Best Retail Media Advertising Platforms list: Reviews & Ratings
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Retail Media Advertising Platforms

Brands utilize retail media advertising platforms. alternatively known as ad networks, in order to buy retail media at scale. These services manage the ads that are shown on each page on a retailer’s website. To learn more about retail media platforms, read the reviews in this category.

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citrusad 로고
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pacvue 로고
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Pacvue is a leading software and services provider for brands, sellers, and agencies operating in the eCommerce space.

kevel 로고
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Kevel (previously Adzerk) gives engineers and product managers (PMs) the APIs needed to quickly build your own fully-customized ad server for sponsored listings, internal promotions, native ads, and more – so you can take back the Internet and drive more revenue without compromising control. Kevel’s award-winning platform handles over three billion API…

crealytics site monetization platform 로고
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Crealytics offers retail intelligence and performance platform designed to connect product advertising with pricing and inventory management for improved media performance and holistic revenue management.

mabaya 로고
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