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namsan adjustable lifesaver reflective inflatable 로고

NAMSAN Adjustable Lifesaver Reflective Inflatable

great life jacket!

Media could not be loaded. Here's my Giant Schnauzer, about 65 pounds, swimming in his new jacket! She loves it. This is a large size. Perfect. Love it.전체 리뷰보기

backpack expandable airline approved backpacks transparent 로고

Backpack Expandable Airline Approved Backpacks Transparent

Bolsa de gato

Esta buena solo que no trae una plataforma adecuada tuve que comprar una para la mochila y que mi gato se pudiera estar más cómodo y la que trae no es tan buena전체 리뷰보기

deodorization grooming professional eliminator sterilization 로고

Deodorization Grooming Professional Eliminator Sterilization

Interesting brush

It's almost impossible to tell if it works. I like to think it makes my cat smell better and I have a good sense of smell, but honestly I don't see any difference.전체 리뷰보기

jabra wireless bluetooth headset version 로고

Jabra Wireless Bluetooth Headset Version

Possibly a good headset but unusable due to two very bad characteristics.1) The automatic volume control makes this headset unusable. In a crowded room where other people were talking, it was impossible to listen to an audio book on the phone or hear the interlocutor during a conversation. Even a fixed volume in the headset works well enough since the volume can be adjusted on the phone. But this automatic volume control means that a software genius somewhere decided what volume I should listen based on what the software thinks about background noise. In real life, this doesn't work, rendering this headset unusable anywhere except in a quiet environment. 2) The earhook is extremely stiff and incredibly uncomfortable for me. Jabra has only installed one hinge and it is not adjustable. A deep hole formed in the back of my ear after an hour of use. I would try to fix the problem by heating and reshaping the earhook or even making a new one from scratch, but that was useless due to the volume issue. This is an issue that only certain people have, but it also renders the headset unusable as supplied. Otherwise it's a good headset with good sound quality and a good microphone that allows others to hear you just fine. Unfortunately, due to the stupid solution of the automatic volume control, it can only be used in quiet places.전체 리뷰보기

natures miracle control universal charcoal cats 로고

Natures Miracle Control Universal Charcoal Cats

I don't understand why if the same company makes activated carbon odor control trays why they can't make the exact size to match the high quality filter that the customers replace instead of cropping this simple universal filter. And that's not the worst. When cutting, you still need to assemble it into 2 parts! When I received it I sent it back! . The dark filter in the picture is what comes with the kitty litter and the thin filter is what you want to replace it with. I do not think so! I will order this and try it전체 리뷰보기

lulumore 2pcs collar cat 38 centimeter 로고

LULUMORE 2Pcs Collar Cat 38 Centimeter

At the moment I put them on 2 of my cats and put drops on the other 3. I'm in the middle of this product. One cat helped and the other had the same amount of fleas. I comb them with a fine-tooth metal flea comb. Collars for fluffy cats were offered. Well, the furball is still infected and short hair is doing better. Less scabies. There are practically no fleas. So I'm right in the middle. Hence the 3 star rating. I still brush my long hair every few days. Tons of adult fleas on his head and neck. My old man is fat but has short hair. Almost free of fleas and skin irritation caused by flea allergies are almost gone.전체 리뷰보기

magnetic reptile chameleon centipede mealworms 로고

Magnetic Reptile Chameleon Centipede Mealworms

Bought this for my adult male gecko. I cleared out its living space and placed the holder with magnets on the outside of the glass and it immediately started sliding on the glass. I've checked that it's properly enabled and tried again. No, the lightest touch and it either slides down the glass or swerves to the side. There was no way these magnets could support the weight of my gecko. He's currently using the exact same holder from another company and it's worked great for two years so I know it's because the magnets aren't strong enough. I have returned this item.전체 리뷰보기

best friend services kennedy cremation 로고

Best Friend Services Kennedy Cremation

Beautiful Urn

This is a beautiful object and an elegant place to keep my beloved dog's ashes. It is very well made and safe. The top opening is small, so make sure the size is enough for your needs.전체 리뷰보기

docs choice premium chicken puppy 로고

Docs Choice Premium Chicken Puppy

My 5 month old pup started giving this food to the breeder and despite being a very picky eater he still likes it .He weighs almost 10lbs and I feed him 1/2C twice a day.He rarely finishes.I just ordered a large bag for him although he has plenty left over as I plan on keeping him at this meal .전체 리뷰보기

natures miracle small animal scrubbing 로고

Natures Miracle Small Animal Scrubbing

I am very happy with the performance of these wipes. They are great for wiping down the cage daily between big cleanings and are the first thing I've tried that easily wipes dried pee out of small crevices and corners. The only issue I have is dark mold has grown in the container after I've had them for less than a month and half the wipes are unusable. The only reason I noticed mold was because the wipes didn't fit through the opening and I had to take the lid off to refill. As much as I'd love to order more, I'm not sure I should.전체 리뷰보기

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