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It's the first time I've seen a system. I am sorry that I could not do much research and investigation. I think the database is a pretty good project. Looking ahead, it could very beneficially be a favorite of social users. I guess we can't…See full review


polypux is a great idea that can replace today's widely used social media. Imagine a social media like Instagram and unlike Instagram you can earn money by working in it! Of course, if the conditions are right, people will choose polypux…See full review

Big gains with Polpux

Based on the project of a digital currency currently working in the PolypuX app is currently at the 2014 Level of CoinMarketCap and still the trade arrival has continued to move without positive and drastic drops in recent months, especially the…See full review

My review about PolyX(PUX)

I joined PolypuX today. The reason I participate is to research and post a review here to take advantage of the airdrop deals they offer us. The beauty of the platform is that it is newer and has fewer users, so I am sure it will have more users…See full review

polypux, social media on blockchain!

According to my research on social media, about 4 billion people currently use these social networks, and this is almost half of the world's population. polypux also targets social networks. The most important feature of polypux is that it has made…See full review

Read and Learn

Finally, how do we register on this easy-to-use site. You just need to verify your email address by creating an account. The database is designed in a beautiful and stylish, easy and convenient way, with no space for complex materials. Taking…See full review

"Sharing to earn" made easy by PolyPux

Polypux is a digital currency platform that allows it users to earn passively by just linking your social media account with your Polypux. It works on the basis of advertisement. Through likes , shares and comment one can easily start earning. It…See full review

PolypuX (PUX)

PolypuX (PUX), is based on a project of a digital currency, which operates perfectly in its application PolypuX, this being a platform for linking social networks and grow these, both for individuals and companies, working as a social networking…See full review


We are leaving in the world that social medial play an important role. Truly the major role of social media is to communicate and share useful information around the world. Polypux project makes good use of the ideal of sharing information and earn…See full review

It's time we make money on Our Social Media Accounts with PolypuX

The PolypuX project is one of a kind in the Blockchain space today. It aims to offer users a simplistic method to earn by monetizing their social media handles. This is made possible as PolypuX advertises companies and offer it to the users to…See full review