more aesthetically pleasing than plastic ones, and somehow I don’t like iron at all. Metal trempels remind me of dry-cleaner's 'shoulders' made of wire. Of course, chemical cleaning is good. But a tree is cozier at home. So far, I don’t know yet whether I will cover the hangers on the hangers with a cute velvet fabric or not (not yet). But still they are needed. Even from wire, even from plastic ... But clothes wrinkle less with them To the left of the 'new' wood chips are coming off, next to the right is my favorite example from the Soviet era, with a rotating wooden hook On the left is a rotating hook of 'Soviet' wood, on the right is a recruit And, the size of the plc is too big for me. Good for winter wear and 'Universal' just right. 전체 리뷰보기

aqara rtcgq11lm motion sensor white 로고

Aqara RTCGQ11LM Motion Sensor White

Good day. I decided to tell you about one interesting device that relatives bought for themselves. This is Aqara RTCGQ11LM motion sensor model. It looks like a fairly simple device that can become part of a "smart home". Before that, I had seen such little things only in Europe, in particular, in several villas in Beverungen, Germany. The sensor is quite convenient, and it's not just about its size. It's wireless. In addition, it can be attached to almost any surface and without much effort, since a sticky sticker is specially provided in the kit. However, the most suitable place for this sensor will be on pieces of furniture (shelves, cabinets, etc.) or simply on the walls, but preferably in their upper part, ideally - under the very ceiling, or even on the ceiling itself, so that there are no obstacles. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the motion sensor is triggered at a distance of no more than seven meters. And it is also worth noting the practical stand-holder for the sensor. Despite its size, the sensor copes with the connection to various automation systems or to almost any device. And you can control it from the application on your smartphone. When leaving home, you can turn on the alarm mode to protect the house from uninvited "guests" or just to be aware when the door was opened, when the child returned from school, from a walk, etc. It is also very convenient that at night time, the sensor recognizes body movements in the dark and turns on the backlight, which works until the movement stops. The device is powered by CR 2450 batteries and operates in a temperature range from -10 to +45 degrees. Weighs about 70 grams. Its compact size allows it to fit in the palm of your hand. It's also great that the sensor turns on the light when you enter the house. And finally, it is worth mentioning its cost. It was ordered through an online store and it cost about 1 thousand Russian rubles. In general, I myself will think about acquiring such an assistant and recommend it to you! Thank you for your attention and see you soon! 전체 리뷰보기

mr stainless centimeters drawing measuring 로고

Mr Stainless Centimeters Drawing Measuring

Lines are different. In my work, I most often need a classic straight ruler for a variety of needs. Not only measure, but also cut. And there are huge problems with cutting along a plastic ruler, because along with the paper I also cut the ruler. As a result, then the ruler draws a wavy line instead of a straight line. That's why I bought the Brauberg metal ruler. It was sold in a bright orange case, which was immediately taken away from me for storage of knitting needles. The thickness of the ruler is 0.5 mm. On the one hand, this is good, since I do not like thick rulers. On the other hand, a small thickness gives the ruler flexibility, which does not always help in work. The ruler has a division scale on both sides. And it's convenient. But I didn’t have drawing and descriptive geometry at school, so I hope for your hint. What is this scale? For what? There and by eye you can see that this is not a scale of length in centimeters. But for greater persuasiveness, I measured this length with a tape measure. The price of the division marked "2" on the ruler is equal to approximately 5 centimeters on the tape measure. Connoisseurs, enlighten me. On the reverse side, the division scale corresponds to the lengths we are used to, where one division price is equal to 1 millimeter. The numbers are large, clear, they do not strive to be erased yet. No less convenient is the fact that the division scale is not only at the top of the ruler, but also at the bottom. The Brauberg ruler has a hole into which every student has put a pen/pencil at least once. Ah, where does childhood go? The ruler, as I said earlier, is flexible. If desired, it can be easily bent. The main thing is that after the cessation of physical impact on the ruler, it returns to its original position. I like working with the Brauberg metal ruler. Convenient, not heavy, does not suffer from a clerical knife, the measurement accuracy is high. But I would not buy such a boy for school. Is there a little... Thank you for your attention! Happy shopping everyone! 전체 리뷰보기

digital caliper adoric calipers measuring 로고

Digital Caliper Adoric Calipers Measuring

Hello comrades! Today I will introduce you to a digital caliper that was purchased from the AliExpress marketplace. From the photos it seems that it has metal parts, but it is not. It is completely plastic. Metal battery only, but about it below. The appearance is familiar to everyone who is familiar with the very name "caliper". A modern caliper has a small LCD screen that displays measured information. You can configure using the blue button (located at the top) in what quantities to show you the measurement in centimeters or inches. In this regard, a universal thing. For example, using this device, you can measure the width or thickness of an object. Now I know that baby juice packaging is 40mm wide. On the reverse side it is written that this is a carbon, that is, plastic, digital caliper with a measurement error of plus or minus 0.1 mm. Great precision in everyday life is not required. The battery used is LR44 (or SR44) 1.5V. One of the most common standards, it is not a problem to find it on sale. The device came from China with the battery already installed. The battery is inserted from the front into a special compartment that can be easily opened and replaced without difficulty. There is a button to turn the device on and off. By the way, the device itself turns on, as soon as you move the slider even a millimeter. There is a button for resetting the readings, that is, resetting the measurement result already shown on the screen. With a caliper, you can measure the internal dimensions of something. For example, now I know that the hole for the LED beam in my wireless mouse is mm. I do not understand why I need this knowledge?...;)) You can also measure depth. For example, the depth of my mug: The thing is definitely useful and in my reviews you will see it again. Good luck! 전체 리뷰보기

toshiba canvio portable external silver 로고

Toshiba Canvio Portable External Silver

Greetings, my dear readers ! The phone's memory is full, you need to transfer photos, videos somewhere. In general, we came to the conclusion that you need to buy an external drive. We searched everywhere, asked our friends what they use, as a result, we went through many hardware stores and bought in DNS. We read the reviews and chose the HHD Toshiba Canvio Flex (HDTX120ESCAA) 2TB External Drive. USB 3.2. I will not say that it is cheap. The price was 5800 thousand rubles. Silver color. It is not heavy in weight, rectangular in shape, the size is not large, you can take it with you. Warranty 24 months. Everything is well packed, the box is not damaged. Detailed instructions inside. Two wires included. All in a separate package (sachets). No damage. It's too early to talk about the merits of this external drive, since I just bought it and the process of transferring information is still ahead. But I hope it lasts a long time. My friends have the same one, it works well, they say everything is in order. 전체 리뷰보기

samsung inch internal mz 77e1t0b am 로고

SAMSUNG Inch Internal MZ 77E1T0B AM

Greetings to all readers of my review. So it's time for a small update of my home PC. The space on the installed HDD is almost over. The main information of which it is packed is computer games. Therefore, the only option was an SSD drive. It was immediately decided to fork out for a volume of 1 TB. At the same time, the choice was only among budget options. After about a week of searching the sites and viewing reviews, I have almost decided on the choice. And here you will be surprised - this is an SSD from Aliexpress for almost 6 thousand rubles or the most deshman in our stores for 8 thousand rubles. After a couple of days of painful thought, I decided to take it from us with a guarantee and without waiting for delivery. But to walk like that and took a little more expensive SSD Samsung 870 QVO 1TB. This is a logical update of the model with the index 860. I was pleased with the high-quality appearance, the metal case. I bought this disk, installed it in a PC and everything works. Just had to do some formatting. I will immediately note the speed of work. Compared to my old HDD, launching games is lightning fast. Now I only regret that I did not install an SSD earlier. The disk only pleases. Therefore, I recommend everyone to pay extra for it within a thousand rubles compared to the cheapest models and enjoy the operation. Happy shopping everyone! 전체 리뷰보기

linenspa premium smooth mattress protector 로고

Linenspa Premium Smooth Mattress Protector

When choosing a mattress pad, I was guided by two ideas: to protect the mattress itself from dirt and be waterproof (since the child will soon sleep without a diaper and you never know ...). Buying a good mattress is not cheap, so it’s better to use a mattress topper right away (it’s cheaper and more practical). I chose an inexpensive moisture-proof and protective mattress pad from Lonax Jacqueline Aqua. Here I came with a courier in this package (I ordered it through an online store). It costs about 1500 rubles for a bed 160/200. From above it seems to be terry, from below it is a moisture-proof film. Sleep is not hot. Doesn't rustle. Fastens to the mattress with wide elastic bands. They keep normally. In general, not bad. We'll see how it shows itself. Until I washed it. 전체 리뷰보기

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