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About Free TON

FreeTON is a fast, secure and scalable network with near-zero fees, which can process up to a million transactions per second thanks to its unique dynamic sharding technology. FreeTON blockchain is on a mission to drive widespread adoption of decentralized solutions by millions of users.

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Decentralized platform with great support

Free TON is an ecosystem for the launch of decentralized applications through smart contracts. The main objective of this project is to enable people to maintain their decentralized free digital identity in such a way that they can enjoy the...See full review

Free Ton collaboration with Revain will reproduce the best digital multi-blockchain ever seen.

Free ton stands to be a decentralized,governable partnership project that initiates the best tool to communicate with blockchain technologies. However,it delivers a high profiled wallet which is accessible for users to send, receive and exchange...See full review

Free Ton is a fast growing Blockchain from which you can buy, sell and exchange your crypto.

Have you heard about Free Ton and you are seeking for more information about the network? Here is my brief review about Free Ton: Free Ton has sporadically grown since inception in May 2020 to become one of the most technologically impressive...See full review

A new and innovative blockchain that is supported by the community.

The most important thing to highlight in this project is that it is intended to be developed by the crypto community that wants to join Free TON. At the peak of the chains that allow executing decentralized exchanges DEFIs, among others, Ton is an...See full review

Free ton is the seen as the most secure as fastest platform

.free ton is a new generation blockchain built on top of the popular PBFT consensus a proof of stake chain it is good that it allows several thousand number transaction per second and an average block time of list which is 9100 times faster than...See full review

My name is kayode I to talk about free tron

my name is kayodeThis is the best platform that makes you to trade your money good and reliable and fast and you can start trading more money on your account on Tron which can process up to a million transactions per second thanks to its unique...See full review

A truly decentralized platform whose vision is to create a Better world through the blockchain

The Blockchain environment that began as a revolutionary technology a little more than a decade ago, has had unstoppable growth in recent months thanks to increasingly innovative projects that seek, among other things, the very valuable...See full review

I haven't come across many projects so far, but according to my research, Free TON may be one of the most successful projects of recent years.

A coin related to the Free Ton crypto project exists as well. TON is the name of this digital item. Despite the fact that the Free Ton project is young, TON is a cryptocurrency in good health, and it is even one of the cryptocurrencies that...See full review

the free TON blockchain network review

Blockchain networks were introduced with the goal of a decentralized network in which no third party is involved in transactions. In my opinion, to evaluate the quality of projects that have provided a blockchain, ie those that have a dedicated...See full review

Free TON Is an Annexed and Enhanced Platform That Meets all your Crypto Needs

Free TON Network is a people interaction driven blockchain DeFi governance Tech, it was lunched in May 2020. On it users can connect,grow,earn and make contribution through its diverse offers presented on its web. NFT projects and transact you...See full review


The guide to Free TON


What is Free TON

The Free TON network is the decentralized blockchain with ultra-low transaction fees and high speeds. Free TON can process thousands of transactions per second thanks to its unique dynamic sharding technology. In addition to its processing speed, Free TON boasts an extraordinary scaling capacity and allows contracts to be written in different languages.

Free TON community

The Free TON ecosystem is a DAO - a community that is based on blockchain technology and has no controlling authority or governing body like a board of directors. A characteristic feature of such a community is the absence of any hierarchy.

You can join the Free TON community chat in Telegram, where you can ask the developers and the other members of our friendly community any questions you’d like:


The main currency is Free TON - TON Crystal. This is a tip-3 token and will require a wallet running on the Free TON network to store it. Here is one of them:

TON Crystal wallet is a Google Chrome extension that lets you manage your seed phrases, private and public keys, and wallets in a secure fashion without leaving your favorite browser. Just go to and add the extension to your browser. After that, you can create a new wallet in the Free Ton network, or connect to an existing one.

One of the main advantages of TON Crystal wallet is that you can use it to connect to other products (in the same way as Metamask for example) such as Tonswap and TonBridge.

TON Crystal wallet on Revain:

Use of ERC-20 tokens. TON Bridge

At the moment, Free Ton has already implemented the possibility to transfer tokens from the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). In the near future, it will be possible to carry out similar operations with other blockchains, but for now let's focus on Ethereum.

In order to transfer your funds from Ethereum to Free Ton, you need to use the TON Bridge.

The FreeTON Bridge powered by Broxus is a сross-chain asset transfer consisting of a link between ETH and Free TON. The Bridge allows users to move liquidity bi-directionally from the Ethereum blockchain to Free TON, where it can be transacted with near-zero fees and at much higher speeds.

Why should you transfer your tokens to Free TON?

Free TON is a fast-growing, promising network with low commissions and with good earning opportunities.

For example, after transferring tokens from Ethereum to Free TON, you can use them for yield farming in one of the pools presented on We will talk about it a little later.

TON Bridge on Revain:

Earnings with Free TON. TON Swap

One of the available and perhaps the most effective methods to earn money in Free TON is yield farming using TON Swap.

TON Swap is an AMM-based decentralized exchange powered by a powerful multicurrency farming module. It benefits from the decentralized nature of Free TON and provides top-of-the-line security and convenience.

TON Swap provides an excellent opportunity to make money on yield farming. APY reaches up to 206% in the farming pools.You can check out the complete farming guide here -

TON Swap on Revain:

Buying TON

Like other tokens you know, TON can be bought with both fiat and on You can buy TON with your bank card there.

Transactions are fast, and the payment gateway meets all security standards. A great option to buy your first TONs!

To buy TON with fiat, you can also use

To buy TON with cryptocurrency, you can use exchanges such as or