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bullhorn ats & crm 로고

Bullhorn ATS & CRM

I like how easy it was setup (we had an existing account) as well that you can customize everything about your profile! You have so many options of what features are available within each section which makes customization easier when creating new profiles/customers etc.. There isn't much out there right now if looking at other providers but this does seem pretty good considering we were able use our current system without toooo big changes needed :) We don’t really dislike anything yet though since its fairly young still being used currently only been using one month however would love some better customer service support especially during non business hours maybe try having someone answer emails outside normal work time? This has helped us keep track all applicants into jobs they've applied through different channels such recruitertrends job board career page LinkedIn ect...전체 리뷰보기

vettery 로고


I like how easy it was to create an account, search for jobs in my area of expertise (veterinary medicine), apply directly through their website or mobile app, receive notifications about interviews/offers etc., see where they stand at any given time by looking up your status online, read job descriptions before applying so you get better prepared when interviewing! Nothing really but maybe some more features would be nice such as being able to upload curriculum vitae instead of having to link from another site or just putting them right into applications? Also sometimes there are glitches during application process which makes things difficult if not impossible. It's helpful to have access anywhere even outside work hours since working remotely can make finding applicants easier than trying to find someone locally who works similar shifts.전체 리뷰보기

zhilishu headrest restraint seatbelt safety 로고

Zhilishu Headrest Restraint Seatbelt Safety

I was happy to try this, but it didn't fit on the rear seat headrests. I put it in the seatbelt buckle and used it that way, but the round part (for the headrest) was cumbersome (just sits next to the seatbelt clip) and didn't work as hoped.전체 리뷰보기

expawlorer halloween cat collar breakaway 로고

EXPAWLORER Halloween Cat Collar Breakaway

I have a stray cat that I wanted to bring into my home but right now I wanted to make her recognizable as an owner on the street. They worked great for her even though she was a small cat. Even when she goes out and walks around the neighborhood, the collar is always securely fastened when she returns. The set looks great any time of the year and luckily 3 collars are included so I can later put them on her two kittens and tell them apart easily.전체 리뷰보기

tetra 29263 betta bubble built 로고

Tetra 29263 Betta Bubble Built

I bought this for a betta that my daughter "won" at a party. Not knowing how healthy he was I didn't want to buy the huge tank we had for our former bettas. It served the purpose of making the living space feel better than the plastic container it came in. It seems to be thriving. Over time we will need to move to a more spacious room. This bowl is easy to clean, the light is bright, and when it is lit, he has learned to eat. Ideal for temporary living or startup. I know some people have expressed concerns that the hole is too big, but we had no problems. Our cat doesn't get on the table so he doesn't even know there are fish and I've never seen a rooster jump out of a tank we had (not that they couldn't).전체 리뷰보기

zhilishu washable absorbent waterproof anti slip 로고

Zhilishu Washable Absorbent Waterproof Anti Slip

My play area is completely covered with netting on the sides which doesn't help stop peeing when my guinea pigs hide in a corner! Bought this pad and it's great. The pigs made popcorn all the time and they loved it! The only thing that surprises and annoys at the same time is that the material is very starchy. So EVERYTHING stay tuned. Including bristles. Makes it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to sweep and shake hay, poop and handle crumbs. You have to pick it almost piece by piece, which makes cleaning up a chore.전체 리뷰보기

pet naturals vermont repellent 8 ounce 로고

Pet Naturals Vermont Repellent 8 Ounce

Love this stuff! My dog has never had fleas from regular use of Frontline but as my dog has an extremely fine coat with nothing but peach down on his chest and belly, flies, mosquitoes and moths - HORRIBLE! He often ends up being the only dog in a group of dogs and gets bitten by flies, mosquitoes and god knows what else. He has big bumps from fly bites all the time. I bought Advantix as it was said to repel fly bites as well, but not only does it not, my dog is very itchy for a good week or so after using it. It itches so badly like he has fleas but he doesn't (tested by his barber and trainer). My trainer recommended this product as she claims not to use any chemicals on her dogs. I have to reapply it often, especially when he's swimming in the lake, I just keep the bottle in my backpack. We were camping with a group of dogs and only my dog didn't have a tick! She is usually the first to be attacked by mites (and the very fine light brown fur makes them very easy to spot). If you already have fleas. well if you already have fleas no matter what you use they are very difficult to get rid of so good luck prevention is the best medicine. I will continue to use Frontline during the warmer months (8 or 9 months out of 12, I don't care what they say, I will not use toxic pesticides on my dog during the very cold months). I have four cats at home that are house cats so my goal is to only treat the dog so no cats need to be treated. So I can't risk a flea getting into my house, but it's a great complementary fly, tick and mosquito repellent. it has vitamin E, my dog's coat seems healthier and shinier, it's also missing the little bald spots where flies bit him, and it has the occasional dog deodorant benefit! (sorry for the spelling)전체 리뷰보기

exo terra pt2466 hygrometer 로고

Exo Terra PT2466 Hygrometer

They seem perfect. I dry the plant matter in mason jars and use Boved 62% packaging. I have 4 of them and all 4 are 62% dead. The great thing is that they fit snugly in the jar and because I use them in clear jars these little things fit snugly and I can control the humidity without that to open glass. They come with a round foam sticker that can be stuck to the back of the device, but if you pull out the small circle in the middle you can use this double-sided sticker to stick it to the inside of the glass panel. For my purpose they are perfect.전체 리뷰보기

sterling engraved forever pendant necklace 로고

Sterling Engraved Forever Pendant Necklace


It was packaged in many small bags and for the price you wouldn't think it was great quality but it definitely isn't! It is very beautiful and I fixed it as pictured to give to my friend's mother. This is a must for dog lovers! The photos are pretty close, but in person it's the perfect size. Not big, not small I'm more than sure you would definitely get compliments wearing it! I highly recommend this company!전체 리뷰보기

micro adaptor storage macbook retina 로고

Micro Adaptor Storage MacBook Retina

My HP Pavilion Desktop has a memory card slot that works with full size SD cards or adapters but is on the short side. Normal adapters stick out. YC's card is PERFECT for HP, works great too. The build quality seems okay. I'm not expecting much for $6 and I won't be plugging or unplugging the card often. It seems like an improvement over other cheap, low-profile cards because there's an aluminum bar at the top that you can grab with your thumbnail to pull the card out. When it's in the computer, it looks good too. The metal top is all you see sticking out of the computer. I was wary of reviews that said this card could damage the card reader by getting caught in the pins. I haven't experienced this before and I don't feel anything sticking when I take out the card. But I think it's good to know when you're using these cards.전체 리뷰보기

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