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Resource Management Suite

I like the ease of use. It is very intuitive. I do not like the fact that the software is not compatible with the other programs that I use. I would like to be able to use my other programs with the software. I would also like to be able to do other things with the software. I am a manager for a company that has a lot of meetings. I am able to use the software to see what is going on in the meetings. I am able to see that the meetings are running smoothly. I am able to see if there is a problem. I am also able to control the AV in the meeting rooms. 전체 리뷰보기

obs work schedules 로고

OBS Work Schedules

I like that it supports many different industries so you can set your schedule to fit any business needs in an easy way! Sometimes there are some glitches here or there but they always get fixed quickly with their great support team at hand as well. It's super affordable compared to other competitors out there too which makes your decision even easier (they have free plans). We use this tool daily by all departments who require shift schedules including Managers/Leaders of employees within our companies' office locations across multiple states throughout USA & Canada.전체 리뷰보기

opensimsim 로고


I like that it's easy to use, very customizable (it has over 50 different modules), great price point compared with other schedulers out there in our industry; however as of late we have had some issues where people can't get into their account or they lose access due too many failed logins/attempts at logging back onto accounts which causes them not be able tp login again until someone from support gets involved - this sucks because if you are working remotely then having your own computer isn’t always possible so being unable ot work during these times when something happens makes things difficult! Our team was looking around online trying find another solution but couldn'y really come up wth anything better than what open sim offers us currently- hopefully one day soon though!! We were using Sage Timekeepr previously before switching companies & moving away after 2 years without realizing how much more efficient everything would. 전체 리뷰보기

shyft 로고


The most convenient way of creating schedules that are both flexible enough to accommodate my family's busy lifestyle yet easy as can be when it comes time make adjustments or add more people/kids! It also helps keep track our hours worked so we know who owes us how much pay at any given point in their shift (which has been helpful with collecting invoices). I wish there was an easier system than just sending out invoice reminders from within shyfthosting app but overall everything works very well - scheduling & payrolls have made managing multiple employees' shifts far less stressful since adding this all into 1 platform instead of having 5 different apps open simultaneously tracking each employee separately :) Our accountant prefers using these instead over paper spreadsheets because its faster + secure from potential data loss / theft etc if done via email vs physical file sharing methods used by traditional accounting software suchas Quickbooks Online Accountant Pro Plus version.전체 리뷰보기

slimplanner 로고


I like how easy it makes my life by allowing me to organize what needs done at any given moment as well as keeping everything updated for me so there are no surprises when time comes around. It's not perfect but I do think they're working hard towards making improvements with updates and new features being added frequently. A great tool for anyone who has many employees or just wants their own schedule organized! Allows you to easily keep up-to-date information about your organization while also giving everyone access to see where others stand within specific projects/tasks. This helps us get things accomplished more efficiently since we can know ahead of time if someone will be able too difficult to reach during certain times which allows them (and myself) to make better decisions accordingly.전체 리뷰보기

buzz schedules 로고

Buzz Schedules

It is very user friendly! I can create schedules in about 5 minutes if it's not booked that day/time or has any conflicts already scheduled - which means no wasted time searching through my calendar every week looking at available times etc., but also allows me flexibility when needed by being able do change them without having too much of an impact (I have had some bad experiences where changes take months before they are reflected online). Also great integration into Google Calendar so i don't need another app anymore!! I like that it is easy to use and has all of the features we need. It is also very intuitive and easy to learn. The interface can be a bit confusing at first, but once you get used to it, it's great! I wish there were more options in terms of scheduling. We are able to schedule our employees easily. It helps us to keep track of when they will be available and how much time they have left on their shifts.전체 리뷰보기

schedule-cloud 로고


It is easy to use as it has simple interface which suits everyone's need regardless of their experience level with computers & technology services are great too! I can't think about anything at this time that would be improved upon if there was something i could say dislike but everything seems fine so far (although not sure whether its just me). Would highly recommend anyone who wants an automated solution especially when you have many employees working remotely across different states / countries. We used schedule cloud service because we were having issues managing our event planning process before using them. The benefits they brought us include being able improve communication between team members by giving each other access rights etc.전체 리뷰보기

timeforge scheduling 로고

TimeForge Scheduling

I like that you have an option of how much time off your employees want when they sign up- so if there are people who don't need vacation/holiday days but would prefer comp day use this feature! It's super easy once everything works out; no issues here at least yet!! If anyone has any questions regarding their timesheets (or anything else) please do not hesitate asking them over email instead because we will get back right away via chat vs having long conversations about something specific online which take hours sometimes haha.- just go ahead & ask through our customer service team @ [email protected] com. Our organization uses TFSSD mainly due its easeof access from anywhere while also being ableto upload pictures easily without needing special software etcetc..전체 리뷰보기

cds global 로고

CDS Global

The best thing about this platform for me personally was that I could create multiple accounts with different clients without any issues or complications from their end! Also being able to easily keep track of client payments made as well which i really liked because other platforms where my business used would not let you do so if they had more than 1 account open at once :). Nothing much but just having an easy way manage everything like billing etc can be very helpful especially during busy times! Would definitely recommend using them :) They are also super friendly too who were always willing help out whenever needed even after hours (which we found amazing. ) Thanks again guys. ! 전체 리뷰보기

asinhunt 로고


The price of this software has made me think twice before purchasing it, but once you do purchase if there's any problem later in time with your account they will help as fast or faster than what I've experienced when using other products like Google Analytics etc.. There are many features which we can use to grow our business at ease without spending too much money doing all these tasks manually by ourselves! This really helped us save sooo manny hours compared from manual data entry process into accounting system via Excel sheets!! Also tracking customer feedbacks/comments about their experiences while buying items through my ecommerce website was super helpful.전체 리뷰보기

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