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Data Governance Services Providers

Data governance services providers offer advisory services related to data lifecycle management processes. These providers assess the integrity, usability, consistency, and management of data. To learn more about data governance, read the reviews in this category.

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idata incorporated 로고
2 리뷰

IData experienced team knows your administrative systems and understand the business of higher education. Their unique approach to institutional reporting is designed to help your institution develop the tools and processes needed to get the answers you need out of your data.

ninecoves 로고
2 리뷰

Our vision at Ninecoves grew out of a passion for enabling teams to deliver actionable insights decision-makers can trust. We strive to help businesses get reliable and timely insights to make information-driven decisions and develop a data-driven culture. Our proven end-to-end process helps organizations navigate the complexities of gathering…

xoriant cdi 로고
2 리뷰

Xoriant CDi data governance services help you build that framework and leverage the financial benefits data brings to your organization and mitigate the business risk of poor data practices and quality.

axellera -> decision data central | low code for data 로고
1 리뷰

Rapidly build a Trusted Centralized Repository for your key decision-making data - all fully automated. Answers/Insights with your favorite BI or Reporting tools or JDBC/ODBC

daivergent 로고
1 리뷰

Daivergent allows companies to fulfill data requests and jobs at scale matching to the best-suited workforce of adults on the autism spectrum

dfuse technologies 로고
1 리뷰

Dfuse Technologies, Inc. is a premier provider of information technology and innovative business solutions providing IT services to both government and commercial customers. They have helped our customers to visualize, recognize and execute objectives while balancing cost, schedule and resources.

wizcon 로고
1 리뷰

Operating on singular vision to create an undemanding way for companies to sustainably organise their data, through a cost effective solution that manoeuvres around the argument of trustworthy data processed into actionable insights that translate into decisions and actions.

enterprise warehousing solutions 로고
1 리뷰

Data Governance provides the oversight and management of how data is captured, stored, aligned and used. EWSolutions approach provides clients the opportunity to develop an understanding of data value and meaning to the enterprise.

succeed data governance services 로고
1 리뷰

Succeed Data Governance Services specializes in coaching, leadership, and frameworks for data governance and data privacy. They provide the support you need to ensure your data assets do not become a liability.

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