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bengoo g9000 controller cancelling headphones 로고

BENGOO G9000 Controller Cancelling Headphones

I bought these headphones in 2017 to replace broken ones. The price is relatively small in the region of 1500 thousand rubles, but for such a good quality this is not much. The very first thing to notice is the appearance. The design is stylish, the blue backlight is bright. They sit more or less comfortably on the head, the ear cushions press the ears a little, which is why it’s impossible to sit for a long time. There is a height adjustment. There are three wires for headphones, microphone and usb for lighting. The sound quality is good for listening to music or playing games. A microphone for talking is suitable, of course there are noises in it, but they are not very strong and you can fix this in the settings. During use, I dropped them a couple of times, but they remained intact and continued to work. Quality product, at a good price with a beautiful appearance. 전체 리뷰보기

black decker bdh2000pl lithium 20 volt 로고

BLACK DECKER BDH2000PL Lithium 20 Volt

Hi all. Today we will talk about a very, in my opinion, cool vacuum cleaner! The thing is, I have two cats. Accordingly, the wool from them is simply darkness. Everything would be fine, but in my house there are 2 floors, which are connected by a black, varnished staircase. The fur is very visible on it. Have to clean up often. But unwinding the wire of a large and clumsy vacuum cleaner is pretty tired. In this regard, this device was purchased. Guys, my joy knows no bounds!!! He makes noise in the order of things - I quickly got used to it. The tilt angle of the suction head is adjustable. It folds up nicely, even very well. Convenient to store! I screwed the charging mount to the wall, so the vacuum cleaner is always at hand and on charge. Wool from the stairs cleans perfectly! And best of all, it's not heavy! And it fits comfortably in the hand. And they can also drive cats around the house!) (That's right, in secret) I was afraid that he would eventually scratch the varnish on the stairs, but nothing like that! Not a single scratch from him. The charge is enough for me to completely clean the stairs, and I still have to hunt cats!)) Krch, cool thing! Ps I tried them to vacuum the car from the sand. Not to say that it is a masterpiece, but it is not inferior to most vacuum cleaners. He coped with the seats, but with the sand under the rugs ... A corded vacuum cleaner cleans the sand better. But he is more powerful. 전체 리뷰보기

magic bullet blender small silver 로고

Magic Bullet Blender Small Silver

At the time it was heavily advertised. Therefore, my mother did not leave the item without attention, bought it and gave it to us. At first, this device was interesting. But this is only at the beginning, as something new. In fact, there is no need for it. We use it only for children's birthdays (we make milkshakes). When you get everything, it looks impressive. Here's what's included in the set: The unit itself (the base on which everything is inserted), two bowls (big and small) four cups with handles (I call them mugs), multi-colored rings 4 pcs. (put on mugs) three bowl lids two nozzles with a straight and cross blade, piston juicer bowl two lids with holes of different sizes (it’s good to use for the microwave, and pour something through small ones), four spare rubber bands, recipe book, instructions. And, probably, the most amusing thing is that the recipe book is in English, without translation. It's cool that she is, that she is not. There are several recipes in the user manual, that's all. Information about the use of the device is presented quite informatively. There are, of course, shortcomings, but these are trifles. The base part looks original, shaped somewhat like a half egg on a stand. Looks pretty nice. There are no buttons on the surface. It is a little heavy in weight, as it contains the entire mechanism. Very noisy, a little quieter would be better. At the bottom of the device there is a ventilated grill, through which air escapes. Air enters from these holes, due to such ventilation it is cooled. All parts are made of plastic, hard and durable. Only the lids are slightly soft. Everything is very high quality. There are a lot of pros and cons to this device. It's pretty easy to assemble. The base part is plugged into an outlet. On nozzles and on circles a carving. It is quite tightly screwed to each other. A nozzle is taken with the blade you need and a mug or container of the right size. The container is attached to the nozzle and twisted. Then, the container with the nozzle is inserted into the base part. Further, more interesting. After all this is hoisted up, it will not work and it does not have buttons to turn it on. To start the installation, you need to press the container and turn it in a certain direction to fix it. If you just press it, it will start working, but as soon as you release it, the work will stop. That's what you need to turn around for. For fixing on the containers there are small bulges, and on the base part of the recess for these bulges. Thus, inserting into the recesses and turning all the way, as if locking it. After, to remove the container, everything is done in the reverse order. I really like multi-colored rings. It is very convenient to mark glasses, which allows you to remember where something is poured. The only bad thing is that they are thick, I do not like it. Very good idea with the lids. I made what I needed in a glass, closed it and put it in the refrigerator. In order to make a cocktail, I use a mug. Convenient, you can drink right away, and make a new one in the next mug. We put everything in a mug. We put on the base and turn it on. If necessary, you have to shake it up and down a little to get everything fluffed up. Here's what happened. If it turned out a lot, now you won’t drink everything, just the lids come in handy. Cover the glass with a lid, twist, put in the refrigerator. Very comfortably. I have never tried lids with holes, never had a chance. Nuts twists not very finely. Usually that's what I need. I really didn't like the juicer. Doesn't work well for this feature. But it is fully understood. In order to push, you need to use a piston. I used two pears. After the products are sold, you can simply close the plastic lid and let it work a little more. This is the lid. Close it is necessary, otherwise everything crashes. Little juice is obtained, and the cake is very wet (it turns out mashed potatoes), that is, it does not squeeze much. And, in fact, the juice itself is very saturated with pulp. As a result, you get 50% juice with pulp and 50% fruit puree. By the way, the puree is pretty good. The only thing that the "juicer" does well. By consistency, as they sell in jars for children. All parts, after use, are washed without problems, quite easily. I didn’t like the fact that sometimes there is not enough power, it heats up, you have to turn it off and wait for a while. At these moments, it usually smells like burnt rubber. It’s just as bad that you can’t put in a lot, but very, very little. Otherwise, not everything will grind. Tried to grind different products on it. Didn't like anything. Half is small, a small part is in huge pieces and a small part is in medium pieces. And all this in one bowl, with almost all products. It was advertised as a mini food processor. To be honest, it's loud. He is clearly not suitable for this role. In general, it is not particularly needed. And it's too expensive for something like that. We have it more often than we use it. Very often we use only during the summer season. In the country, everything is used, which is not so necessary at home. I certainly recommend this device. Its quality is good. But it is up to each individual to decide whether it is necessary or not. 전체 리뷰보기

black decker bdl220s laser level 로고


An indispensable tool for any builder is the LEVEL. Lots of level options. There is a version in the form of a long tube, and at the edges there are two graduated containers that must be released or raised to find out and display the level (not the best option). The most common, as it is affordable, is a level in the form of an aluminum profile with a liquid level indicator. I, once taking an electronic laser level from a friend, without hesitation bought myself the same one. The device is easy to use and always ready to go. Its laser head is suspended, and according to the laws of physics, the device always shows the correct level. This model has two lasers - one shows the vertical and the other horizontal. They can be turned on independently of each other, or they can be turned on together at once. Also, the device has a height adjustment - you can raise or release it, and a horizontal adjustment (there are knobs-regulators). The device comes with a compact case in which it can be safely transported. Also included is a device for mounting the device to the wall (well, there are different situations). In short, I bought it and did not regret it, I have been using the device for five years now and I cannot get enough of it. I advise everyone, you won't regret it! 전체 리뷰보기

amd ryzen 5900x 24 thread processor 로고

AMD Ryzen 5900X 24 Thread Processor

This processor model from AMD has a very large and high performance, which is enough for 4k gaming and even 8k if you put 3090, also the power and 16 cores and 32 threads will be enough for rendering at 4k resolution and high-quality and good editing. The new Zen3 architecture has high performance and ability, there are also TSMC 7nm FinFet. And a lot, a lot of third-level cache. And a lot of high technology, such as StoreMi AND VR Ready Premium AMD. And a new version of PCI, namely PCI Express 4.0. There is an unlocked multiplier for overclocking the processor up to 4.9 GHz. Well, in general, if there is enough money to build with this processor, feel free to take it! 전체 리뷰보기

sleeplux mattress inflatable shoulder material 로고

SleepLux Mattress Inflatable Shoulder Material

Good day. Air mattresses have long taken root in many families. Maybe even in each. They are almost indispensable when traveling, they are comfortable to sleep in tents and even accommodate guests at home, in the absence of normal beds, you can easily. Now we are the guests. They brought with them to Kamyshevatskaya an inflatable bed (or a mattress, I honestly don’t know how this creation is called correctly) Intex with a built-in pump. I can’t accurately identify this thing, because the information posted on the pump itself applies only to it. I'll point it out just in case. We sleep on Intex Fast-Fill 620R. Comfortable mattress on its own. I don’t want to measure it, but I can say that it is wider than a regular double bed. It is single, so it may be uncomfortable for some people to lie down on it. And some, like me, will be disgusted to be so close to the floor, on which various creatures can run across the countryside. For the first time I came across a mattress that has a built-in pump. On the one hand, this is very convenient, since you don’t need to buy a rocking chair separately, you don’t need to look for it when it comes in handy, you don’t need anything but electricity. Without electricity, a mattress / bed can also be inflated, but for this you either have to spend a lot of hours and people inflating, or you still have to purchase a regular pump. For obvious reasons, using such a mattress at sea will not work. The pump is built-in and it has no moisture protection. You can unscrew it, of course, but is anyone going to do this for the sake of a few hours of floundering? I wouldn't, for sure. The pump works well. And quite noisy. But the main thing that inflates well, blows even better. Of course, the Intex mattress can deflate by itself, just turn the regulator to the left for this, but with the use of a pump, air is pumped out faster. Yes, and everything is pumped out to the last, that is, there is no need for independent "squeezing". Of course, such a bed / mattress can be recommended, but I would still stop at the option without a built-in pump. The mattress should be able to swim in the sea, if it is possible to get out on it. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, Mikhail. 전체 리뷰보기

cedar easywring microfiber bucket cleaning 로고

Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Bucket Cleaning

Hi all! I bought a miracle mop for a reason. Somehow getting caught in the rain while at the market, I hid from him in a small shop, pretty much left on the tiled floor. Naturally, she apologized for the disgust. The saleswoman, smiling, came out from behind the counter with an unusual bucket and mop. Having scrolled the mop in a bucket (you should have seen my eyes at the same time), I easily wiped the dirt from the light tile without streaks! I calmly rinsed and squeezed it out without getting my hands dirty. When I got home, I immediately dived into the Internet, and without a doubt, I ordered this miracle for 1200 rubles. Three days later, I was pleasantly surprised by the product I received. The bucket in the shape of "eight" at first seemed small, but after collecting water and pouring it into a regular bucket, I was convinced of the volume of 7-8 liters, which is already not bad. The white, fluffy round microfiber nozzle also somehow confused at first, but the trouble began, we will try! Moisten, scroll, wring out - ready to wash! The mop scrolls in water easily, it is even easier to wring out, for a drier state, you can wring out several times, which is good, for example, for a laminate. I fix the handle of the mop and go! It is unusual at first that it is round, but the nozzle glides very gently, leaving no streaks and collecting dirt from a fairly decent floor area. Another plus is that it is very good at collecting water, it helped a lot when our water supply burst, they quickly removed a puddle. I like that the mop can not be "leaned" on the wall, but simply put where it is convenient for you, at least in the middle of a huge studio! Two nozzles are included, you can buy more separately. They can also be machine washed. The quality of cleaning with this mop is much higher than with a regular rag, and, very important!!! WITHOUT EFFORT, DIVORCE, DIRTY HANDS AND BENT BACK! I recommend! 전체 리뷰보기

cedar easywring microfiber cleaning refills 로고

Cedar Easywring Microfiber Cleaning Refills

Washing the floor is always so dreary, you constantly need to twist something: a rag, a stick; head spin. 4 months ago my little dream came true, I bought a rotating mop from Vileda. The mop stick is disassembled into three parts. The handle rotates, no need to wind it up and strain your hands once again. It is very convenient to wash the rag, if it is worn out, you can buy a new one. It is easily attached to the base. The mop bends well and can crawl into a fairly narrow gap, for example: under a sofa, wardrobe or bedside table. Due to the triangular shape, it is easy to wash the corners. The rag is well wrung out, this moment can be adjusted by reducing the speed in the wringer, it works like a washing machine drum. The mechanism is very simple, you press the pedal and fly where the dirty floor will show. There is a sticker on the inside of the bucket that indicates the maximum amount of water. After cleaning, the rag can be removed, washed and dried well in the drum, increasing the rotation speed. For me, this mop facilitated the cleaning process, I give it five in all respects. 전체 리뷰보기

raytour adjustable fastener mattress fasteners 로고

RayTour Adjustable Fastener Mattress Fasteners

I have been thinking for a long time on the topic with which you can fix the sheet, if it is not large enough to securely tuck under the mattress. I learned from the review that you can buy sheet holders on Aliexpress and the price of the issue is ridiculous, only 90 rubles. It just took 3 months for delivery. The set comes with 4 holders for four corners. They are wide elastic bands to which plastic crocodile holders are sewn at both ends. It must be said that it is sewn free, the threads hang and unravel, and the stitching itself leaves much to be desired in terms of reliability. Plastic holders cunningly rise, opening a toothy mouth, but pushing fabric into it is not so easy. But most importantly, no anti-slip effect is observed, and you have to wrap, tuck the fabric several times so that the clip stops slipping. If, nevertheless, you succeeded in fixing it and withstood the test, then this design holds well, at least now the sheets have nowhere to go. The very idea of such holders is normal, only the execution is in lower Chinese. This is the scope of the mount initially. How much do you need to wind the fabric to fill this insatiable mouth? Really a lot. If you need such a purchase, I recommend looking with other plastic clips that can open their mouths more accessible and hold the fabric without multi-layer tucking. 전체 리뷰보기

samsung inch internal mz 77e1t0b am 로고

SAMSUNG Inch Internal MZ 77E1T0B AM

I've been wanting to move my game library to a solid state drive for a long time. Modern games are increasingly overgrown with content, models, high-resolution textures that require a fast response from the hard drive. For example, the same Cyberpunk 2077 loads and renders models really faster if you have an SSD drive installed. Samsung 870 QVO is an honest 1TB. Most price analogues have 960GB on board. Yes, I know that 1TB is not equal to 1000GB, but believe me, 960GB is also about 900GB of free space actually. Read / write speeds are adequate in order not to experience discomfort. Games are loading with a bang! Well, plus Samsung's 3D V-NAND technology, in theory, adds reliability to your storage. Wait and see. In general, top for your money. 전체 리뷰보기

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