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nautica protective closed toe sandal solid black 11 boys' shoes 로고

Nautica Protective Closed Toe Sandal Solid Black 11 Boys' Shoes

Buy one size down

After reading the reviews I ordered one size smaller than what my boys wear even though they have large feet. Thank god I did because if I didn't they would be too big to wear. All of our other nautical brands fit well, albeit a little more than other brands. However, they are a whole size larger. Apart from that we love them. They regularly wore them in the pools, in the sea and in the park. Including a whole week at the beach. No visible signs of wear and no complaints. They catch the sand as you walk (which should be obvious) but we just took them off in the sand until we got to the water. Ideal for rougher beaches or water parks.전체 리뷰보기

protection swimsuits neoprene wetsuit purple l sports & fitness in water sports 로고

Protection Swimsuits Neoprene Wetsuit Purple L Sports & Fitness in Water Sports

As advertised! 💖

It definitely keeps my daughter warm, she chose her own suit but keeps asking for this one to stay warm. It is a thick material that dries very quickly in the sun and is a very soft material. Oh and I bought the short cut of this suit first and I really liked it so we got a long sleeve suit too!전체 리뷰보기

carters damon casual sneaker toddler boys' shoes 로고

Carters Damon Casual Sneaker Toddler Boys' Shoes

My son loves his 'shark shoes' - he really loves them. They fit well and feel light and comfortable. However, for some reason it has worn out three pairs, which makes me doubt its durability. Because? Sometimes he has to drag his feet a little while running, which scratches the front of the shoe. This wears down the rubber outsole very, very quickly on the front of the toes and then the fabric. The last pair lasted no more than a month. I've seen him run and not shuffle, so I don't know exactly how that happens, but it's disappointing for a shoe that costs (on average) $20 a pair. Going through three pairs in about 6 months means전체 리뷰보기

kids headphones accessories & supplies for cell phone accessories 로고

Kids Headphones Accessories & Supplies for Cell Phone Accessories

I bought this set of headphones for my daughter to use in class. She didn't use them every day but they broke after 3 weeks. The right ear has stopped working and you can hear something inside dangling and shaking. Very disappointed as the returns window was closing when I received them a few weeks before the early delivery of all materials to the school began.전체 리뷰보기

lucky me underwear organic woodland 로고

Lucky Me Underwear Organic Woodland

The price made me think twice before buying, but the previous underwear I bought for my little one was from China and I wanted to support a US company. I thought it would be a good investment and a quality product but when I put them on him he immediately started complaining that they were uncomfortable. I looked closer and saw that there was a seam across it, you know what, that felt pretty rough. There's no way I'm forcing him to wear that. 40 bucks down the drain.전체 리뷰보기

good lad toddler appliqued holiday 로고

Good Lad Toddler Appliqued Holiday


Cheaper quality but it worked as my son had to wear it just to take some Christmas photos. I would buy from them again in the future for the same purpose!전체 리뷰보기

usb power strip extension essentials 로고

USB Power Strip Extension Essentials

As advertised

Bought to lie behind the sofa with space to plug in phones, a desk lamp and the occasional laptop. It works well with a rather unremarkable look. The winding on the cable is tight, but the cable itself remains flexible. The USB ports are secure and there's plenty of room between the outlets for bulkier DC adapters. This is a good product and does its job well. A bit more space between the outlets and a more reliable power rating for the USB ports would have been a minor issue, but that's certainly not a deal breaker, especially for the price I paid.전체 리뷰보기

splitter broadband certified applications networks 로고

Splitter Broadband Certified Applications Networks

Good replacement

I used this to replace a splitter that only allowed wired and one way internet access. The problem was solved and I didn't notice any glitches in any of the systems. The splitter looks solid and high quality.전체 리뷰보기

eeweca holder fitbit inspire charging 로고

EEweca Holder Fitbit Inspire Charging

Works well

Bought this to keep my Fitbit in my pocket at work. The celadon color is nice and bright so hopefully I won't forget to put it in the wash and lose it forever (like I did with my Flex 2 recently) and it's very cute with the pink display on my Fitbit (bought a bracelet). ). in sangria color). The clip is a bit bulky, but this Fitbit is also bulkier than I'm used to and difficult to clip in and out, which is good because it's less likely to accidentally fall out in the future (which has happened). to my Fitbit zip when I lost it many years ago). However, as I wear the bracelet on the weekends and the clip all week, I am concerned that the silicone will eventually come off and not hold it. We will cross this bridge when we reach it. I bought a replacement charging cable from this seller and it works great. Now I can charge it at home or at work if I forget and it runs out of power during my 12 hour shifts. For the current line of Fitbits, I am happy with this product. Just be aware that when your Fitbit is in clip mode, it doesn't automatically track your sleep—you'll have to put it to sleep manually. I didn't realize it when I first got it. It won't automatically track your sleep - you'll have to put it to sleep manually. I didn't realize it when I first got it. It won't automatically track your sleep - you'll have to put it to sleep manually. I didn't realize it when I first got it.전체 리뷰보기

aearl iphone rabbit diamond women black 로고

Aearl IPhone Rabbit Diamond Women Black

I bought 2 of these and both ears fell off after about 1.5-2 months. Get it if you want it to be cute or aesthetic, but don't make this your main phone cover if that makes sense. Although very cute!전체 리뷰보기

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