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The content in the LearnBubble CMS is well organized and easy to navigate. The content is also easily shared with other users. I like that I can easily share content with other users, and that I can share content with other users, groups, or even private sites. I dislike the fact that I cannot copy and paste content from one site to another. I wish there was an easier way to copy and paste content for easy sharing. The LearnBubble CMS is a great way to share content with others. It's easy to navigate and very easy to share content with other users. See full review

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The best thing about Jobscore is that it allows me to post jobs quickly and easily. It also helps me manage my candidates and their applications in a way that makes sense to me. I have not found anything I dislike about this product. If you are looking for a simple platform to post jobs and track applicants, then this is the tool for you. Jobscore has helped us streamline our applicant tracking process. It has allowed us to see exactly who is applying for each position and what they have done so far. This has helped us identify which applicants we should be considering further. See full review

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The performance of serf across all our clusters has improved greatly since we started using it in 2016. It takes us about 1/2 to have serf setup on one host.Serf provides all the functionality that you need without having some other service or container orchestrator like mesos running. There are no cons as such. However there could be more configuration options if they wanted it to become even better in their release version after time which would surely help many new people find them easier than going through the docs alone. We use serf with kubernetes where ever possible but also do single server deployments when needed to reduce complexity. This helps scale out fast and easy once required traffic increases enough.Deploying large websites by simply deploying containers (deployment). The features we use most include load balancing, failover, and high availability. It's very easy to set up and configure. We've had great success with it. There are some configuration options that can be tricky to understand at first, but they're well documented. I would highly recommend Serf. It has made our infrastructure much more reliable. We have been able to eliminate downtime and data loss due to outages. See full review

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Faselis Growth

The platform was very intuitive for my needs - I can write articles from scratch or use templates provided by their team of writers/journalists who have been vetted over time; they are experts! They offer multiple options when creating content (from writing your own article through using prewritten ones). It's not cheap but if you're looking into PR tools this one has all bases covered without being too expensive. We've used them since 2015 so we know what works well & doesn't work out there now compared back then which saves us money downline because our clients don’t need constant support anymore once something goes wrong here/there ;-).See full review

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Send it Later for Slack

I love that you can set reminders of when your message needs to go out, which helps me greatly with my productivity because if someone doesn't respond right away - they will get another reminder! There aren’t any downsides so far in using this service as compared side other scheduling services we were trying before (iMessage/Telegram). If nothing comes up while searching senditlater slack integration then try doing an email search first since there could have been something overlooked by their team already. This saved us quite some headache regarding our workflow. We used them mainly due to ease-of use! Sending bulk emails would take hours upon weeks without these solutions but now all communications are done within just minutes or seconds after adding in sendItLater feature. See full review

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I like that you can communicate with people outside of your network, in real time! It is great for business purposes as well since it saves me money by not having to have my phone out all day long when communicating. Also, its free so there's no reason why someone wouldn't use it if they are looking for an easy way to text message other than just using their mobile device (which would be too expensive). The only thing i dislike about this program is how slow sometimes everything loads which makes it hard to type messages at times. Use this software because it helps save some cash while still being able to contact everyone else without them knowing who contacted whom! Texting has become very inconvenient due to the fact of technology taking over our lives but we've found a solution to help us stay connected and keep up with friends and family. This. See full review

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News Monitors for Data Mining

The functionality of this software is amazing! It's easy-to use even if one has no technical knowledge whatsoever about computers or coding in general - it will help anyone who wants an advanced tool that can be used by everyone as well as experts alike without any problems at all (no matter what kind) regarding usability & security issues. I like how its very flexible with many tools available depending upon needs/requirements etc., which makes me feel comfortable using them every time i need something specific done within my job duties here. Nothing much but really great experience so far working around these types of softwares especially when dealing daily basis such things related to news monitoring services provided via live broadcasts / telephone calls made through different platforms out there nowadays.- Security matters are handled efficiently too because they actually have their own dedicated team behind each product.See full review

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Insta CI

The ability to track test results in real-time and get a clear picture of the test results and the overall health of the code. The integration with GitHub is not as robust as we would like. For example, we would like to have the ability to set up a CI pipeline with GitHub, but we are not able to do so. There are other features that are not as intuitive as we would like. For example, the "Test as you write" feature is not as easy to use as we would like. We are solving problems in the development and release process that are causing us to be less productive.See full review

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I like that you can have your inventory tracked through multiple warehouses so if something is lost or damaged it does not needlessly waste time trying to find someone who knows where everything went wrong! The software has been very glitchy which could be frustrating for some customers but overall we do appreciate their efforts when they try hard enough!! It would definitely help us solve our issues of tracking items throughout all points within out warehouse network as well being able identify any discrepancies such as missing orders/items etc - this way there's consistency across each location (which saves money). See full review

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I like how easy it was to set up and use, as well as the fact that we can seamlessly integrate with Outlook and Google Calendar. The ability to search for calendar events in your inbox is great! There aren't too many cons about this software. It's been very helpful in our daily operations by allowing us access from anywhere at any time. We are able to send out important meeting reminders when needed to ensure attendance. I love how easy it was to use, all my friends are also using this tool so its very convenient for me as well. It's hard sometimes to find some features if you're new to this program but once you get used to it, it becomes easier than other programs. You can easily see who has viewed your email or calendar invite and make changes accordingly without needing to open each person's profile. See full review

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