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Bitcoin mining pools

A mining pool is a joint group of bitcoin or other cryptocurrency miners who combine their computational resources over a network.

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1ds Equipool
4 reviews

1ds Equipool reserve the right to ban any miner without pay (immature balance will be dispersed to all other miners) if they disrupt our miner's payouts. By this they mean miners who buy tons of hashpower when difficulty is low then disappear as soon as it increases are not welcome here. See more

3 reviews

Cruxpool is a mining pool made for miners by miners and operated by the company ILIIUM. It provides a bunch of tools to help miners monitor their mining rigs: real-time statistics, professional support (with a dedicated Discord), 0% fees for two months, very low threshold (0.01 ETH) and complete API and tutorials. See more

3 reviews

2Miners is mining pool for mining such cryptocurrencies as ETH, ETC, EXP, MUSIC, ETP, PIRL, WHL, DBIX, BTG, ZEC, ZCL and ZEN. The pool’s data center is located in Europe with DDOS protection on-board. Besides, 2Miners runs bots on Telegram, which can help users supervise rigs and new blocks. The service is free. See more

3 reviews

WATTUM is a private North American mining pool with hybrid software solutions. It provides users with mining pool services for BTC, ETH, and ETC. See more

3 reviews

HashLoft is a multi cryptocurrency mining pool. It provides a multi-algo Mining Pool which creates the ability to mine cryptocurrencies from the hashing algorithms. HashLoft’s DeversiPay™ payout system, allows payouts to be received in Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Ethereum, Monero, Horizen, and other coins by having a fraction of miners income distributed… See more

3 reviews

SiaMining is a SiaCoin mining pool that allows users to mine for a 3% and through a PPS system. See more

3 reviews

Flypool is a mining pool for ZEC coins. The servers are located in the USA, EU, and China. The pool does not require registration and account creation – mining activities are completely anonymous. Payments are made under PPLNS scheme. Flypool sets the low fee at 1% and pays all mining rewards (blocks and fees). The minimum payout – 0.001 ZEC. The… See more

3 reviews

TheCoin is a multi-cryptocurrency pool. It allows users to mine multiple cryptocurrencies: ACOIN, ASC, CNC, CSC, DGB, DGC, NOTE, FST, FFC, FLO, FRK, GLD, XJO, MEC, MYR, SXC, SWING, TGC, TIT, UNIT, XVG, WBB, and ZET. All these coins can be mined for a 0% fee, as the pool runs on donations. The payment system for TheCoin is Prop. See more

3 reviews

Persianmine is a multi cryptocurrency mining pool. It provides users with Middle East servers to mine BCH, RVN, HTH, SUQA, DGB, LCC and GRV. This mining pool uses a PPLNS payout system and with an average fee of 0.1%. See more

3 reviews

Ethertrench is a European mining pool for ETH, ETC, and EXP. Its capacities are located in Germany. See more