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djdz elastic bungee stretchy handmade 로고

DJDZ Elastic Bungee Stretchy Handmade

55 meters ear elastic with great price and fast delivery! I love that this elastic is soft and thin enough to be worn behind the ears as a face mask, yet strong and stretchy. I wish it was on a spool or wrapped neatly around itself, but it arrived rolled up just put in a little plastic bag. It does unravel easily, though, and since I only need small pieces at a time, it's not a big deal to me. It is very easy to sew and does not tear.전체 리뷰보기

primitives kathy reach stars frame 로고

Primitives Kathy Reach Stars Frame

Super sweet!

Awarded to a student who has received a special distinction. Reaching for the stars is my cool theme. Small but perfect for what I wanted. It also offers multiple ways to hang it.전체 리뷰보기

baby trend trend nursery center 로고

Baby Trend Trend Nursery Center

This is a nice and light playground. Looks really good. 2 problems with it. 1) difficult to open and close and 2) with no mattress on the bottom it is VERY wobbly. The "mattress" that comes with it is better than any other play mattress I've had and my grandson has been through several. However, I bought myself a dream mattress with it, so I can't say anything about the durability of the mattress. However, once I put the mattress in, everything was fine. Bought this for my daughter to bring my granddaughter to visit and she sleeps very comfortably in it. When she's not around, it folds compact enough to tuck away in a closet.전체 리뷰보기

ovulation predictor kit pregnancy fertility 로고

Ovulation Predictor Kit Pregnancy Fertility

They really work!

After using numerous apps to track my cycle and ovulation, I finally bought this and got pregnant for the first time! If I hadn't received it, who knows how long it would have taken. After my son my cycle became irregular and according to several uses I should have ovulated more than a week after the test. I'm so happy. The only negative is the way it is packaged when shipped, my box was all crumpled and the cups are also very small. I recommend TTC to everyone!전체 리뷰보기

vaenait swimsuit onepiece rashguard pink_baby apparel & accessories baby boys and clothing 로고

Vaenait Swimsuit Onepiece Rashguard Pink_Baby Apparel & Accessories Baby Boys and Clothing

Very disappointed. I thought it was very cute and practical when I first got it, but it didn't last. One day I forgot to take it out of her wet bag and the next day it had black mold stains on it. So I washed it and then put it in the sun hoping the sun would help remove the stains but instead it just faded terribly. Now it looks messy and ugly, although I believe it still serves its purpose. Feels like waste of money. :(전체 리뷰보기

maymom compatible lansinoh signature smartpump feeding 로고

Maymom Compatible Lansinoh Signature Smartpump Feeding

I hate to give a bad review for such a good product but the delivery time is so slow it's ridiculous. When your mom orders pump flanges, she probably needs them right away! Next time I want faster delivery! They go very well with my Lansinoh pump!전체 리뷰보기

toddler clothes outfits ruffled headband 로고

Toddler Clothes Outfits Ruffled Headband

Cute Fall Outfit

This is such a cute outfit for all those fall festivals we go to in October. She gets lots of compliments wearing this. My daughter is 3 years + 11 months. She is 38 tall. 3T-4T fit her just right. The pants look like those disposable party tablecloths so I wouldn't wear them when it's cold outside. It would be cute for Thanksgiving or sweet family photos in the fall.전체 리뷰보기

haian pull locking plastic pants 로고

Haian Pull Locking Plastic Pants

So I locked it up and wow 😳 The chain vinyl had to be trimmed a bit to fit the lock exactly. I wear a bulky diaper with boosters so it takes a while before my next diaper change and these pants are holding up well. I'm getting ready to go out and it's crumpled diaper covers due to the thick clear plastic. I'm a little worried about the noise but it won't go off and I don't have the key.전체 리뷰보기

rear tire baby trend stroller 로고

Rear Tire Baby Trend Stroller

We bought these cameras because of normal wear and tear on the jogger. They were easy and quick to set up. Now we don't worry too much about spikes when we take our 7 month old for long walks or hikes. I advise you to have them handy after buying a jogging buggy :)전체 리뷰보기

gerber girls 4 pack hearts months apparel & accessories baby boys 로고

Gerber Girls 4 Pack Hearts Months Apparel & Accessories Baby Boys

Originally thought I'd get one Pair of black, beige, gray and white colors from the photo. However, we got two pairs of gray ones. It's ok but the picture is a little misleading so I would suggest that the seller add a description detailing what colors are included. Not a baby yet so we can't confirm if it will fit yet but they appear to fit a newborn. Lightweight, not too bulky and perfect for an early spring baby. Another plus: there is no weird factory smell or packaging smell, you can wash before you give birth, but it was important to note as people often tire of buying children's clothes through Revain for this reason. I will try to update this review after the baby is born. 5 stars for now as white vs gray didn't make much of a difference to me. Note to Seller: Please update your description to detail pant colors to avoid dissatisfied customers.전체 리뷰보기

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